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I'm not a proponent of clop, but I did like Molestia's blog and silly humor, so I may just give this a read. ^^

(Wouldnt mind an edited version though.)

Its mainly the idea version of Molestia I use, not a perfect copy of the original. This chapter is mainly Twilight getting her power and her first use of it with Rainbow Dash. Later chapters will have some of the silly humour and ridiculousness as the story builds, but clop is going to be a major part of this fic. That being said, I try to get a good balance between clop and plot(hah).


Hah, good one.

Okie, thanks for the feedback.

Interesting story. I think this story is going to be interesting. I do want to see Spike, Big Mac, (shinning and Cadence) all get in on this. This story is going to be interesting. Good job.

They all will appear in this story. Not at the same time, but they all will have hot, messy sex with Twilight and others.

5941530 That's good. I think for an orgy scene, it may be good for Rainbow to take Twilight to the Wonderbolts show. That would be fun to read, about how she turns on the three key wonderbolts, and Rainbow joins as well. What is you opinion about age change. Ex. Mr and Mrs. Cake want another children, but unfortunately, Mrs. Cake is too old to have any more children. Twilight Casts a spell to make them both younger and they then experiment with frosting. Also what would be cool to see if Gilda returns and Twilight gets a Griffin, who now acts nice, so she can have Twilight to have sex with her.

As of now, neither the wonder bolts, gilda nor the cakes appear in the plan for this fic. Me and Natasha went through and picked the ponies that would appear, and had to cut a lot out simply to keep this fic at a manageable size. But there will be plenty of orgies along the way, so don't worry about that. I'm going to have a rough time keeping everything fresh in the clop scenes already.

Being a Molestia fic I was unsure what things may come up later in this story. However after reading your list of things that will not happen, I have decided that it is likely something I'll enjoy. That list was pretty much my entire list of turn-offs, so knowing that those aren't happening is quite reassuring, so thanks for that.:twilightsmile:

All my fics are generally like that, I don't have darker stuff in my fics as it doesn't turn me on, which is needed for when I write clop. So never expect any of that stuff.

if i might borrow a rather..well known line for this it would be "please sir may i have some more" :rainbowwild:

I'm currently 1,000 words into chapter two

I know it's just me, but the only thing i think i won't like about this story is when Males are introduced. i don't know why, but having dudes enter the picture in a sexual way with any of the main characters or mane six is just a major turn-off. but still, awesome beginning! i'm holding out for twilight making Molly submit to her authority at some point.

Hawt. Have a like and fav, this looks mighty interesting!

Well, Spike is going to get sexed the same chapter Rarity does, but he's the only guy during the initial main 6 arc of this story. Afterwards, there will be other stallions brought in in the second arc. I hope that doesn't dissapoint you too much. After spike, there's only three more stallions planned.

So... I try not to favorite clop fics that often. After reading the first chapter though, I think this sums up my thoughts:
Have a like and a fav to encourage this line of story telling, friend. :moustache:

5942227 maybe do a section thing at the beginning of each chapter stating what sexy things are going to happen, in the order of which they will happen? i remember an author from before doing that, and it really helped. every reader loved having some warning, that way they knew when to read, and when to skim. absorb the important stuff, while ignoring the clop they didn't like.

just a thought.

Well this is going to be one wild trip into pleasure land. I wonder on Tia is going to take this.


Say what and mean which part? Not being into clop, liking Molestia, or intending to read a story later? Cause lemme tell yah, those read later lists get out of control when you aren't looking at them. >.>

It only gets better from here
I can do that, not a problem. But if you avoid all the clop with stallions in it you're going to me missing out on a significant portion of the clop in the second arc, and I'm assuming you're only avoiding clop with natural born stallions as various members of the main six are going to get ruled 63-ed over the course of this.
Well, Celestia won't come to the second arc, and Molly is going to make sure this story is sexy as fuck.
Yes, read later lists do get crazy if you don't watch them.
*Looks at the 265 stories in mine and shudders*

Little else to say but hothothot! and looking forward to more!

Oh, and awesome concept!

Maybe because of our desire to be the ones to fuck them in the pussy instead of males from a different species?

It's the vibe I'm feeling.

5942601 (453 in my read later)

I wonder, what all Celestia was into....Heck, maybe she had a romp somewhere with a changeling that involved her gooed to the floor.

can't wait till the next one this one was
soo awesome and sooo good
next one next one
(just work at youre own pace)

Triggers this will not have

Not even a chance of it happening in some dreamscape fantasy? :duck:

Anyway, the rest seems promising enough, so I shall follow this to see how Twilight/Molly is going to turn Ponyville into a writhing orgy :twilightblush:



I can't wait for the Ponyville-wide orgy.

Sexual deviancy in the open streets at broad daylight, you know.

Oh, have a like.

Towards the end of the story there may be a few pregnancies. I meant it as more of a pregnancy fetish, pregnant mares having sex. That doesn't get me going, so I cant really write it

5942838 5942858
I don't know about a town wide orgy, but there will be some fun ones in this fic. Its going to be really tough writing all of it to be honest, I'm going to have to limit the word count per pony/groups of ponies or its going to turn into a ridiculously long chapter. I tried a 6600 word clop scene in my first story, and that was about the limit that I could do. Which is still a pretty long clop scene.

Good on you for turning a collab idea into an actual story!
Though, after reading, I am saddened that the group collab will be missing out on such excellent writing.
Keep up the great work!


I was only kidding about the town-wide orgy. That would be a little too much. :twilightblush:

5942601 oh no no no! not avoid it, just skim it. still read it, but in that fast way that allows you to process the info without really having to focus on it. does that make sense?

Hmm, I wonder if Molly knows any tentacle summoning spells? I feel like she's the kind of pony who'd have a spell like that memorized.

Once finals are over and I get a lot of free time to myself again I'm going to write another thing for the collab.

Don't worry, this story will have plenty of filler. :trollestia:

Just curious, but will there be public play/exhibitionism too? Personally, I would really like that ;)

exhibitionism yes, public play? maybe, but not likely, adding them to the list

Molly, the sum total of all Celestia's severed kinks and desires, who turns out to be very persuasive.

After Rainbow leaves, we learn more about the origins of Molly.

I hope there Celestia is not a thousands years old Virgin, who think that sex is disgusting, but her body have a needs, and because of it Molly was born. I hope that Tia is kinky too.

Will be there a threesome Twilunestia, while one of princesses spitroasted or double penetrated by another two? (Futa, not r63)

I don't like when males involved too. And reality hate royal guards X princesses. Exeption is Cadence X Shining and R63(only mane6, I really can't imagine princesses as males).

This is shaping up to be one of the best. Im looking forward to it.

Ahh why no pregnancy i want to see a pregnant fluttershy from this T.T

Curious this is. Track it I will:trixieshiftright:

I'm going to be going more into Molly's origins in this universe next chapter, but no Celestia is not a thousand year old virgin who thinks sex is disgusting.

And that idea is certainly on the table. There's just so much possible clop scenes I could do, its going to be tough choosing which ones to do. But that is definitely a more likely one.

And I'm sad to hear that you don't want stallions to appear, and at the risk of sounding like a dick, its going to happen. I hope it doesn't dissapoint you too much. But as I said, the first arc will only have an aged up Spike, so if you can deal with him you're golden for a while.


Sorry to dissapoint, but as I said. I can't write the fetish as I don't enjoy it.

Sexy it will be!:trollestia:

I think you missed orgasm denile

I did, thabk you. That's going into the definite category.

5943609 a few more I can think of off the top of my head: hypnotizim, sensory depriviation, slime, breathplay...

don't judge me

Not explicitly I will explain more next chapter, yes, maybe, no

5943625 Swear to God if this has hypnosis, Instafollow!!!! Please let there be some?

Blatant, obvious, direct hypnosis? No. But a passive magical ability that I will go into more next chapter? possibly :trollestia:

5943901 mmmmm I'll take that, and on a less important note... Why the fuck did I get down voted?

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