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TiM: What Defines Us - Twidashforever

TiM story number 9. We all seek to define who we are, what our purpose is in life. Taz, an earth pony born to Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, is no different. He seeks his lot in life, wherever that might lead him.

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Our Friends

Celestia’s Palace

The entire family was gathered around the huge table for breakfast. Well, almost the entire family. Radiant Star and Ataxia were not present, although each for very different reasons. Twilight was not worried; they would both join them later when they got together in Ponyville at ten.

To her right, as always, sat Rainbow Dash. In Twilight’s eyes she was the epitome of everything right in the world, of everything that mattered: Love, loyalty, and honor. What more could she ask for?

To Rainbow’s right sat little Taz. Still sporting a black eye and several bruises from when his niece proceeded to whoop his flank for stealing his sister’s cookies. Twilight’s magic held a cold bag of peas to his eye. If it were anyone else, Twilight could have simply healed the bruises with her magic. Sadly, Taz was immune to magic, all magic, even healing spells.

Twilight looked over to Vela. The little filly sat directly across from her between her two parents, Icarus and Aurora. Looking at her face, Twilight could see that the little hippogriff did not have a care in the world. Aurora had been pissed when she learned what her daughter did… she had been until she learned the reason why. While Aurora said she would punish her daughter when they got home, Twilight knew that her punishment would be light, if at all.

Icarus had actually asked Twilight to fix Vela’s bruised claw, bruised from hitting it on her son’s skull.

‘Punished indeed.’ Twilight thought with a smile. She wrote the whole thing off, Vela was her granddaughter, it was not her job to punish Vela's behavior. It was her job to spoil her rotten. Besides, from what she heard of the whole situation Taz deserved every minute of it.

She still wondered why Taz hated Aurora so. However, that was a mystery for another day.

Sitting next to Aurora was Cadance, still as beautiful as she had always been. Twilight did not know how an alicorn like her aged, but if this was any indication, she aged well. Twilight was surprised that Cadance never sought after another mate, another pony to love.

It had been almost two decades since Shining’s death after all. As the Princess of Love, it seemed off for her to go this long without someone special. When Twilight approached the subject Cadance merely winked at her after saying, “Who said it’s been that long? I just haven't found someone I want to be serious with yet.”

Twilight smiled at that, she was sure whatever stallion or mare Cadance had taken in was very lucky, even if he or she had found some way to stay incognito with it. She watched with a smile as Cadance helped Blaze cut his waffles.

Blaze and Flash, those two were a enigma. Twilight had heard of the special connection that twins could share, almost as if they could read each other’s thoughts. Aurora and Dayspring were always close, always looking out for the other, but they did not hold a candle to these two.

It was almost as if they were one pony that inhabited two bodies. Twilight knew the idea was preposterous, her testing even disproved it. Yet… yet she found that the analogy simply fit.

Sadly, with that analogy they each had the intelligence of half a pony. It seemed as if the two could be as dumb as a box of rocks at times, at other times they were smarter than Starlight.

It was a conundrum to say the least.

Flash sat next to his brother, seeking to cut his own waffle without help. Something his mom was all too willing to provide but he took it as a competition, if he could cut his waffle on his own that meant he won, and that Blaze lost because he had to get help. Of course, he was only succeeding at making a huge mess in the process.

For a second, Twilight doubted that even she would be able to get the syrup stains out of the carpet. She did not envy Firestar having to give him a bath after they finished with breakfast.

Next to Firestar sat Luna. The alicorn was rocking young Ana back and forth in her magic while she enjoyed her own breakfast. Twilight did not know the full story of why Ataxia was not here, but she did not doubt that it was her own fault.

Twilight smiled at the next pony over, Starlight was eating her breakfast in peace with her head in a book. She was so much like Twilight was at that age; the only real difference Twilight could see is that Starlight actually had friends at an early age. Had Twilight known, had she suspected just what was missing out on all those years ago. She never would have spent so many days with her head in a book.

Not that she would change her life for anything. This moment, this feeling, she would never give this up. It was everything she could ever want.

Well, almost everything. She sighed as she remembered what day it was.

Shimmering Night sat between Starlight and Twilight. Just like Twilight, Night was looking around at all their friends and family with a smile on her face.

For both mother and daughter today was a day of contrasts. There was so much to be sad about, yet so much to be happy about. Twilight could see it though, that longing on her face. Night was without her special somepony and it hurt.

“Go to her.” Twilight whispered in Night’s ear.

“There’s too much to do.”

“I’ll take care of everything, just go.”

Night looked at her mom. Without even discussing it, she knew, she always knew. Night was missing her wife. Yes she was still mad at her, but it was just not right. It was not right that Ataxia was not by her side. Ataxia may be a big dummy (Starlight’s words) but she was her big dummy. “Thanks.”

Shimmering Night had been holding this back for the last three hours. She had wanted magic to take her to her wife all this time. She just held it in check. Until now. She let that check go and like a damn that burst, the magic of the world sought to fulfill its master’s request.

In a flash, Shimmering Night was gone, she teleported herself to the Crystal Empire.

All the adults and some of the foals at the table gave Twilight a knowing look. They had all seen it, the missing joy in Night’s eyes.

“Wow, she pooped off, didn’t she?” Blaze said with a look of confusion on his face.

“You really are dumb, aren’t you?” Vela added.

“Young lady!” Aurora complained.

“She’s not wrong.” Starlight commented.

“Stay out of it." Flash pointed a syrup-stained hoof at Starlight, who barely managed to raise a shield in time to avoid the inevitable splash of the sticky liquid.

Twilight smiled as the squabbling continued over what was appropriate and what was not during a civilized breakfast.


The Crystal Empire

Radiant should have been smiling. This was his third such meeting today and also his last. He had been worried, very, very worried that these would run long, that they would prevent him from being able to join his family.

With Ataxia here, that worry died in a fiery death. The first delegation up and canceled as soon as they saw her. Making an excuse of a last second illness and a promise to reschedule for another day. Radiant almost bought that… almost, If not for the looks of utter disgust they gave Ataxia when they turned to leave.

He had almost forgotten. No, forgotten was the wrong word, he could never forget, not what happen. He had almost put it behind him. They all had, Ataxia was family, she was a friend, and a mother. It was easy for them to see that, they all lived around her after all.

Most ponies did not. Most of them remembered coming back to a destroyed city, one that suffered sixty-seven percent destruction… destruction that destroyed homes, families.

Although no lives were lost, even after all this time the crystal ponies still held Ataxia in contempt for what she did. Some were just better at hiding it than others.

The ponies that Radiant met with today did not bother hiding it at all; they all displayed it openly, as if it was some sort of badge of honor.

Radiant should have been smiling, yet he could not. Seeing the looks of hatred they gave Ataxia as they came in, made their flimsy excuses, and left… it left a sour taste in his mouth.

For her part, Ataxia simply ignored it. If they wanted to act like a bunch of stuck up asses about it that was their prerogative, it did not affect her one way or another.

That is what she told herself anyway. Radiant saw through that clear as day. Becoming a parent, having someone you are responsible for, someone that counts on you. It changes everything.

Radiant knew that first hoof. For years, he thought that being a parent changes you; that it somehow takes away from what you are. That it stops you from doing what you want to do. He saw that lie for what it was now. Radiant now knew that being a parent; bringing a life into the world, it is everything.

It does not change you, it makes you realize what is really important in life. You gain a greater understanding of what matters and what does not. You began to see what you thought was important in a new light. You have someone… someone who counts on you every second of every day. You have someone that loves you, pure and unconditionally, simply because to them you are everything.

It becomes your job, your reasonability to do everything you can to help them succeed. It does not take away anything that you are. It simply adds to it. Yes, it is a lot of responsibility, work, and at times, heartache. However, nothing else in life compares to it.

If he had to list any regret about it, it was that he only had two foals. However, that was nitpicking at best. He had a beautiful wife that loved him, and two great sons, even if they could be a little brain dead at times.

It had changed him, it had changed his wife, and it had changed Ataxia. Sure, she was still the same mare, after all, she did ask her wife for a four way with her sister. So yes, she was still Ataxia in every sense of the word; however, she was also a mom. That was something that she took very seriously.

Radiant could see that side of her now. The looks the others gave, it hurt her, but her internal conflict was causing her the most pain. He did not know if this was Night’s intent when she sent her up here, but he suspected that if it was her intent to hurt Ataxia, it was a job well done.

He would have a talk with Night later. Yes, Ataxia might be dumb and thoughtless at times, but she did not deserve this.

As if thinking about her was enough to will her into existence, Shimmering Night teleported directly between the newly arrived delegation and Prince Radiant Star. She took one look around and said one word, “Leave.”

“What?” The lead pony asked.

“I said get out.” Night replied. “You can reschedule for another day.” She raised her wings in a threatening posture.

“Well I never.” The pompous noble spoke as he turned around to leave.

“You never will with that attitude.” Ataxia added with a smile on her face. She said it loud enough for every pony present to hear it. Including the guards, one of which had to do his best not to break out in laughter.

“Says the monster.”

The mood darkened in the room. Every pony turned to see what Ataxia would do next. Her eyes narrowed, her face darkened. “What was that?” she asked, her voice displaying the rage she felt.

“Go ahead, prove me right.” The noble turned to face her. “Prove everything they say about you, everything they still say about you to be true.”

Just like that, the wind was taken out of her sails. Ataxia could no longer meet the pony's gaze.

“Hmm.” He stuck up his noise and walked away, right into a VERY pissed off Shimmering Night.

“What is your name?” Night asked, she stood up to her full height, looking down at the crystal earth pony.

“I am Cavalier Haughty, at your service, princess.” He gave a very sarcastic bow to the alicorn princess.

“Cavalier, how much land do think you own?”

“The entire northern half o-“

“Err, wrong. Congratulations, all that land has now been re-commissioned for royal use. I’m sure we can put it to good use building a new set of affordable houses for the ponies of the Crystal Empire. Don’t you agree, Radiant?”

Radiant merely nodded his head, this was going to create more problems than he could count, but he would not argue with his cousin’s authority in front of these ponies. That would be far worse.

“And I’m sure your bank account is more than willing to fund the project, isn’t it, Cavalier?”

“You… you can’t do that!”

“You’re right, I can’t. You’re going to do it willingly, aren’t you?”

“I… I… I… I-”

“It’s either that or I haul your flank in for talking to my wife, a Princess of Equestria like that.” Night paused to let that sink in.

“I’m sure if I take your ass to Canterlot and have a very public, VERY LONG trial they would eventually clear you of any wrong doing. Of course, the damage to your reputation will never heal; after all, such things tend to never go away. So what’s it going to be, are you going to suddenly turn philanthropic, or would you like to spend the next year defending what you just said to a member of royalty for all of Equestria to see?”

“I… I… I’ll make the arrangements.” He lowered his head, downcast at this turn of events.

“Good stallion. Oh and by the way. You should know that I’m feeling generous right now, next time I see you I may not be in such a good mood. Make sure there isn’t a next time.”

He walked out, brooding at the loss of most of his family fortune. When he was out of the room, the guards closed the door behind him.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Ataxia was the first to speak up.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Radiant added as he eyed her suspiciously.

Night looked at him first; he could tell that it was a foregone conclusion. As soon as that pony said those words, Night lost it. He was just glad that her anger was not directed at him this time around.

It seemed everyone had to learn the hard way; you do not buck with Shimmering Night’s family.

When Night looked to Ataxia, she jumped on her and pushed the smaller mare to the ground in a surprising tackle that shocked Ataxia and Radiant. Night locked lips with her wife in a long, drawn out kiss. One that she only broke when she ran out of air in her lungs.

“I’m sorry.” Night was the first to say it. “I might have overreacted.” She was not talking about Cavalier.

Ataxia knew better than to try to savor this victory, she just took it as is and ran a hoof through Night’s rainbow mane. Her only reply was to go in for another kiss and another after that. She had put up a brave front, but she would be lying if she said it did not hurt her.

Not these ponies, they could all buck off as far as she was concerned, what hurt was being away from Night this long. Looking up at her now, Ataxia could only find one phrase to fit Night’s eyes. They were definitely ‘bedroom eyes’. “How long until we have to be at Ponyville, SC?” Ataxia asked.

“About two hours.” she had grown used to the nickname over the years.

“Oh, is that all? I guess we’ll have to make every moment count.”

“I guess we will.” Night said with a knowing smile.

“You know I think it’s sexy when you get all defensive like that.” Ataxia said the next part to her cousin, “Radiant, we’re borrowing your bed.” Ataxia left him with a smile as she teleported the two into the master bedroom.

Radiant groaned, they were going to have all the fun and he was left with clean up. The worst part was that seeing those two mares like that had left him with another problem, one that his wife was not around to help with.

“You’re getting it tonight, Firestar.” The prince said with a smile as he walked off to find a place he could be alone.



At precisely ten am on the dot, two parties arrived directly in Ponyville. One was a lot larger than the other. In the first party: Twilight, Rainbow, Cadance, Luna, Aurora, and Icarus stretched their legs. Each of them let one eye wonder around the town and the other they kept on their young charges. Taz, Vela, Flash, Blaze, and Starlight all looked around the town in awe. It was not their first time here by any means, but that did not mean they would not enjoy it like it was. Only Ana did not join them, the little filly was still asleep in Luna’s magic bubble.

She stayed like that until a sound from her mom hit her ears. “Oh, is someone still sleepy.” Ataxia cooed softly to her daughter. The mare had been getting better with teleports, even if she still did not like them. Three or four ER visits in the middle of the night had caused her to have a new appreciation for instant transmission.

Those words broke Luna’s sleep spell faster than Twilight thought possible. The little unicorn squirmed and wiggled until Luna had no choice but to release her from her magic. Ana teleported herself from Luna’s side and into her mom’s hooves. “Mom!! You weren’t there!” she cried out.

“I know; I’m sorry about that. But I’m here now, all for you.” Ataxia said to her daughter.

“You won’t leave me?”


“I… I… I’m hungry.” Her voice was muffled as she stuck her face into her mom’s coat.

“Let get you something to eat, then you can join your friends. Ok?”

“Ok.” Ana said softly.

Ataxia started to walk towards a local food store; all the while she carried her daughter in one of her hooves. Night had to admit, Ataxia was getting good at walking with only three hooves. Memories of the months Rainbow spent with three hooves came back to her mind.

Twilight watched them go as she walked up to her daughter. “So I see you two took a shower.” she said with a knowing smile.

“Apparently we weren’t the only ones that needed it.” Night gestured a hoof, every single pony there was freshly bathed.

“There was an incident involving syrup, orange juice, and a rubber chicken after you left. Don’t ask.”

Night laughed at that. “Then I won’t.” before either of them could say another word, Taz ran up to his mom.

“Can we go play?” He asked with puppy dog eyes. While they might not work on Rainbow, he found that they had moderate success on Twilight over the years.

“Sure, take your friends and go have fun.” Twilight said with a smile. What they were doing, what they were here for, it did not need the kids involved. This was a moment for solidarity.

Shimmering Night asked her mom a question that she had been eager to know, "How did you get him here anyway?"

"Taz?" Twilight questioned, Night just nodded. "Oh, instead of teleporting, I just connected the two points in spacetime to form a bridge, we just walked across."

Night's jaw dropped, "You can do that?"

"Sure, I can teach you if you want."

She glanced over to Ataxia, "Sure, that might come in useful."

Twilight smiled at Night as Radiant walked up to his wife and kissed her on the lips. “Afternoon idiot.” She said with a grin.

“Afternoon sexy.” Radiant said back with a smile.

“Get a room you two.” Aurora teased as Icarus pressed up closer to her. He wasted no time at all swooping her up for a kiss himself.

Shimmering Night looked back at Ataxia with her patented 'Don't even think about it look'. Ataxia sat back on her haunches, nonchalantly.

Twilight smiled as Rainbow wrapped a wing around her, it was not a good day by any means, but that did not mean she would not have some great memories.

"You ok, Sparklebutt?" Rainbow asked her wife.

"I will be, once this is over." Twilight said, as they all moved towards the marker.


Taz smiled as he chased after his friends. Above him Blaze, Flash, and Vela flew loops around each other; however, even they were outpaced by the sisters. Starlight had been with them the entire time, but Ataxia dropped of Ana after she got her something to eat.

For the six foals, it was all fun and games at that point. Well… for almost all of them.

“Tag, you’re it!” Blaze yelled as he tagged Ana on the back of her head.

She smiled at the young pegasus, with a quick teleport she brought Flash down to her level and jumped on him. “Tag!”

“Hey, no fair!”

“All’s far in love and war.” She sniggered at him before teleporting herself away.

Flash looked around for his next victim, his eyes lingered on Taz before deciding that it would simply be too easy. He spotted Vela hiding behind a tree and flew after her.

Taz glared at him. “Hey, what was that about?!”

Starlight walked up to him. “You’re too easy a target.”


“You can’t fly, you can’t teleport, and therefore you’re not a challenge.” She said matter-of-factly. “If he tagged you, you could never hope to catch any of us. Remember last time? You were 'it' for the whole game.”

“I… I… I was not!”

Blaze flew down, “Yeah, you kinda were. You’re just an earth pony, Taz. Maybe you should sit this one out?” He was not trying to be mean, but facts were facts.

“Fine!” Taz yelled out. The anger in his voice was palpable as all his friends turned against them. Needless to say, it stopped the game dead in its tracts. “If you all don’t want to play with me, I’ll go do something else!”

Vela, Ana, and Flash flew down. “Taz, it’s not like that!” Ana tried to reason with him.

Taz was not listening, he turned around and ran as fast as his legs could take him.

“Should I go get him back?” Ana asked the group.

“No, let the baby run off his tantrum, if he can’t handle the truth that’s his problem.” Vela said coldly.

“That’s mean, Vela.” Starlight said. She had not meant to upset Taz when she spoke to him, to her all she did was state the facts as she saw him. However, Vela’s comment was spiteful to say the least.

“Is it wrong?” Vela asked her.

“… No.” Starlight could not find fault with it, per se.

“I believe you’re still ‘it’.” They all looked at Flash.

“Oh, yeah.” He said as he pounced on Blaze. Earing a muffled “Hey!” and the inevitable “No tag backs!” As he took to the air.

They all returned to the game, all but one. Ana could not stop looking in the direction Taz ran to.



“Stupid friends!” Taz yelled to himself as he ran. He had no idea where he was going, but that did not really matter to him. He just wanted to get away from all those who he thought were his friends. Truly, he might have to rethink his definition of the word after today.

“Hey kid, where you going?” A soothing female voice called out from his left.

Taz stopped running, he paused for a minute to wipe the tears from his eyes. Tears he had not been aware he shed until now. “Away,” he said to her.

She was a pegasus filly, no more than two years older than Taz. Her coat was the darkest blue with black spots all over it. Her mane and tail were sky-blue, with matching eyes. She, like the rest of them, had yet to get her cutie mark.

When she spoke it carried with it a tone that said she had seen much more than her age let on. She spoke with the conviction and wisdom of someone much, much older. It made her easy to listen too.

“Well, the problem with running 'away' is that you always end up somewhere. So you might want to have a goal in mind.”

“I guess.” Taz was in no mood for mental mind games. He got enough of those from Starlight.

“So what are you running away from?” The filly rolled on her back, using the dirt to scratch at an inch as she looked at the young stallion.

“My friends.” Taz admitted. “They... they wouldn’t let me play with them.”

“Oh?” The filly stopped scratching and rolled over to her stomach. She got up and started walking around him. It was unnerving to Taz, he did not know what she wanted but she seemed to be looking for something, something specific. “Nothing looks wrong with you, why wouldn’t they let you play?”

“That’s none of your business,” Taz pulled back defensively. “I’m not going to tell some filly whose name I don’t even know.”

She jerked her head back. “Oh, my name's Nighttide. What’s yours?


“Nice to meet you Taz. So tell me, what happened?”

“They... they started playing tag, but because I’m an earth pony they wont let me play with them.” Taz did not know why, but he simply felt like he could trust this filly. “They… they said that I was too easy to catch and that if they tagged me it would ruin the game.”

“Oh, I take it your friends are all pegasi and unicorns?” Taz sniffled as he nodded to her question.

“I see, that can be tough. It’s difficult for earth ponies to use their magi-“

“I don’t have any… magic I mean.”

She paused and looked at him, a confused expression on her face. “All ponies have some magic, Taz. Surely you know that much.”

“Not me, my mom says I’m a blank. That I don’t have any.”

“What do you mean?”

“Magic can’t effect me, I can’t be targeted with magic at all, I can even cancel out the magic of those near me. However, mom said not to do that.” Memories of the lessons Twilight and he would have came back to mind. “That I shouldn’t cancel out other pony's magic, ‘cause it makes them who they are.”

“That sounds dumb,” Nighttide said with a smile as she sat in front of him.

“What?” Taz had heard his mom’s advice called many things, but dumb was not one of them.

“Well, think about it. Pegasi are defined by their wings right?” Taz nodded, “It’s their special ability, the ability to fly. A unicorn is a unicorn because of their horn, their ability to use magic, its who they are.” Nighttide paused before continuing.

“You… your ability, it's special. You can take away the magic of others.” She said with a smile on her face. “No one else can do that. It’s part of who you are. For you not to be able to use that, while everyone else gets to use everything they have? Well, that doesn't sound fair to me. You’re the one playing with a handicap, not them Taz. Why don’t you go back and show them what you can do, let them know the real you. I think you will surprise them all.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks Nighttide!” Taz yelled as he turned around and ran back to his friends.

“Anytime Taz.” Nighttide said with a devious smile on her face. When Taz was well and truly out of sight the little filly faded into the shadows as though she were never there.


Vela tried three times to tag Starlight. Each and ever time she would fly at her from a different angle, using a different approach vector. It was all for naught. Every attempt she made was blocked by a force field.

“You know, you kinda take the fun out of the game.”

Starlight merely looked up and blew her a raspberry. The young filly had simply protected herself with in a magical sphere and spent the time soaking in some of Twilight’s sun. Of the five of them she was the only one that had yet to be ‘it’.

“Taz?” Ana said aloud. She had been keeping one eye open for his return. It caused her to get tagged more often then she liked, but she still felt bad about what they all said to him.

Every set of eyes turned to him. The three flyers landed on the ground. “Did you get that tantrum out yet?” Vela snickered at him.

Starlight broke her bubble and slapped Vela in the face with her tail when she walked by. “I didn’t mean to be mean, Taz.”

“I know,” he said. “And I see your point. But I think I do want to play nevertheless. I’ll even be 'it'.” There was something in his tone, something that was off.

“Taz….” Ana tried to say something, however, nothing would come out.

“So the games over then?” Blaze said. “Yep, he’ll be it until our parents get here.” Flash finished.

“Oh, not this time. I’ll only be it for five Celestia.” Taz stated it like it was a fact.

“What?” Vela said. “This I’d like to see.”

“One Celestia.” Taz began counting.

“Taz are you sure about this?” Ana asked with concern emanating from her voice.

“Two Celestia.” At that everyone took off, Blaze and Flash flew straight up in the air. Vela took off to the left, if the idiot wanted to make a fool of himself she would find a nice place to watch from the top of a tree. Ana and Starlight each teleported away, Ana a little later then Starlight. She was unsure just what Taz had planned.

“Three Celestia.” Taz shut his eyes, looking deep within himself he preceded to look for what he had hidden, what his mom taught him how to control. Just like in practice, he found it with ease. When he opened his eyes they were pitch black. He smiled as he said the next words, “Four Celestia.”

His inherent ability shown like a bubble. It started at him and expanded exponentially in every direction. It dissipated when it encompassed all five of his friends. The effect was instantaneous. Ana and Starlight both found themselves cut off from their magic, regardless what they tried, what they did, even the most basic spell was beyond their reach.

Vela, Blaze, and Flash all found themselves suddenly unable to fly. For Vela this left her with a mouthful of dirt as she suddenly crashed into the ground.

For Blaze and Flash, both of which were a lot higher in the sky, the effects were much, much worse. They crashed into the ground with the force of a meteorite.

For Ana, the only thing worse than their screams, was the silence that followed. Starlight, Vela, and Ana ran up to where they fell. None of the three had gotten that far away.

The twins lay right next to each other, their back legs and wings bent at an impossible angle.

“Tag. Five Celestia.” Taz said as he tapped Starlight on the flank.

“Taz, what did you do?” Vela looked down to the twins and then back at him.

Taz looked down at his cousins. The horror of what he did finally made itself known. “I… I….”

Starlight sought to do what she could for them, although without her magic there was not much she could do.

“You what?!” Ana jumped on him, seeking to get some answers. “It was just some stupid game! Why... why did you do this?!”

He did not know what hurt more: The tone in her voice, the tears in her eyes, or the fact that he was the cause of it. For the second time that day, Taz turned and ran away from those he called friends. Although, this time it was for a very different reason.

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