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Sudsy Bubbles spends her days working alone at her laundromat. Try as she might to attract customers, no one ever comes to wash their clothes.

That all changes one fateful day when a frantic blue-haired girl, her clothes soiled, shows up looking for a place to hide. What happens next, neither of them could predict, but they'll certainly remember it.

The reader is encouraged to have seen Rainbow Rocks. It was pretty good, after all. Also, it's relevant to this story.

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This was actually not just a super dumb crackfic.

It was actually mildly amusing.


Majin Syeekoh

I have to disagree on your assertion that Sonata is best when Adagio exists.:rainbowwild:

Otherwise, great fic. At first I was like, "bluh, not another Sonata gets rejected by the only two people she's been close with for God-knows-how-long-fic", but you really pulled me in when you shifted the attention away from that as everyone came in to "mat their laundros", as it were.:rainbowlaugh:

All in all, it's a lighthearted fic. Well done.

And I couldn't have helped you without based Google.

Really, it was just great that she'd gotten to play, to expose her schoolmates to something potentially mind-opening.

Oh, hi there, headcanon explaining Derpy's Ditzy's Sudsy's band. I didn't know you were already here. :derpytongue2:
(This is why I call the band the Quantum Mechanics. Because, to misquote Feynman, "no one understands quantum mechanics." That's the point.)

"Ohhh! Myself serve!" She laughed, shaking her head and standing. "I thought it meant yourself serve! They should really make that sign clearer."

Well, I shouldn't be surprised. They're sirens, so they're all bards. Sonata just has a certain élan.

In any case, a very enjoyable story involving a fun and novel interpretation of best human. This definitely works given her cutie mark (however those work in the human universe.) Granted, it doesn't work quite as well for the equine version.
Eh, it's best pony. I'll take any version of her that I can get.

As for why the laundromat suddenly became filled, I'd say that Sonata actually removing her clothes disrupted the narrative imperative of single-outfit tyranny. (Rarity, fashion mogul that she is, didn't count, as her entire character archetype defies that particular convention.) Once the precedent was set, that law rather swiftly deconstructed itself, resulting in the underwear party.
Well, that, or people saw other people in a building they hadn't noticed until now, and curiosity did the rest. That makes sense, especially considering how the characters seem to enter in ascending order of impulse control, but it's not quite as interesting.

In any case, thank you for a most enjoyable tale. For some reason, Derpy and Sonata are really fun to write and read about when together.

I've been craving some good Sonata fics. This is only the second one I've seen. Need moar Sonata!

We could totally mat our laundros

The best

Then Flash Sentry, the hottest, most desirable boy in school


We should come back here every single week and mat our laundros!



Agreed. Adagio is best Dazzling.

And I just assumed all of the guys starting showing up because they saw the half naked Derpy and Sonata

I quite liked this. The beginning put me off (seen way too many "Rejected Sonata" fics for it to work for me anymore) but the rest was pretty great. :twilightsmile:

5175247 5175372 I'm sorry, what? Aria is clearly the superior Siren!

They genius and insanity are two sides of the same coin.

They were right. Well done!

This was an amusing story.

To chime in on the best Dazzling.

You put Aria's twin tails on Sonata's colors, and pour in Adagio's personality. Then yeah, you would have my best Dazzling. Unfortunately I'm stuck liking the group as a whole in order to get what i want since I suck at drawing.

You could never be more right about Sonata being the best.

Also, this story was so enjoyable. Some moments were comedic, per the tag, and others were just plain adorable (Hint hint :rainbowkiss:)

Very nice :pinkiesmile:

> Pic of EqG Derpy in undergarments
> Contains your waifu
> No romance tag

PP are you shiptrolling D:

Edit: Having read it, yes, yes you are. But I do appreciate the deconstruction and I think the second joke works much better unexplained.

Great interpretation of EqG!Derpy, too. What was your thought process behind making her mute?

Mat our laundros is going down as the next joke phrase of the fandom, just watch :rainbowlaugh:

That was not at all what I expected, and I mean that in a good way. This had the feel of something that could happen in one of the movies, probably during a song called "Mat our Laundros."

The first one is that, like most people in cartoon shows, the kids at Canterlot High never change their clothes, main characters aside.

The Apple family keeps a closet of just hats and hairbows; maybe like on the Simpsons, the Canterlot High kids just have five sets of identical clothes, and they wash them on the weekend.

Author Interviewer

I am capable of writing actual comedies. :B


And I just assumed all of the guys starting showing up because they saw the half naked Derpy and Sonata


The ship teasing just kind of happened. <.< When I realized I was doing it, I decided to just ride it all the way home.

As for why she's mute, well, she's technically never had any lines in the movies, even if she's talked in the show. And I mean, we see her arguing during the big argument scene, but who knows? We couldn't hear her. Maybe she was just flapping her mouthparts to fit in. Maybe the mind-control gas is dumb. Maybe she really is just a better listener than a talker.

XD This was a hilarious story, very well done.:rainbowlaugh:

And is it just me or are the creators of EqG trying to form a bromance between that blue haired jock and Featherweight?:trollestia:

Author Interviewer

Oh, totally. B Not sure that's Featherweight though... is it? :O

5176728 I don't know, the hairstyles are similar enough to me to think so.

Sudsy tried not to think too hard about where she kept her money.

I'd rather not think about this either... :twilightsheepish:

"Lyra! You can't just say things like that in front of strangers!" The cream-skinned girl gave Sudsy an apologetic look. "You'll have to excuse her. She's an idiot."

Hmm, in a town where Snips, Snails, Sonata, or Flash (your mileage may vary, but they aren't generally considered the sharpest tools in the shed) live, "idiot" is relative...

Author Interviewer

Honestly, I'd never considered it would be him. :O Interesting!

5176301 Don't commentator's curse it!

Man, Sudsy Bubbles is an awesome alternate name for Derpy.

I wish more people were willing to tweak fanon's nose like that.

PP, you and your amusing stories! I guess a half naked Derpy attracts customers. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

I expected to get a lot of shit for it, but so far I have not. :O


Man, that cover image really highlights how unrealistic the body proportions of Equestria Girls are.

I mean, her feet are the size of her head! :pinkiecrazy:

I guess you could explain it by that plane of existence being closer to Equestria, and they're trying to mimic hooves, but....just look at it!


On closer inspection I have determined that that is not, in fact, an Equestria Girls model.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, the feet make me cringe a little.

right now i want a comedy romance with Sonata and Derpy ....Sudsy was right ...right? after i read it a few times i like it:pinkiehappy:

I totally like how childish Sonata speaks, if she was talking the same way the moment she looked like that siren thing we saw in the movie, than it had to be hilarious:heart: i started to like her already, befor i really got to see the movie.

This was enjoyably bizarre :derpytongue2:

And thus began the legend of Canterlot's first and only nude washateria. :rainbowlaugh:

"Sudsy Bubbles"? That's one of the more innovative names I've seen for Derpy.

Also, it was an interesting choice to have Derpy Sudsy never speak.

I enjoyed the hell out of this. Well done! :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Thank you, I'm glad you had an enjoy. :D

Huh, that was a bit unexpectedly touching with 'Sudsy' finally getting the patronage and company she was hoping for.

Not bad.

I really need to know. Why did they all show up? Is it cause she was topless?

I like how you hinted derpy being Tue insult for her at the school byaking a guy almost say it then refrain and repeat himself.

Author Interviewer

at first i was like: HOW DARE YOU MAKE DERPY,or Ditzy-depends on who you are-, INTO SUDSY.
then i thought on it and began to enjoy the name oh so much. it was just that i didnt see the name working very well. whelp it proved me wrong.
good story. also..sudbro..i was so about to praise the sun too at that moment...I SHALL ANYWAYS


Author Interviewer

I'm glad it grew on you. :) I was afraid a lot of people would be angry at me messing with a beloved character, but if you think about it, she doesn't make a whole lot of sense in fanon. Not that I have any real problems with her, either.

Okay. Pretty funny. Weird too, but funny. Kinda wanted to see more interactions with Sonata.

afford some nicer underwear.

Why afford when she could commandeer some instead? Accidentally, of course.

Author Interviewer

I like the cut of your jib. :D

Well, Sonata had nothing but underwear on, and Sudsy gave up her shirt as a blanket for her. The first thought was probably "Hey, those girls are close to naked!"

The second joke is the answer to "Why is everyone coming into the laundromat all of a sudden?" and is left as an exercise to the reader to figure out.

There's a huge window behind the desk, and everyone on the street can see Sonata in her sexy undies? :pinkiesmile::heart:

I just reread this while sitting in a laundromat, while waiting for my laundros to finish matting.

Nobody's in their underwear. I don't know if I should be disappointed or relieved.

Author Interviewer

Depends on who's around you, I suppose.

Cute idea, cute Derpy name. Nice story. Didn't get why everyone is coming in at all though. And its sad you didn't let Derpy speak one single line. I know canonically she doesnt but that's a) unrealistic and b) what are fan fics for if Derpy is not even allowed to speak in them?
Still, I liked the story overall

This fic was cute and sweet! As to why there was a sudden influx of customers to Derpy's/Ditzy's/sudsy's place of work that's easy.

A Siren's call. somehow despite her gem being gone , her latent Siren powers were drawing in students. Most likely because Sonata was feeling happy about Derpy being so kind to her.

Author Interviewer

Nah, you're definitely overthinking it. :V

5509486 Suurre I am XD.

But either way that dont change the fact it was a cute an enjoyable story :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer
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