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I'm fangirling so bad. I have missed you working on your namesake. Not that I don't enjoy the chaos that is TiM. But seriously I have squealed five times just because of the excitement of this new story. Finally seeing pony Dash get to go into the portal is going to be awesome. Most stories just have Twi interacting with human RD, but I can tell this story is going to be 100 times better than those. :> Glad to have you back in action!

Did you want my heart shipped by snail mail or is this comment enough for you to know it's yours forever? Because seriously you have taken it. This is so freaking cool! You made your own world! I can not wait for what comes next. It flows so good and I feel like I'm there with them, like a ghost but actually feeling what they feel. You don't get that with a lot of stories but that's what makes you number one in my book. Bravo. No rush on the next chapter but keep doing what you are doing. This is fantastic.

TiM was a true masterpiece if I've ever read anything
Holding this up to that standard and so far, not disappointed, so keep up the amazing work!!!

6101651 I know what you mean about TiM. The issue there is that the TwiDash story was told, twice. They're already together and there is not much more I can do with them without repeating myself, as such the story focuses more on their lives as parents and grandparents as opposed to their relationship.

This... this is not that lol. This is a return to the good-old TwiDash that I've not been able to do for quite some time. X2!!!! lol

And the real fun parts haven't started yet!

Warning to you both, the sex tag is here for a reason, one that starts up on ch 6

What she couldn’t get over was how tall the creature was. It would easily stand up to Celestia’s height, and if she heard it correctly, it was only a foul

Did you perhaps mean foal not foul?

What's TiM? Anyways, this looks good.

6107923 You haven't started on TDF's Twidash series :O TiM is Twilight is Magic. It's really good. Like you can't put it down after you start reading. The first one is called Truth in meaning. If you go to TDF's page you will see the blog containing the entire series. I really recommend it to you. No spoilers.

6107965 Oh, that series! I think I have a few of them in my read later list.

6107994 It's a really great series. One of my favorites on FimFic. Lots of action and the Twidash moments will keep you on a rollercoaster of emotion. TDF has built a whole new world and it's just beyond amazing. Check it out when you can. :)

I want more. I want all of the more. Give more. Give all of the more. Abandon your life and spend every waking moment writing more of this.

JK, But good job. Seriously.

Looks like it's going to be AWESOME!

I like were this is going.

Danke! I was literally just grumbling to myself about the source field not being used properly when I saw your comment, lol.

Okay. I've read through this story and so far I'm liking it. I only have one question so far.

Is it just me, or does the picture kind of look like human Dash is checking out pony Dash's bits?

6108819 Maybe she is. I'll never tell.


6102408 I'll be keeping an eye on this story.

MOAR NOW! :flutterrage: Please? :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: I am loving how this story is going so far and am rather excited to see more. :rainbowdetermined2:

I know that you just posted this a couple of days ago and already have someone editing for you, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking on another editor. I found a few errors in the chapters, but don't have the time to bring the exact areas to your attention. I'll get the sorted out after I dl the doc, but other than the small errors here and there I feel like this is shaping up to be a good story. :twilightsmile:

Not that I'm complaining about an excuse for Dash and Twilight to be close to each other but Dash can totally fly without leaving her trail. Generally speaking she only leaves it while flying very fast but even then not always.

Anyway, as a Twidash fan, naturally I'll be following this for the foreseeable future. Till next time.

Can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy: I wonder what names will be given to Twilight and Rainbow's human counterparts since it feels as if they have been sent to Earth, they won't have their Equestrian names:unsuresweetie:.

Perhaps Tori and Roxanne?:duck:

Color me intrigued. I'm a little worried about the sex tag merely because of the implications, but I may just read it anyway if this turns out to be pretty good.

Ewww... Dash x twilight, worst shipping this fandom has ever came up with imo. Even with my love for POE stories I cant put up with this sudden "love".


Aww you warn them already?
Anyways, this was Fun and sometimes... Weird to work on if you know what I mean:trollestia:

Pretty sure its not them in love just yet, those words were likely from their human counterparts, or just some similar humans, or even a recording from the tv show maybe.
Regardless, though it seems it will eventually become a Rainlight ship. The story so far is well done, and that is more than good enough for me.

There's loyalty for you, can't leave a friend behind.

Now onward! To double the fun!

Hmm... okay, not to be a downer but there is a problem with the whole 'carry you down' to the ground thing.

1#: While Rainbow does exert a rainbow trail while flying, it's only when she's REALLY fast, if she keeps to Twilight's pace they could pass by alright.
and 2#: Even if the carrying down was really necessary, why couldn't Twilight do it with her magic?

But, for any little problems like this I'm just going to put the reason BECAUSE SHIPPING! And leave it at that, I love the piece and hope for the best in the future.

Now ONWARD! To Double the Trouble!

The only thing bugging me so far in this story is the sense of scale. Humans are described as being ridiculously big, at the very least bigger than the cover art. And the building they teleport to is supposedly as tall as Canterlot mountain, and it's not even the tallest building in the city, and then the library is just described as like the Canterlot library (which from what we've seen is pretty big) just bigger.

It gets a bit ridiculous is all. But other than that, I love me some twidash

This seems really nice, i hope the child didn't recognize them from the show. But even if it's the case, this is still good stuff.

Does this have sex in it? It looks interesting either way, so I'm still going to read it. That being said, I am rather confused. Mature + Sex usually means there's explicit sex scenes, but usually the description will clarify that point.

Twilight has an idea, she wants to improve the efficacy of

Huh, at first I thought this was efficiency misspelled, but then I googled it... turns out it isn't wrong. I learned a new word. Yay.

Enlarges dat cover picture.... HHHNNNNGGG!

#1... you stole my poster....
#2... you completely ignored my advice and added sex

Dude. Seriously? The author's name is Twidashforever, and you actually expected something different was going to be presented for your reading pleasure?

6109798 Don't die just yet, son of Aiur. Artanis needs every Protos in the battle against Amon

This is intriguing.

The only real complaint/concern that I have right now is that you seem to bounce around with pov in the middle of scenes throughout the two chapters. What I mean with the pov thing is that you go from a direct thought from Twilight to a direct thought or something that could only be shown through Rainbow's pov. The chapter's don't really stick to a certain character's perspective (which isn't a problem unless you're going for 3rd person limited), which might be something to look at. It didn't really detract from the reading, but it was still there.

I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Hey! you made it! congrads! And It's doing well! I knew you could do it. so now I can't do my part with the picture or the idea. Perhaps I'll make a crossover or maybe try this out myself.

'Sudden'? Dude, TwiDash is one of the oldest ships in the fandom, there's nothing so sudden here.

I require more chapter to be have of the read o.o Please have the chapter of read up and being read soon O.O No, but seriously, I've enjoyed this so far. I like the almost-ship parts of this, it's kinda like a teaser. And I neeD MORE OF IT

They both stared at each other for another few seconds before saying at that same:


:rainbowlaugh: Priceless, this story is very interesting so far, I wonder what will happen next.

Twidashforever where is the next chapter for this story

Love this can not wait for more:heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

No one said it?? OKAY! I GET TOO!

A Whole new World

I am watching this story. I love it!

6109941 I am so going to get Legacy of the Void...

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