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Rainbow Dash is truly looking forward to celebrating Hearth's Warming Eve with Scootaloo. They have planned this for a year. Sometimes, however, the simplest of plans come to a folly and not everything goes as planned; things change, but the question remains: Is it for better or for worse?

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Nothing earth-shattering. But you wrote some nice fluff, and there's never enough fluffy Twidash+Scootaloo.

Very sweet. Happy Hearth's Warming to you. :heart:

Huh, need to read this once more when I'm less tired. I wanna find that saying.:twilightsheepish:

Very sweet. Great job!

Not all hugs are for scaredy fillies, Scootaloo.

My favorite line :pinkiesmile:
Could that be the old Norwegian saying that you mention in the author's note? :pinkiegasp: That would be an interesting coincidence!
A nice and pleasant story overall, it kinda felt like two plots into one fic but that didn't ruin it, even because there is always that passion that makes your stories enjoyable, you have a knack for describing beautiful and poetic landscapes... and I'm not surprised since Norway looks like a very beautiful place :raritystarry:

Thanks for allowing me to discover this song.

4124580 Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

The saying:

I'll never get wise on you.

Roughly translated of course, simply meaning that no matter how well you know someone, you may never truly know them, and they will still surprise you.

Writing landscape descriptions are one of the things I enjoy the most, which might also be that I might go a bit overboard with it at times. :rainbowlaugh:


Great job I loved your story! :twilightsmile: and happy hearth's warming to you :heart:

Brilliant. How is it that I have not already read this story?

Oh well, no matter. Excellent work.

I enjoyed it, but there were a couple points I thought were a bit... off.

Her worried mind turned as she saw a gamboge colored pegasus hide behind a large makeshift wall of snow, while pressing together snow between her hoofs, making a bundle of snowballs. Her cerise mane was barely covered by a bright blue beanie and a bright red scarf.

While yes, those are the official colors of Scootaloo, I think this is a little too specific for a pony like Rainbow Dash. It is also a little jarring to have precise names like "gamboge" and "cerise" right next to extremely broad and common names such as "blue" and "red". I suggest changing the first part to "orange" and "purple" (yes, cerise is actually a shade of red, but it looks purple on Scootaloo) or switching "blue" and "red" out for more specific examples of those colors.
Also, you used "bright" as the same adjective twice in a row. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it looks a bit awkward.

If the school bell just rung when Rainbow Dash passed it, then were Scootaloo and Apple Bloom skipping school? I'd think Applejack would have forced them to go back in that case.

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