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Cadance tries to help Chrysalis see the light of friendship, through baking cookies.

Written for DougtheLoremaster for Jinglemas 2021

This story has also been translated into Russian thanks to KolyanGOLD, which you can read here or here!

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It was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. I appreciate it greatly. Chrysalis's snark, Cadance's mama personality...so wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself, romance can be as simple as baking cookies at the start. Not all ship fics have to involve kissing and the like. Thank you for this lovely present, that cover picture made me smile (and jealous of your cookie)

I am actually incredibly relieved to hear that! And very glad, thank you. I am prone to being hard on myself sometimes.

Though I still don't think the story warrants a Romance tag, since it can be seen either way (& I don't want to give any infidelity hints, though we can easily say Cadance & Shining's relationship is open), I am glad it can be seen as such! I do actually like the more 'mundane' romance like that anyway.

(and jealous of your cookie)

This one is store bought, but I an assure you that our homemade ones really were much better! I just didn't get a pic with those ones, since the snow had all melted by the time they were made.

I must say that watching the everyday activities of Cadance and Chrysalis is quite interesting. There are very few stories that this duo uses (usually either porn or enemy confrontation.)

Surprisingly cute. Smart of Cadence to use Chrysalis's apparent sweet tooth to reform her. Good use of both personalities.

I wonder who's dealing with the other two.

It was pretty difficult, honestly. I don't really see Chrysalis as redeemable, so writing her in a 'friendlier' way was surprisingly hard.

I actually sorta had an idea for that! It was going to be mentioned but I didn't end up including it, since I wasn't entirely sure what to do with Tirek.

Cozy would be in the human world with Sunset, because I've seen people do that occasionally and it overall makes sense because no magic. Probably has better mental health care too. Sombra would go with Starlight, because I am predictable and I refuse to acknowledge the Terrible Trio without him as well. I debated a few characters with Tirek, mainly Rarity and even just Twilight, but nothing really stuck.

Overall not a big deal, at least. This story is standalone.

I also think that with Chrysalis it is the most difficult of all, and that is why it is interesting to watch it. Everyone, of course, sees his own approach, but it seems to me that the key to her lies in her behavior when she is alone and no one sees her. She may argue that she does not need anyone, but technically, in fact, she is very dependent on society. When she is alone, she either creates companions for herself or starts talking to trees, thinking that they are her companions. (as we were shown in the series.)

The best word I can think of to describe this story is grumpy fluff; the non-traditional flair to the story makes it much sweeter. It's always good to read something new from you or see it come up in my backlog. Your Cadance is really well written too, and her voice was an easy contrast to Chrysalis. I hope to see more from you soon!

It's always surprising to see the stories I'm still not too fond of are the ones that seem to always get such positive reactions. And I'm feeling especially embarrassed about this one since your comment made me look over it again and in the process I found placeholder text... Oops.

Still. glad to hear you liked it & glad to see you on one of my stories again! I'll admit I'm just a bit burnt out on pony right now, but hopefully I can at least get something up again soon!

I understand the burnout, kinda. I've been stuck and kept from things due to other issues, but will always come back to writing. And embarrassing typos always get the best of us sometimes, it's better to fix them late than never.

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