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I write about horses and other creatures kissing. The gayest of kissing


For Flash Sentry, the night was simple.

Take his boyfriend, Sunburst, out on a date to a fancy restaurant.

Lavish him with love and affection to make him blush, smile, and, most importantly, giggle like a schoolcolt.

And, finally, go home for some well earned snuggle time.

What could possibly go wrong?

Written as a super duper late entry to the May Pairings Contest.

And also because I need Flash in my Boy Repertoire.

Also pre and proofread by the impeccable Bicyclette :raritystarry:

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Much like most griffons, Gallus is no stranger to exploiting every loophole he sees.

Even if it's to someone else's detriment.

After all, it's not his fault they didn't see it.

So when he gets an assignment aiming to practically sing the praises of Equestrian Generosity, he instead decides to prove that it only takes ten bits to destroy what most ponies hold dear.

Little does he know, Pinkie Pie's cupcakes are not meant to be trifled with.

Written for the Thousand Words Contest in the Experimental and Comedy categories.

Based, in part, on this article about cheesed sticks.

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This story is a sequel to A Morning Shared By Two

Sandbar visits Canterlot Castle to give a gift to someone close to him.

Completed for the Thousand Words Contest in the Angst category.

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Most mornings, it's hard to drag yourself out of bed and face the day. Especially when you were in the middle of a lovely dream, or in the company of a lovely stallion.

Gallus isn't the type to drag himself out of bed on a good day, usually hitting the snooze button to return to blissful sleep, but sometimes things just need to get done early in the morning.

Sandbar isn't one to let his little griffon escape so easily.

Only one will win out, but money tends to be on the huge earth pony.

Written for the A Thousand Words Contest in the genre of, of course, Fluff! And there's nothing fluffier than a little bit of GallBar!

Sticking to a thousand words was very difficult. But hopefully I've made the gay palpable.

And art is by Kam who does lovely art.

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[M/M Romance]
After Appleloosa's orchard of apples is spiked with bootleg sleeping potions, Sunburst finds himself called to their aid as all of Princess Twilight's other friends were busy at the time.

Thankfully, he finds himself enjoying the company of Braeburn, the town's official unofficial welcoming committee and host for his stay in Appleloosa.

But hopefully it won't interfere with his studies too much.


Written for the beautiful Crackship Contest! and thankfully that deadline was moved, because there was no way I was getting this thing out on time otherwise.

AU tag is to cover my strange takes on: Braeburn's Past, Appleloosa's founding, Sunburst's Sunburst, and probably more?

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Days after returning from his (unintentional) grand adventure to reunite the pony races, Hitch Trailblazer is called to the home of Sprout and Phyllis Cloverleaf following an event in Maretime Bay.

Days after trying to harm the very ponies Hitch worked to help, Sprout finds himself stuck in his garden following a series of events mostly out of his control.

Now face-to-face, both stallions realize that they both need help only the other can provide.

Written for the M/M Shipping Contest! But let's be honest, I was just looking for an excuse to do Hitch/Sprout eventually.
Art by FraumFlug! Go follow them for more cute art.

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Due to events entirely out of his control, Spike finds himself grounded in the middle of a move. Now with most of his distractions in the newly grown Golden Oaks Library II, he realizes just how scarce his options truly are.

Well, at least he finds company to keep himself from getting too lonely.

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Days before the new school year begins, Rumble still finds himself struggling with an essay he was given at the beginning of the summer. Now with only two days to solve his dilemma, he's forced to leave his room and seek help from outside.

Hopefully he can find a safe haven to work on it before the world decides to rain on his parade.

Cover art by Mix-Up, who does some phenomenal work.

5/30/2022 Edit: Comments have been deleted due to spambot links. I probably shoulda deleted those a while ago, but I will continue to do so now.

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It's been ten years since Sandbar graduated from the School of Friendship and he's doing well for himself. With Yona, he's made a name for himself in the fashion world by becoming the co-owner of the Ponyville branch of the Carousel Boutique only after a few years of working there.

It's been seven years since Gallus left Ponyville to enlist with the Canterlot Royal Guards, becoming the first Griffon in history to do so. At first, both were concerned about the distance, but felt that their bond could only grow stronger.

It's been five years since Gallus broke up with Sandbar.

Now, after throwing himself into his work at the Carousel Boutique for the past few years, Sandbar finds himself reminiscing on the past despite himself.

Written for the Young Six Writing Contest.

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On a very cold winter morning before Hearth's Warming Day, Sandbar and Gallus return to the school, but take a moment to sit by the fire and have a moment (mostly) to themselves.

Tangentially related to my series of GallBar stories, but not strictly necessary to read for this one. I promise.

Image by CarrsCrap

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