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That's what you're gonna nitpick? Come oooooooon.
I didn't think anyone would notice how lazy I am with numbers lol.

She had felt like a ball of nerves and conflicting emotions that where ready to explode a second ago, but the kiss on her cheek had pushed that all aside.


twidash with a pervert twilight! don't think i've read a human version of this yet. now i am, and i can't wait for more!

if you don't really think about the nubers, I'd have just made it 69, but that's me. Good start, moar soon?

Don't worry Twi, we're all perverts here.


Like, really soon.

Pervert Twilight is Hottest Twilight.

This is very good keep it up.:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Truer words have not been said.

Are you guilting me into changing the room number?

don't know why but the closer to the end I got the bigger grin I got on my face. by the end I swear I would give pinkie a run on her grin.

Hahaha yesss! That's all I aim for!

Me neither!
Oh shit I write this. Oh no!

Is it just me that finds Twilight totally adorable here?

What did she just get herself into?

That's not what you should be asking yourself, Twi.

Adorkable sexy Twilight...

I love it :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter :yay:

Probably the funniest fic I've read in a while. Also the sexiest Twilight yet.

Not quite where I was hoping you were going with this, but I'm interested enough to read chapter two (For me, with humanized, that's pretty impressive.)

I'll bite, where did you think I was going with it?

I might be touching on that somewhat somewhere around chapter 3, but I never was this as a rape fic.

Nice work, and I love the little details about the imported games. tho the 20 toys might be a little much LOL

That's kinda the point, though. Who really needs 20 sex toys? Only perverts like Twilight.


Hey, I'm not trying to influence. I just tend to see sexyfic through rape-colored glasses, and I know that's a personal fault of mine. :rainbowhuh:

I will say I'm looking forward to future chapters, but I was looking forward to them before you mentioned chapter 3. :twilightsmile:


I think they meant "nobody collects that many at once". Most I've ever had at one time was six (counting buttplugs), and I am a gigantic pervert.

I kind of meant to touch on this in Pinkie's Worst Date, but ten was a more reasonable number, and it fit Fluttershy's completely damaged sexuality to go overboard on that. A girl in a boarding school can't even hide twenty toys anywhere, unless like 2/3rds are finger toys and she's stashing stuff all over the room.

I just imagined them being in a box in her closet or under her bed.
They have separate rooms and all.

Plus, Twilight could be exaggerating a teensy bit.

Twi y'alls about to get sonic rainboomed in da pussy


Boarding schools frequently inspect rooms. If you have a vibrator tucked away under your socks, that's one thing. If you have a giant box under your bed filled with twenty dildos, that's a lot harder to hide.

Well she's the class president so maybe she doesn't get room inspections. Or she doesn't keep them all at school?
Stop poking holes in my storyyyyy :(((


You could just change the twenty to, y'know, five, or eight. :raritywink:

Everyone is making me change my numbers.
I hope you're all happy T-T

Like what I see so far. Looking forward to more.


Remember! Exaggeration in moderation! :eeyup::eeyup:

you made an awesome humanized sexytimes AppleDash fic, and now I very much look forward to the same in TwiDash!

Please stop complimenting me, you make me blush.

Saw the title: "This could be really good"
Saw the cover art and description: "Oh not what I thought, Human tag not doing any favors, Meh I'll read it anyway."
Finished it: "Freaking loved it, when's the next chapter!?"

In the immortal words of Deadpool: "It's the quiet ones you need to watch out for." I'm so following this!

Okay, this is amusing. Cuter than I would've expected from the description. But somehow I feel like I can't really comment on it meaningfully without finding a number value that needs changing. :derpytongue2:


I just tend to see sexyfic through rape-colored glasses

What, ah... what color is that?

All I live for is turning people to the ways of human fics. :pinkiehappy:

Joke's on you, sucka! All my numbers be perfect these days!

Curses! But next time you may not be so lucky!

That explains why Celestia is white. Combination of all the colors of the rapebow.


Oh. Oh my. I think I'm going to steal that word. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, definitely keeping track of that one.

:rainbowkiss:ooh, this looks good. No real problems, maybe just a bit short.

That bit at the end where Twilight tried to determine what type of character Rainbow was - and Rainbow knew what she was talking about - was priceless.

Gonna echo that comment about the end. That was definitely the perfect way for the chapter to end, ahahaha. Also Dash having a thing for being covered in cum, yes plz.

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