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The feelssss...:fluttershbad:

You're writing more right? *checks story status* Oh.:fluttercry:
I liked this. A lot.

Was expecting the plot twist to be that Pinkie Pie was dead all along, and she was living in some sort of fantasy unaware of the fact. :fluttercry:

This was my first ever attempt at writing something sad, so I'm glad it hit home!

If I had any ideas on how to write more, then I would. But as it stands, it kinda ends... well without any characters left, heh. Perhaps I could write more details about Pinkie's travels... if people would be interested in such an idea.

I toyed with that idea, or that it was a dream, but I felt like those would be sorta cop outs. Another idea was that she would wake up and be back with her friends, but THAT would be the fantasy a la Party of One. I felt like that was probably overdone, so I eventually decided on this ending.

>> Kajio
Well if you were to decide to write such a story, I definitely would read it. Either way, great story.

I liked it.
Came in, quick shot to the feels, and then gone.

My theory, it's like that STNG when Doc Crusher was lost in some parallel universe thingy where everybody kept disappearing.

Then Pinkie awoke
to such an old sound
she heard her alarm
once she hit the ground.

Mad rhymes, son

"Thank you, thank you."

I'm quite impressed by the concept and the execution is overall good, what gave you the inspiration for this? Were you depressed or something like that?

Dunno what gave me the inspiration for this. I just had the idea for Pinkie dealing with everyone being gone, and it grew from there

Good story I jus wish it would've explained where everyone went :fluttershysad: but I guess u ment to leave it open.

This is nice, but I didn't this it was sad. I have a hard time feeling sad for Pinkie because all I can think of is "What the hell happened to everyone???". If it was something like, everybody dying (like in "Everything is Fine") than I can see why It's sad, but here it isn't Really sad as it is confusing... :unsuresweetie:
Still, I liked it.

I think any explanation that could have been given would be unsatisfactory, and pretty much ruin the fic. Whether it be some evil creature, magic, Pinkie's delusion or death, or whatever, it would be ruining the mystery to have it spelled out, and most people wouldn't like the explanation anyway; they'd prefer whatever explanation they conceived.
Well, think of it this way: To Pinkie, for all intents and purposes, everyone is dead. They aren't there anymore and it would become obvious after a while that they weren't about to come back. So even if they aren't dead, it's still pretty horrible for poor ol' Ponka.

This is a sobering tale that makes you feel alone and truly think. Appreciate those you have,because one day you can wake up and it'll all be gone. I have a personal theory that she was simply dreaming and had the illusion of having spent years traveling across Equestria. The pacing is very much like a dream as well. So when she wakes up... Imagine how she'll want to throw a party to just celebrate and appreciate her friends... Perhaps Pinkie has these kind of sobering thoughts and dreams often, leading her to strive to be as happy as she can. I don't know why this simple and short fic has me thinking so hard at the moment, but it's two thirty in the morning and I love it. Great story here with a wonderful mysterious touch. The unknown sometimes tells the greatest of tales.

Interesting and creepy idea for a story. I know any answer given to where everypony went would run it all, but where did they all go lol?:pinkiecrazy:

And did Pinkie's hair go down? It seems like it would have given the circumstances.

Oh man, this was a really nice story! The concept is awesome, and very enjoyable.

I just wish you had done more with it. Things moved fast, and were a bit rushed.
It also would've helped if you explained what happened. It could be something totally uncontrollable for Pinkie and still leave the same result, it just would've helped to have a reason. I know it's easier to not give a reason, and just write what the story is about, but a good catalyst is important.

But that ending; that was amazing! Definitely the best part in my opinion, especially with the way you worded it.

Hmm... What happened!
Lol, great story!

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