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New chapter coming soon (slight spoilers) · 8:03pm Jun 28th, 2018

I will get around to writing it so sorry for the wait
After sombra is taken care of, they will have the talk leading to the moment you've been waiting for
and it's partly rainbow dash's fault that the talk starts to turn sour

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Earth 52: Guide to the roles of my DC universe · 2:04pm Nov 26th, 2013

Earth 52: Guide to the roles of my DC universe

A guide to who will be who in my ongoing universe in Twilight Sparkle: Green Lantern of Sector 2812 and Earth 52 Side Stories of Green Lantern of Sector 2812, I would like to thank Defender2222 for giving me this plot bunny to play in, I originally wrote this for a forum on the DC Characters Fanfic as a thread but I decided to delete it, rewrite it and that it would work better as a blog:

Super Friends of Equestria

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Twiblood story idea · 9:50pm Nov 19th, 2012

To those who wish for me to do a sequel I got a Twilight/Blueblood idea I am planning to do!

Here is the premise:

after the gala the Princess shows Twilight how unhappy Blueblood is after his night was ruined so Twilight decides to go over there and turn his worst night ever into his best night ever!

What do you think?

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MLP: Till All Are One! · 9:34pm Nov 19th, 2012

What Decepticons do you want to see in the story? I already got Starscream and Shockwave planned!

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Pony Avengers: Equestria's Mightiest Heroes · 8:32pm Sep 14th, 2012

What heroes and villains do you want to appear in the fanfic?

Who should be what villain?

Who would you like to see join the team?

Here are some characters I hope to incorporate into the story either as pony OCs or MLP characters playing the parts:

The Hood

Wonder Man (I think his appearence from Avengers: Earth's MIghtiest Heroes is better than his comics appearence)

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