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On Earth-52, Green Lantern, Supermare, Mare Do Well, the Dash, the Pink Pie-Er and Wonder Mare of the Super Friends of Equestria goes to through the magical mirror and ends up in the pre-season 3 Equestria! What will the Mane Six do when they meet their superhero counterparts.

Uses Earth 52 first thought off by defender2222 in Crisis on Infinite Twilights.

Chapters (2)
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You have my full attention. Excellent start to an possibly awesome fanfic! I can't wait to see Cannon Rainbow's face, when she meet super-rainbow :rainbowlaugh:

Lord tydal belongs to defender8888 so credit to him for letting me use him in my universe

4393689 Uh, Supermare(aka "Super-Rainbow) is Iowaforevers' verse. in this verse(Earth 52), she's the Flash (called the "Dash"). This verses' Supermare is AppleJack.

Fun fact: In my verse, Rainbow is also the Flash- The golden age Jay Garrick Flash role.

Say 4395040 when is Foal Titans Go/ your other Earth 52 stories getting updated. I'd love to see Dash react to Captain Cold being the son of Freeze (yet not as murderous as his sister and father, nor as insane as Freeze herself). BTW, how old did you make Killer Frost? In my verse, she 10, and believes killing is just fun. Your version of her seemed to be at least in her late teens to early twenties.

Not complaining, just trying to figure out the differences between My universe, which uses the original version of my Miss Freeze origin (as seen in The Fastest Stallion Alive- The Origin of the Flash, and how you adapted it.

4396031 i know. The 'super-rainbow' was meant to mean 'super powered Rainbow' but I realize I could have said it better. Sry.

"App-El" had me almost piss myself, and it's nice to see I'm not the only one who liked connecting Booster Gold and Trixie... sorry, the Great And Powerful Trixie!:rainbowlaugh:

Nice job. Keep up the good work

Are there plans to continue this story? It has piqued my interest. UNFORTUNATELY for you!

The reason that this is unfortunate for you, is because if there are no plans to continue this story,

Just replace


with cornholio4 and

I'll chase you to the ends of the Earth!

to I'll constantly bug you about it until you do complete it!
But, seriously though, the premise of this story sounds extremely interesting and I'll be extremely disappointed if there are no plans to complete this story. I have another comment that I would've used, but it is only for stories that have not been updated for longer than 5 months, which means that your story is the cutoff point for that comment, and forced me to come up with a new comment. Sorry about that.

5442281 when I can i will continue it

Good to know. sorry about the overly obnoxious quality of my earlier comment. I was just really excited, because the plot of this story looks amazingly similar to something I was thinking about the other day.

we unanimously decided against Mare Do Well’s proposal to catalogue our weaknesses in case any of us went rogue.”

Haha, silly Justice Friends! Thinking that you can stop Mare Do Well from doing this! (Of course, as anyone who has ever seen Justice League: Doom knows, they can't.)

go onnnnnnnnnn!!!!

So far, this story is looking pretty darn good. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this story as soon as you can think of it.

Is poor Luna still Nightmare Moon in the Super Hero World :raritydespair::pinkiesad2: P.S. Great Story

6119199 no she isn't
Stopping her was GL Twis first mission

6122059 Okay I was not sure if Nightmare had become Luna again or put in some kind of Jail. Glad to hear that she is Luna again.:twilightblush:

LOL Who cares about the elements when you have SUPER POWERS. Especially with a powerhouse like Supermare around.

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