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Perhaps I judged you too harshly.


During her usual evening stroll through the grassy plains surrounding Ponyville, Twilight comes across a crying mare whom she never expected to see there... Or crying, for that matter.

It is said you don't really know a pony unless you step into their hooves. So that's what Twilight decides to do. Well, not literally of course...

...but the two do get awfully close to one another.

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Comments ( 26 )

I'm not usually into these kinds of stories, but it's still good none the less!

I like the writing, but the story details don't really fit, in my opinion. It feels a little too out of character for Rainbow Dash.

:yay: Yay for TwiDash. I liked that Dashie was trying other things besides flying. Good story

7255118 Thanks for the interest!

7255164 Eh, I see your point. I kinda just wanted to write a light-hearted fluff piece, and this was what came out of it.

Cute story, like it. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

7257686 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Adorable, I don't know why but I like the idea of Dash having a secret and doing something you wouldn't expect a tomboy like her to do.

7258500 Thanks! I just needed something to make her insecure.

Author's get to mess with pony's psychology like that :pinkiecrazy:

Could use an editor, mainly for words that were used in place of the correct words, (lay, instead of laid, in "It was almost as if it was lay out in a blanket just for her." for example), and a few other things I noticed. However, the attention and effort put into this shows through. Good work.

7259455 Thanks...

Astral Quill... you're fired.

Is gud. Too short though. Could be longer. Needs more romance build-up. Twilight develops, realizes, and accepts her feelings a little too quickly.

But is gud.

Comment posted by ModMCdl deleted May 31st, 2016

7262064 oi, short story bro

loved this story, just what i needed before bed:twilightsmile:

7489973 Glad you enjoyed it!

EEEEEEEEE, so many cute cuddles!

7505037 Aye~ And there are more (hint) coming!

love the ending

And with that; Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle changed their names, cloned themselves, hopped timelines to become: a different Lyra and Octavia. Rainbow cut off her wings, as did Twilight. And lots of dye was used.

That was a joke. This fanfic, however, was not.

Errr... thank you?

8613659That last sentence was meant as a compliment. I'm bad at using words.

This would've made sense if the reason why Rainbow Dash had been crying was Mare Do Well. As it stands, we have Rainbow crying over losing the last thing that her father gave her before he died back when she was just a foal, and somehow Twilight is able to cheer her up from this. Granted, unless we had some sort of indication that Rainbow Dash had loved Twilight before the whole Mare Do Well thing, my version also doesn't make a lot of sense, but it makes more sense than Twilight being able to cheer Rainbow Dash up when the thing that has Rainbow Dash crying is in no way related to Twilight.

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