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"You think you know me..."


Commissioned by: Dashole

Pinkie Pie believes it's time to get Gilda and Rainbow Dash back together as friends, despite hating each others guts. Well, let it be said that Pinkie Pie isn't one to give up. Nor is anything impossible.

Thanks to TheMyth for editing.

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Comments ( 24 )

Will read in a few.

The discription remembers me of final destination. .... *shrugs * guess it's just me

Huh.... so that's a thing..... nice work Rated.

All my yes! :pinkiehappy:

Looks like it worked out in the end. Great job, Rated! :scootangel:

Im going to be the one guy who dislikes it. Im still adding it to my favorites.

That was.........interesting. So........sequel? Or companion/side-story with other perspectives thrown in?

Not even if Celestia had covered herself in jelly, ran out in the open, wearing a thong, and singing “Winter Wrap Up” with a parade of turkeys wearing ninja outfits behind her

I am mildly disturbed by the fact that I want to see art of this.

Operation: Sexual Tension is a go!

It was a funny enough idea, but the makeouts were far too abrupt at the end.



They did not makeout fast enough. Think about it. I wonder what kissing a beak would feel like.

Like kissing a hoof on their face, duh! :moustache:

Princess Celestia, covered in grape jelly and spreading it around as she ran, singing a song about tulips while making sure everypony could see her thong covered backside. Parents covered their children’s eyes while everypony just stared at the scene. That was until the parade of ninja clothed turkey’s came. Then they just all headed into their houses out of fear.

This wasn't weird at all. She wasn't singing winter wrap up!

5227891 Nope. That's perfectly normal. It's generally known as the Trainwreck Principle. It's horrific, but you just have to look. It's why people can talk their friends into watching shock videos.



Celestia had covered herself in jelly, ran out in the open, wearing a thong, and singing “Winter Wrap Up” with a parade of turkeys wearing ninja outfits behind her

Alright internet you have your mission! Don't fail me now!

Okay, Celestia scene. Time to draw thee. Even if it will take me months before I can even start without laughing. I shall prevail! (Celestia help me. Without the ninja turkeys. Or the grape. And especially not the thong.)

OH MY ROLF-ING CELESTIA. Those scenes with her and the one at the end are hilarious. Btw there are several grammar mistakes. Might want to take another look. 'Dimension gates away'

Pinkie, we do that last one

I'm guessing that line is supposed to be, "Pinkie, we didn't do that last one," given the context...

I'm... I'm happy about this. This should be a thing, and I'm glad it is. The Celestia thing... jury's still out on that one. But this should definitely be a thing. A delightful little read, had me laughing and smiling and feeling the feels, though I think Gilda's confession that she screwed things up and the situations that led to her realizing it could've been a little more fleshed out, being the way it is doesn't detract from the story.

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

+5 Points for great title

Also that ending line. Pinkie's face is this: files.sharenator.com/169732.jpg

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