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I write about horses and other creatures kissing. The gayest of kissing


After noticing Gallus isn't in class, Sandbar sets off to find why he's absent. What he finds along with his favorite griffon is much more interesting than what he could have ever expected.

And much, much more fluffy.

Based on a Tweet I couldn't resist making something out of.

Also an entry for the 2022 M/M Contest!

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*Finishes the story*
*Realizes my own ears will never be large and fluffy*

Not with that attitude they won't! Learn from Gallus' example and take a dip in any mysteriously magical plants you find.

Oh boy! Maybe I should find that man who everyone tells me is selling magic plants!

dzamie #4 · Dec 10th, 2022 · · 3 ·

This is beautifully written! And I quite enjoy the occasional, casual mentions of the Student Six poly ship. Very cute.

As Sandbar is a sweet cinnamon roll, one who would most likely have a heart attack if he had to lie to one of his friends, it didn’t take long to sus out that he was telling the truth.

I love this.

I may be Gallbar pilled, but even I can admit that the six belong together. Six creatures that love each other, but especially the cinnamon roll pone that they all want to smooch.

Ah yes. Griffons with big floofy ears~!

Only the floofiest for the griffos! All other creatures will be made jealous!


If my personal dream/(years-long-@-min) plan goes through, you’d also be able to have a surgery to give yourself such a pair of fluffers.


That… miiiight not be the smartest/best of plans. The only ‘magic plants’ that humanity is aware of (at least as fas as I’m aware), would be the various plants we’ve discovered that have hallucinogenic effects when ingested.




Second verse same as the first!


I, myself, used to just go for the three Student 6 ships of Yona X Sandbar, Silverstream X Gallus and Smoulder X Ocellus, but I have looooooong since been converted to the 6-fold-polyship that encompasses all of them.

This was adorable. I’m always a sucker for Gallus and Sandbar shipping, so it’s nice to see another story with it.

Does AJ Aficionado know about this story?

I wish my ears were floofy...

Why does every comment have a thumbs down?

Poly ship student six is an interesting take. I've seen some poly Mane Six (A favorite of mine) but I think this is the first time I've encountered this idea. Fun. ^_^.

Nice and cute fluff fic. Thanks for sharing. ;)

He does now. I love it! Upvoted and favorited. Very adorable bit of shipping and a welcome dose of big, fluffy ears. :heart:

Site drama, maybe? I've been out of the loop but they've been a thing around here in the past.

Hm that's the first I've heard of it

I'm glad you've managed to avoid them.

“Did you piss off an old witch who decided to curse you for your hubris… again?”

Why does this sound so accurate for Gallus? Or really any of the Young 6 for that matter? :rainbowlaugh:

Also, Gallus and Smolder having a romantic romp in what ultimately proved to be poison joke is very them. :ajsmug: Of course, I'm rather partial to that whole sequence since I'm very pro-Smollus myself, but that is one noteworthy upside to these Young 6 poly-ships--I'm always guaranteed at least some Smollus during them. :raritystarry:

Even without that though, this was still pretty cute.

Really? I've found the Young 6 poly-ship has been pretty common lately. :rainbowhuh:


Why does every comment have a thumbs down?


Every dislike on comments is another dollar for charity!


in recognition of the special reaction M/M stories tend to receive on this site, every comment downvote on anything related to the contest (stories, posts) will add $1 to the prize pool, as well as donate an additional $1 to OutRight International.

Okay, I won't go into that back-ally then. I'll just wait to have experimental surgery in a few years.

Also congrats on hitting the feature box!

It's just normal for M/M fics at this point. I think it also has something to do with the incentive for this contest as well. Every dislike on comments is another dollar for charity!

“Dude, you really need to start paying more attention in Sunburst’s magic horticulture class.” He said, continuing to snicker a little. “You and Smolder just took a dip in Poison Joak ! So you should be lucky you got something so… so…”


Actually, I think that was intentional, as a sort of wordplay on real-life poison oak. Add a "J" onto that "oak" and it'd sound like "joke," phonetically.

Of course, the show was going for wordplay as well, but it either wasn't clever enough to take it as far as "Joak," or it opted for just "Joke" for clarity's sake, thinking the intended wordplay would be more obvious that way...but beside the point.


Shaking one of the plant’s leaves, Sandbar smiled. “Good afternoon, Phyllis III.”

PHYLLIS III!!!!!!!!!!

this fic is so cute and i love your sandbar and good job hell yeah

Love it, love it, love it! So many callbacks to little moments in lore, from Phyllis to the ultimate culprit. Fun, cute, playful story with great banter between my favorite dudes. Really, just a great story. 💙💚

Exactly this. I actually had no idea the show apparently spells it as 'Joke'. It always came off as Poison Joak to me ever since I first heard it.


Thank you! It's just really easy to make these boys do cute things. It's practically all they're made for.

Oh yeah, big floofy ears are irresistible no matter what! :rainbowlaugh::heart:

Great cute story there, thanks for sharing! :twilightsmile:

How dare you spear me with the Nostalgia Arrow that is an Inuyasha gif?

I forgot how cute his ears were.

Oh. I've been in this fandom for at least ten years and this is the first time I heard about this. Rather mind-blowing and embarrassing.

Is... Is this wingfic, only with ears (since Gallus already has wings)?

"Don't look at my wings ears, they're hideous!"
"They... they're beautiful!"

No matter if you're intentionally invoking some old fanfic weirdness or not, this is hella cute!

...I may have unintentionally invoked old fanfic clichés.

My brain works in mysterious ways.

Big. Floofy. Ears!

Excellent taste. I'm a fan of Smollus as well. Though if Smolder is okay sharing Gallus with Sandbar then I am too.

They'll all share their love around, as was taught by the OG Polycule: Twilight and Her Five Cool Lovers.

They all have their main interests, of course, but each one has kissed the other more than once.

And the cuddle piles are immaculate and will break out anywhere.

As usual, Professor Applejack’s class was boring.


“I’m, uh… naked?” Gallus said noncommittally. “Just… just come back later. I’m fine.”

Sandbar rolled his eyes. “Gallus, you’re always naked.” He said with a soft giggle. “And it’s not like it’s not anything I haven’t seen before. Come on out and talk to me.”

yeah not the best excuse to use in a nudist civilization lol

And it was Gallus. Just normal Gallus. Sandbar’s favorite bluebird.

aww so true

and Silver and Yona are…” Sandbar paused, tapping a hoof to his chin. “I actually dunno what they’re doing after.”

“Probably their turn for a date.” Gallus snarked briefly before looking deeply at Sandbar, searching for any hint of a lie.

huh, i don’t think i’ve seen that particular ship before!

Shaking one of the plant’s leaves, Sandbar smiled. “Good afternoon, Phyllis III.”

aww, Phyllis is in this!

A soft, comforting smirk taking Sandbar’s face, he nodded. “I’d never laugh at you, Gally. Not even your jokes are that funny.”


Still covering his ears, Gallus quickly pulled away from Sandbar and groaned. “Dude stop, these things are sensitive!”

The squeeing tapered off, Sandbar blushing slightly. “Oh, um, sorry.” He said softly before leaning in towards Gallus again. “They’re just… oh my Celestia they’re so cute!”

ehehe just love this contrast

“Gally~” Sandbar pleaded, poking his lip out in a way he knew Gallus couldn’t fight back against. “Gally-wally~ I’ve let you play with mine when you wanted.”

augh this is such an annoying nickname i absolutely love it

Gallus nodded, then shrugged again. “I mean, I wouldn’t call it a date, but she was helping me with my fly-fighting.” He paused, then cleared his throat. “We might have crash landed in a field of flowers and kissed a little… or a lot… But nothing too out of the ordinary.”

Sandbar nodded, accepting the scene and wishing he had been a part of it.

i also wish this for him

“You and Smolder just took a dip in Poison Joak!

will have to steal this spelling

Gallus groaned, rolling his eyes. “They won’t stop moving! They just keep twitching and flicking and folding and ugh!”

augh adorable

“You’re so high-strung, you big dork.” Sandbar said softly as he brushed a hoof along Gallus’ headfeathers. “So just try and calm down and cuddle with me for a minute.”

so true

Sandbar had to fight back the loudest squee yet, clearing his throat and looking away. “Just wait until I show you how good nibbling feels on ‘em.”


“So…” She started, her eyes darting around the room but very much not focusing on her changeling friend. “You can probably see why I’m never leaving my room again.”

The squee of delight Ocellus let out could be heard across the entire academy.

and augh so true

delightfully fluffy stuff, just solid writing all around. thank you for it!

As they said in ancient times: totes adorbs. :heart:

Great job displaying warmth and understanding in a relationship like this. You nailed what you were going for.

Not that Sandbar minded, of course. While most creatures weren’t the most interested in plants or farming, Sandbar found it interesting seeing just what Applejack’s earth pony magic, and by extension his own, could do to aid in plant growth. He usually ended up daydreaming his hopes that someday, perhaps in a millennia or two, earth pony magic could grow strong enough that one earth pony could grow an entire apple tree only using their magic.

Uh- yeah.. about that...

Anyway, I LOVED it lol

Oh man this is so cute

I must know..
Does Gallus's floofers fluff up is someone boops his beak? owo

So much fluff. ❤️

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