• Published 3rd Jul 2023
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Instinctual - Kodeake

Ever since Twilight's ascension, she's been having unusual urges. Like a weird desire to grow flowers, and she can't seem to stop chewing her wings. Turns out, her newfound magic comes with the instincts to match, and instincts are a powerful thing.

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Chapter Two; Apple Fever

There were many commonplace sounds that called Golden Oaks library home. Pages being turned was, perhaps, the most frequent and innocuous. It was a library, after all. Second to that and almost as common was a quill scratching ink onto parchment. It was the sound of study, meticulous and purposeful. It was such a constant, in fact, that it seemed to have soaked into the walls, having been absorbed into the very fabric of the building. So it was only natural that its absence left behind an eerie, disquieting silence.

Silent, save for the continual sighs that grew more exasperated as minutes ticked by and turned to hours.

Nostrils flaring as another heavy breath escaped her, Twilight glared down at the open book before her. Its words, unread, seemed to taunt her with the knowledge she sought. It was all right there, if only she could just focus. But despite her efforts, she found her mind wandering, eyes unfocused from their assigned task. She wondered how her flowers were fairing in the summer heat. Did they need more water? Was the tree that made up her home providing adequate shade? Maybe too much shade?

She sighed again, pushing the thoughts away. Worrying over it endlessly wasn’t going to help. Earth pony magic didn’t exactly come with an instruction manual, and beyond something inside her telling her to just grow something, it wasn’t much more specific than that. She’d just have to trust in the books she’d read on the subject to get her most of the way there.

Her wing was in her mouth. She didn’t have to look - she could taste the feather shampoo Dash had given her. Instead of removing it, however, she just rolled her eyes, nibbling gently on her own feathers, rolling them between her teeth. It wasn’t like there was anyone around to catch her, and it did feel nice in a weird way. Like scratching an itch. Maybe it would help her focus.

That idea lasted all of five minutes, whereupon once again Twilight found herself staring out the window at the leaves of her tree home instead of the words on the page.

She sighed. Again.

“Are you going to sit there sighing all day?” Spike asked, voice dripping in irritation, his eyes staring at her flatly overtop of his comic book as he lay reclined on the couch.

Twilight smiled bashfully as she turned to him. “Sorry, Spike. I’m just having a hard time focusing.”

“You’re telling me,” he deadpanned. “I’ve only brought you one book, and you still aren’t finished with it.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” Twilight cried, throwing up her hooves. “Princess Celestia herself recommended this book to me, and for good reason. It’s positively fascinating. Or at least, I think it is. I wouldn’t know, because I can’t get past the first chapter!”

Spike turned his page. “Maybe you should take a break? Read something else?”

“Like what?” Twilight groaned, letting her head sink down to lay on the desk. “I don’t think I even want to read anything. Me - I don’t want to read. It’s like I’ve lost my mind!”

“Pretty sure you're just bored, Twilight.”

Bored?” Twilight echoed, face scrunching in disgust. “I’ve never been bored of reading before.”

“The horror,” Spike grumbled.

Brow knitting, Twilight resolutely turned her attention back to the open book, bound and determined to at least finish the first chapter. She stared intently at the words, daring them to grow out of focus again. With Celestia as her witness she was going to get some studying done today. No matter how hard it was to ignore her wings ruffling anxiously, or her hooves tapping rhythmically against the floor. The beat sounded familiar, actually. Was it a song? If it was, she couldn't place it. Maybe-

“I’m going for a walk!” Twilight declared, her book snapping shut with a spark of magic as she stood from her chair.

Spike waved a claw at her as she marched to the door. “Have fun.” He watched her go with one eye, making sure the door had firmly shut behind her before tossing his comic book aside. He dug his claw into the crack between couch cushions, extracting another comic that was a little more violent than she’d approve of.

Immediately taking a breath as soon as she stepped outside, Twilight tilted her head back and took a moment to bask in the sun. It felt as though the warmth was burning away her tension, fresh air driving away any and all frustrations. The summer heat was still present, though tempered by a smattering of cloud cover and the faintest breeze that blew away the worst of the humidity and made it much more bearable than yesterday had been. As such, she was far from the only one out to enjoy the weather, and the street in front of the library was relatively busy, with ponies walking this way and that. A few stopped to exchange greetings with their local princess.

Before she joined them, she first circled around to the back of her tree home, her lips pressed into a pensive frown as she inspected her garden. The little shoots hadn’t changed since she’d tended them that morning, but she still felt a vague sense of unease. There was a queasiness in her stomach that she just couldn’t shake every time she looked at them, no matter how much she assured herself that she’d followed her book’s instructions perfectly. For not the first time she debated asking for some advice from any of the much-more knowledgeable farmers in town, but she didn’t even know where to begin. There was, as far as she could see, nothing wrong, and walking around asking for advice because ‘I feel like something’s wrong’ wouldn’t do any good. Instead, she made sure the soil was still damp, and pushed those feelings aside. There wasn’t much more she could do for now but wait and see how they grew.

Picking a direction at random, Twilight started off on her walk. With no destination in mind, and no schedule to stick to, her pace was at best a meandering trot. In the back of her mind she worried over how this impromptu break would affect her checklist for the day, but did her best to ignore it. There was nothing important until tomorrow anyway, so what was the harm in postponing a few things?

Potentially catastrophic, a part of her insisted, but she'd learned that part of her was wrong a statistically-significant amount of the time. Almost a hundred percent, in fact. Still, she took its input and filed it away under 'advisory', just in case. She would need a plan should the worst happen.

Suddenly, Twilight glared down at her wing, mere inches from her mouth, and watched as it slunk back against her side. All it took was a single moment of distraction and the dumb things tried to get her to chew them. Thankfully, no one else seemed to notice her near-miss, but she still found her pace picking up slightly. Partially to try and stay occupied by her hooves, partly to find somewhere a little less populated if she wasn’t able to catch it the next time. The last thing she needed was some upstart wannabe ‘journalist’ snapping a photo of her and selling it to one of the gossip rags Rarity raved about.

She wondered how pegasi dealt with the finicky things. Did they not feel the constant need to chew them anymore? Or were they just more used to it than she was? And for that matter, she was starting to feel like that wasn’t the only instinct she’d gotten from her new pegasus magic. Judging by how good the breeze felt on her feathers, how nice the open air felt in her lungs compared to that of the library, she would put good odds on her inability to focus being caused by a desire to be outside. It made sense; pegasus architecture was famously open, with a focus on airflow. In a way, their buildings were designed to make the inside feel like the outside.

The hypothesis was also supported by Rainbow Dash’s seeming refusal to nap anywhere but outside. Even Fluttershy spent a majority of her time outside with her animals. Was this going to become a regular thing? Sure, it was fine right now - the weather was nice, and if she’d thought to take her book (something she was already kicking herself for forgetting) there would be nothing stopping her from hunkering down on a bench and getting some reading done. But when winter came?

Twilight didn’t notice the passers-by growing more sparse as she wandered beyond the town proper and into the farms and fields that covered the hills around Ponyville. She did, however, notice the wing between her teeth.

“For the love of Celestia!” Twilight cried, a few purple feathers falling from her lips. “Would you stop!?”

Cringing inwardly as she remembered where she was, she looked around, ready to see more than a few sets of eyes on her. Instead, she realized she wasn’t where she thought she was, as the only witnesses to her outburst - and her wing chewing - were trees. The relief lasted only a moment, as her attention quickly changed back to the feathered nuisances attached to her back. “How does Rainbow Dash deal with you?”

She recognized that she was currently yelling at her own limb, but found it to be a satisfying outlet for her mounting frustration. And she was alone, anyway. “I use the special shampoo, I make sure you’re dry before bed, I make extra sure not to lay on you, and you’re still driving me nuts!

Her wing didn’t respond.

“Honestly,” she huffed, ruffling her feathers as she firmly folded it back against her side. “Are you even worth it?”

Sure, flying sounded nice, in theory, but it wasn’t the be-all-end-all that certain pegasi made it out to be. And she had a hot air balloon, anyway, and magic! Who needed to fly when you could teleport? Not that she could even get off the ground yet, she was forced to acknowledge. Still, the more she thought about it the more she wondered how much she was actually getting out of this deal. It was starting to feel like she got the short end of the stick here.

Her wings seemed to disagree, as she felt the breeze in her pinions and looked back to find them fully spread out behind her. She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t deny that it did feel pretty nice. Humming happily, she continued forward with her wings spread, enjoying the way the air flowed over them and between the veins of her feathers. She gave a little flap, and felt a small, satisfying tingle run up her spine. Spurring her to do it again, to move a little faster, to really feel the wind beneath her wings.

She was running forward before she knew it, an involuntary giggle slipping out between her lips, carried on her breath as she breathed harder. Heart beginning to race. Her wings spread wide, stretching out to feel as much as she could. Okay, if this was what flying felt like, maybe they were worth it after all.

Twilight’s hooves slammed into the ground, and she jumped, wings flapping hard to boost her as high as she could go - and she went high. Higher than she expected. Not quite reaching the tops of the trees, but enough that she’d have hit a branch if she wasn’t on the path.

“Glide!” Rainbow’s voice called in her mind, and she did - snapping into the position drilled into her the day before, Twilight glid along the air, extending her jump beyond anything possible before her ascension. By time her hooves touched the ground she was full-blown laughing, a smile stretched from ear to ear across her muzzle. She tilted her head down and broke into a sprint, as fast as she could. Her wings cut through the wind almost effortlessly - though she could feel a few points of drag, a couple patches of rough, turbulent air, and something in the back of her mind told her she’d need to learn to preen herself. But for now, it didn’t matter. For now, she was content with just this facsimile of flight.

Again, she jumped - higher, this time, and she could have sworn she felt magic in her legs, strengthening her muscles. Earth pony magic, maybe? She didn’t have time to think about it - she was almost above the leafy canopy. Another flap, harder than before. She was still going higher. Almost. One more burst of height, and… no, not quite. Her muscles were burning again, and she knew she was approaching her limit for now. Her momentum stopped, then reversed as she fell back down, though this time instead of gliding she took the dive position. Watched as the ground rushed at her. Heart pounding in her chest as she braced herself, hooves outstretched to catch her - and there it was again. That fuzzy warmth in her legs, the tell-tale sign of magic. Reinforcing her tendons and bones.

Dirt and dust was blown up around her as she landed, and Twilight was surprised to barely feel any strain at all. In fact, she felt lighter than normal. She bounced on the spot a few times, raised up onto the tips of her hooves. She’d never felt so strong before! Another laugh flowed out of her, and she bounced from side-to-sighed as though she was on the moon. Giggling and flapping her wings and-


Twilight froze as though she’d been dunked in a bucket of liquid nitrogen. Not unlike a glacier she turned her head to the side, her eyes meeting with those of an orange mare, and she felt herself shatter. Her gaze trailed up, and she realized that the trees around her were not just any trees, but in fact contained bright red fruits, ripe for harvest.

Clearing her throat, Twilight straightened herself out, tucking her wings back against her side as she turned to face her audience properly. She stood a little taller, back straight as a board. “Applejack,” she greeted, tone flattened out into a professional cadance. “What will it take for you to forget you saw that?”

The corner of Applejack’s mouth twitched upwards. “Tax exempt status for the farm,” she said, her voice carrying no hint of sarcasm or humour.

Twilight nodded. “It’s been around since the founding of Ponyville. We could probably have it declared a place of historical significance. You’d also have access to government funds for repairs, provided you only bring it back to its original state.”

“Hah! This old place? Naw, ain’t worth the paperwork.” Applejack reached up to adjust her stetson, leaning against a tree. “Ah suppose I could keep this here incident between the two of us. If’n that’s what you’d like.”

“Very much so, yes,” Twilight said, as her smile came back to her slowly.

Applejack just smiled and nodded. “Just as well. Don’t think anyone would believe me anyway.”

Humming to herself thoughtfully, Twilight forced the smile off her face. “If I remember correctly, there’s a law against slandering royalty. I could have you thrown in jail if you ever made up such lies about me. Hypothetically, of course.”

“Noted,” Applejack chuckled. “What brings her highness out to these parts, anyway? Aside from skippin' about like a school filly. We’re a decent walk from any books.”

“Just out for a walk," Twilight answered sharply, fighting down an embarrassed blush before it could manifest.

“Uh-huh, I can see that. Well why don’t you take your walk over this way and come have something to drink at the house? Granny and ‘Bloom are prepping the cider equipment, I’m sure they’d be keen on prepping some lemonade.”

Twilight raised her eyebrow as she fell in line next to the farmer. “Is it almost that time already?”

“Just about. We work them tools hard, so it’s our responsibility to maintain ‘em just as well. Plus cleanin’ out enough barrels for it all. Pretty sure Granny caught RD licking a few from last year, so also gotta deal with that,” Applejack said as she walked, leading the pair through the field of trees with no path in sight and any landmarks obscured by the canopy above.

Twilight was reminded vaguely of a homing pigeon. “You’re kidding.”

“Wish I was,” Applejack said shortly. “Dang critter can’t control herself around the stuff. There’ll be hell to pay if she ever sneaks a cup, but she knows better. Granny can sleep with her eyes open.”

Shuddering at the mental image, Twilight shelved that particular factoid in a deep, dark corner of her mind, hopefully never to be remembered - or needed - except in her nightmares. “Well, you won’t see me slobbering over some old barrel, but a regular drink sounds wonderful.”

“Ah thought as much.” She squinted up through the leaves above, gauging either the time or their direction.

They fell into a comfortable silence, the ruffeling of the treetops setting such a calm atmosphere that it seemed almost rude to break it. Twilight felt surprisingly at ease in the orchard, and with how constant it had become she noticed the lack of her wing between her teeth. In fact, looking over her shoulder, her wings seemed quite content to lay flat against her sides. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, she silently thanked them for behaving themselves.

“Oh, by the way, how’s your little flower project coming along?”

Twilight jerked her head back around to look at her friend. “Huh?”

“Ah, sorry, was it supposed to be a secret?” Applejack asked, her apologetic tone sincere.

“N-no, not really, it’s just… I don’t remember mentioning it, is all,” Twilight explained awkwardly.

Applejack shrugged. “Ya didn’t. Not to me, at least. Roseluck, Lily and me were shooting the breeze in the market the other day, and they mentioned you came ‘round asking for some ‘beginner friendly’ flowers, as they put it.”

“I see,” Twilight said. She should have known the infamously-gossipy flower sellers would have word spread through the entire town by sundown that day. “Yes, I started a small garden at the library - nothing fancy.”

“I’ll admit, I never pegged you for the gardening type.”

Sighing, Twilight hung her head slightly. “I’m not, really. Celestia suggested I try it after I wrote to her regarding some weird cravings I was having.”

“Cravin’s?” Applejack echoed. “Ya mean, like, Pinkie Pie and cake kinda cravings?”

Twilight giggled quietly. “Not quite. Apparently the earth pony magic I got when I became an alicorn really wants me to grow something.”

"Oh?" Applejack leaned in slightly. "What's this about our magic now?"

"I don't know how else to describe it," Twilight muttered, mostly to herself. "It's just, like, my body needs to grow something. I was getting really fidgety and uncomfortable before I got the flowers."

“Huh, well I’ll be darned, yer getting hit with Apple Fever, ain’t ya?”

Looking over at the other mare with a raised eyebrow, Twilight asked, “Apple Fever?”

Applejack nodded her head once. “Yep. Sounds like it, anyway.” She chuckled under her breath. “I didn’t consider that ya got more than just the fancy wings when that whole kerfuffle went down.”

“What’s Apple Fever?” Twilight asked, more pointedly this time.

“Right, right, sorry. Apple Fever is… well, it’s what yer feelin’,'' Applejack said, somewhat lamely. “That strong desire to grow somethin’ else ya feel like you’ll lose yer mind. ‘Course, Apple Fever is just what we Apples call it, but pretty well all of us earth folk go through it when we’re young. The Carrots call it Carrot Rush, the Pears, Pear Panic, and so on. There’s probably some fancy science word for it them scholarly types thought up, too.”

Twilight blinked in surprise. She’d known it was coming from her new earth pony side, but she didn’t know it manifested in such an acute form for others. “So… you all go through this?”

“Pretty well. Some of us multiple times. Heck, my brother, born workhorse that he is, caught the Fever three times. Myself included, o' course - speaking of…” Applejack trailed off, and steered them off into a slightly different direction, weaving through a few trees before stopping in front of a seemingly-random patch. “This here’s my little neck of the woods from when I felt the Fever.”

Looking over the dozen or so trees she’d gestured at, Twilight was taken aback. “You… grew all of these yourself?”

“Hah! I wish,” Applejack laughed. “Nah, not all by myself. But ah did seed ‘em all and raise ‘em into saplings by my lonesome. After my Fever ended the rest of the family helped take care of them like the rest. But that first burst of growth? Why, I still remember the first leaves on each of ‘em!”

“That’s… amazing,” Twilight admitted, thinking back to the stress she was under with just the small batch of flowers she was trying to wrangle.

Applejack tilted her hat down to cover her face. “Aw, it ain’t nothin’.”

“Certainly more than I could do. Lily sold me Zinnias and Coneflowers - she said they were the easiest to grow in our climate - and I still feel like I’m failing at it.”

Popping out from her cover, Applejack tilted her head. “What makes ya say that?”

“I don’t know!” Twilight grunted loudly. “They look like they’re growing fine. I’m probably just worrying over nothing, like usual.”

Applejack reached over and put a hoof on the alicorn’s shoulder. “Well hold on a sec there. I don’t really know how this whole magic thing works, but from what you’re telling me it sounds like you got a little earth pony in ya now, right?”

Deciding it best not to try and correct the statement, Twilight nodded silently.

“Well, from one earth pony to another, ya gotta trust your instincts. If yer gut is tellin’ ya there’s somethin’ wrong, there’s probably somethin’ wrong. Just ‘cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean the problem ain’t there.”

Twilight found herself thinking back to her flight lesson. “You know, Rainbow Dash said something similar.”

“That bird brain? Maybe I’m losin’ my touch if I sound like her,” Applejack said, blanching at the suggestion. “Point is, you should probably take some time and listen to what them flowers are tellin’ ya.”

“AJ, flowers don’t talk,” Twilight deadpanned.

Applejack just rolled her eyes. “I ain’t speakin’ literally. Just… here.” She pointed at a seemingly random tree. “Go on over to this fella here and listen to what he’s sayin’.”

Looking between the tree that had been pointed out and the orange mare watching her expectantly, Twilight frowned. “AJ, trees also don’t talk.”

“Just go touch the dang thing!”

Skeptically, Twilight approached the tree, glancing back at Applejack once and receiving and encouraging nod, and she reached out a hoof. Feeling its rough and sturdy back, she closed her eyes. She felt… nothing. And she opened her mouth to say as much, when she realized that actually, she did feel something.

She felt the same calm, lazy atmosphere she’d felt since she entered the orchard. Just stronger, and more identifiably coming from the tree itself rather than the environment as a whole. It seemed to radiate out along her hoof and through her body, calming her nerves and slowing her thoughts.

“It’s fine,” the feeling said without words. “Everything’s okay.”

“I’m happy.”

Twilight recoiled from the tree like she’d been shocked. Staring wide-eyed up into its branches.


“It… what?” Twilight shook herself, holding a hoof to her head. “I... I heard it. It spoke. Applejack, a tree spoke! That’s… that’s not possible! I-I have to report this. I need to tell someone! Applejack the tree spoke! It... it might be sentient. Sapient, even! We have to-”

“Whoa there, hold on a second!” Applejack called, wrapping a hoof around Twilight’s neck and directing her vision back at the plant in question. “It’s just a tree, Twilight. You’re right - trees can't talk. What ya heard was yer gut - or, well, I guess you would say it was your new earth pony magic, or what have you.”

Twilight blinked. “What?

“I don’t know how to explain it in the sciencey terms you like, but that’s what it is - it’s yer gut. Your earth pony gut. You felt how the tree was feelin’. So, how did it feel?”

Taking a moment to digest this new information, Twilight looked down at her hoof, half expecting to see some kind of literal green-hoof to symbolize this new ability. “It… It’s happy, and healthy. And… kind of slow and calm?”

“Heh, yeah, trees are like that. And we take good care of our boys, so it had better be nice and healthy.”

Twilight stared at the tree’s canopy hard. “I think I need to go lay down.”

"Alright now, take it easy," Applejack said gently, stepping up the tree. In a flash she pivoted on her front hooves while one of her hind legs shot out. With a solid thwack she kicked the tree, catching the singular apple that fell in her outstretched hoof. She offered it to Twilight, who accepted the offer graciously.

"How do you do that, anyway?" Twilight asked, biting into the crisp fruit.

Applejack chuckled mysteriously. "We Apples don't reveal our secrets so easily, ya know."

"And here I thought I was officially family?" Twilight shot back with a smirk around a mouthful of apple.

Thinking on it for a moment, Applejack conceded. "Fair enough. Ain't really nothin' to it. Just gotta listen to what the tree's tellin' ya, and put the right amount of oomph into it."

Twilight assumed 'oomph' in this instance referred to earth pony magic. Which she'd only just started to feel at all. "I think you're making it sound easier than it is."

"Why don't ya give it a try?" Applejack asked, motioning to the tree again.

"A-are you sure? What if I hurt it?"

Applejack laughed roughly. "Trust me, Twilight, ya ain't gonna do any harm. Just give it a go."

Chewing her lip, Twilight stepped up to the trunk again. "Okay, if you're sure." She reached out and laid her hoof on the bark, focusing on the feeling from before. It was the same, only a vague feeling of calm contentedness, and she wasn't sure how that was supposed to communicate how much magic to put into her kick.

Twilight's brow knit as she struggled to extract any other information from the feeling, but came up empty. Annoyed, she stepped back and turned, planting herself firmly on the ground and lining up her kick before-



Her hind hooves connected with the tree, and she yelped as the reverberations traveled back up her legs and through her body, right to the tip of her horn. She lurched forward from the shock, knees buckling.

"Twilight! Are you alright?"

Shivering as small aftershocks ran through her bones, Twilight nodded as she stood up shakily. "Y-yeah, I'm fine." She frowned as she looked back - not a single apple had fallen from the tree. Which didn't surprise her, since she hadn't felt any magic in her buck at all.

"Don't sweat it, sugarcube. You'll get the hang of it," Applejack said gently, picking up on the alicorn's dismay.

"I thought I did…" Twilight trailed off as she looked down at her hooves. She knew she'd felt it before. If only she could figure out what had triggered it and bring it back.

She was snapped out of her thoughts by Applejack playfully bumping their shoulders together. "Come on back to the house and have a cider with me."

Twilight’s soured mood evaporated quickly at such a prospect. "Alright."

"And hey, if'n ya wanna practice, you're always welcome to help out on the farm."

Twilight smiled. "I think I'd like that. Thank you."

The sun was starting to set by the time Twilight finally started down the path back to Ponyville. One bottle of cider had turned into two, which in turn had become dinner and then dessert, and there was no chance of moving more than a few steps for at least an hour after an Apple Family meal. So it was with a full stomach - and a heavy gut - that she found herself trudging along, waving back at the gathered Apples on their front porch.

"Don't be a stranger, now!" Applejack yelled. "And good luck with them flowers!"

"Thank you!" Twilight shouted back, immediately regretting it as she held a hoof over her mouth before her dinner could come back up.

Turning forward, she grimaced slightly as she beheld the long, winding path home. With no better option than to keep moving and hope the exercise helped her digestion she pushed forward. Her wings were, seemingly, content to rest against her back, and in fact had remained that way through her entire visit. She wondered if that meant something, but was far too full and sleepy to think on it much.

Instead her mind turned forward - while today had been nice, she had an entirely un-checked checklist to contend with, all of which would need to be rescheduled. And tomorrow was also her reading night with Rainbow Dash, which further limited her time.

On top of the usual prep work such events took - making sure there were adequate snacks and drinks for them both being paramount - she also knew she needed to see about fixing her wings. She wasn't quite sure why, exactly, but the idea of Rainbow seeing her with her wings in any state except perfect made her anxiety spike like an upcoming test.

Probably some pegasus instinct, she reasoned. Likely a social thing. Was group preening a thing in pegasus culture? Some birds displayed such behaviors, but she'd never read about it being a pegasus thing.

Though she did like the idea of having Rainbow help her preen. She'd never done it before to begin with. Having someone so skilled at it would be a huge help. After all, Rainbow's wings were the absolute image of perfection. The perfect wings on the perfect pony to nest with for the winter.

Had Twilight not been borderline-comatose from her meal, she may have examined that particular thought a little closer. As it was, it escaped her grasp as she belched in a distinctly non-royal way. She blushed and glanced around, waiting for a group of paparazzi to spring out and catch the moment on film.

When that didn't happen, she breathed a sigh of relief, and continued on her way. Feeling a little lighter as thoughts of her upcoming reading night, and the pony she would share it with, lured her forward.

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