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Spoilers for the Movie.

What if instead of tricking her friends into distracting Queen Novo so she could steal the Pearl, she tries to talk things out with the Queen while venting certain recent frustrations out.

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see this? now this is what should've happened

Not bad, I have to say. I think it could use a bit of an editing run ("Applejack" instead of "Apple jack" for example) but this was still pretty good. :twilightsmile:

Fixed that bit

No problem. If you ever need a proofreader or something, I'm happy to offer my services.

Great work.

8649202 Well, except then I don't see how Twilight would've been captured by Tempest. Even if the pearl did nothing, Tempest would have a hard time capturing Twilight when she had all of her friends around to protect her.

she's a powerful pony she'd find some way to neutralize the others

Then why didn't she when she had the chance?

I found the story to be a bit blunt, to be honest. Twilight says something and everyone just more or less agrees with her.
I also have to wonder how much help the hippogriffs can be if Twilight "oh right, I have magic" Sparkle can browbeat them into submission.

Well I wanted to write them as off guard and against an alicorn and plus it was the pearl they needed

Well she could have sneaked up on them and I didn't write this to fit in with the other events exactly

It's Awesome!! :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile:

Well I enjoyed this story, after all Princess Skystar was one of my favorite characters!


hey look another MLP Movie FixFix, we get it you hate the movie

On the contrary, I really enjoyed it
I saw in the cinemas twice


I find fixfics to be a cop out

a lesser skilled writer tries to fix what they didn't like (and potentially screws over the people who did like it)

a good writer works with what already happened

in my eyes retconning a story out of existence is an easy way out

writers should never take the easy way out

here watch this video, this guy makes a better point of it than i could


I do like fix fics myself and I do like those that take place afterwords

I am a big linkara fan myself and I do agree with him on this, I never want to go against anyone who liked it (especially since I did myself), just that some people want an alternative

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