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Man, those were some good tacos.


After King Sombra narrowly escapes his demise yet again after his attempts to conquer Equestria. Sombra was weakened and wandered through Equestria only to end up in the Kirin village, completely exhausted. But luckily one talkative Kirin took in the dark unicorn to nurse him back to proper health. Sombra was annoyed by the talkative Kirin, but decided to wait until he returns to full power and crush all who defy him. Only if he survives the Kirin's insistent talking. Or, possibly even warms up to her and see the world in a new light.

The awesome art cover was created by anotherdeadrat

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Welp, I can't not read this.

Well here’s a pairing I never would have thought of.

"How did you get your main like that? It's wavy and black and it moves on it's own, so awesome! What's your secret?" Asked an enthusiastic Autumn Blaze as Sombra groans in annoyance.

When live for a thousand years, your mane, flow like this, it will.

Wow. This is a pairing I never would have expected. Interested in seeing where this goes!

Hmmm. Speak like this, I do and Yoda, I become. Think that do you? Hmmmm. *wacks you with walking stick.*

"How did you get your mane like that? It's wavy and black and it moves on its own, so awesome! What's your secret?" Asked an enthusiastic Autumn Blaze as Sombra groans in annoyance.

Other than that little slip up I’m impressed with your work. I hope to see more of this story in the future.

Mmmm so interesting.
I wait for more.

I would give it a week, and he will turn himself into Celestia...

well this is the most unique kirin fic i've ever read... please continue.

May I ask who drew the cover art? It's really cute.

this is nice

My god, just reading this first chapter alone has me excited to see more. :pinkiehappy:

Sombra could be the MLP Dick Dastardly: his grandiose voice and pathetic nature make him so laughable.

With Blaze as the ultimate comedic foil.

Ah, I should've known I'd find you here. :trollestia:

I am infinite, I am eternal.

omg I can see this so easily; how is this NOT cannon!?

Here is the link to the artist of the cover, if anyone is interested.https://anotherdeadrat.tumblr.com/

Can't decent folk get some peace and quite!?

Quite, but I'd prefer some peace and quiet better.

Love Sombra channeling Squidward.
The mental image of Autumn squeaking as she excitedly bounces in place is just too adorable.
That rabbit must be related to Angel.

While I'm interested in the story you're telling, the poor grammar is really taking me out of it. That's not even mentioning the sentences that go on for too long and/or are repetitive. I think you'd benefit with an editor, if you can get one.

Have to wonder how much of her talking will it take for Sombra to proclaim he’d rather have no magic than continue to listen.

Amusing so far. Looking forward to another chapter.

"How did you get your main like that? It's wavy and black and it moves on it's own, I LOVE it! What's your secret?" Asked an enthusiastic Autumn Blaze as Sombra groans in annoyance.

I’d like to know that too. I really want some ambience around myself when I conquer- Er, visit, Counterlot.

That would be great to know. But it seems to be one secret we will never get a real answer to.

Sombra getting humiliated = instant comedy.

"What could be better then sun rises anyway?" Asked Autumn as Sombra turned to her with a massive frown on his face.

"Being DEAD. Or anything else..." Growled Sombra as Autumn looked at him with a surprised expression, before rubbing the back of her head and laughing to herself.

Whatever, Squidward.

Oh my gosh. Words can’t describe the emotion I feel. Autumn Blaze is my favourite character alongside Sombrero, and I was already excited to see a fanfic where they interact. Let alone what I experienced when I saw the romance tag and the description. This HAS INTRODUCED ME TO A BEAUTIFUL NEW SHIP. AAAAAAA

References to the emperor's new groove, milo and otis, shrek, and I can't remember where the part about pretty eyes is from but I caught that one too. I am loving these two goofballs.

"Umm, try green! No no! Red goes to the right side and- No! Put the right side up and the orange side to the left! To the left! Not the bottom!"

"There is no orange!" Yelled Sombra, frustrated.

"Then turn the purple side to the left!"


"Then turn the pink side to the top!"

"Now I remember why I stopped playing with it in the first place!" Growled Sombra as he tossed the rubix cube to the side out of frustration.

Honestly, that's why I stopped trying to solve Rubiks cubes too. Too much of a headache

I think the 'pretty eyes' one also comes from Shrek. I vaguely recall a scene where Donkey says that after getting startled by something and landing in Shrek's arms.

Autumn, I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

I feel like this could make for an interesting animation...

This story is getting interesting. However, it would be even better if you used a spell checker. Every word processor has one. In fact, most internet browsers these days have them, too.

Hmm... I’m guessing those dogs nabbed a fake Amulet. Only thing that makes sense.

Took a little while for a new chapter, but the story is pretty good so far. Hope the next chapter comes out soon.

Sorry Sombra, once you call somepony by her name, there ain't no going back.

New chapter was definitely worth the wait. Loving this story, this ship, and especially excited to see where it goes now that the Alicorn Amulet has been thrown into the mix :scootangel:

I loved the artwork that seemed to be made specifically for this story

Actually, it's the other way around. The story is based on the pics.

"Don't worry Sombrero... We'll figure this out. I mean, it's not like the universe is a evil monster that just loves to bring misery and misfortune, and-... Oh no..." Autumn stopped speaking as she looked ahead at where the river led.

"Wait, let me guess. We're about to go over a massive waterfall."


"Sharp rocks at the bottom?"


"... Bring it."


I can't believe you're making him stab her in the back..

Sombra seems ready to cackle evilly.

"And your awesome too, random Kirin!" Stated Autumn as she pointed at the random Kirin with a wink.

Mega mind!

"Hehehe... I'll take that horn now." Growled Roxy in sadistic delight as she reached down with her free paw and grabbed Sombra's horn tightly. As she started to attempt to pull the horn off of Sombra as the ex-king started to scream in agony. But as Sombra started to believe that he was really about to loose his horn, he heard a galloping noise nearby.

Was that Infinity War?

"Ladies! Ladies! Your both beautiful. But, can you get to the point, pony?" Commented Roxy, breaking up the little match that was going on between Rex and Sombra. Sombra took a step back as he quickly cleared his throat and started slowly pacing.

I love Megamind

Lion King and Megamind! Also if this doesn't end with Sombra and Autumn Blaze ruling all of Equestria I am going to be ticked.

“My name is Alexander Hamilton... My name is Alexander Hamilton... There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait, just you wait!”

He’s still a villain, and you really can’t see the romance forming and his triple-cross coming?

Why do people use colored words? It's lazy. Instead you should just use words to describe who is speaking.

"So, Sombra, can I ask you something?" Asked Autumn as she turned to the annoyed king to her right.

Right here, the color has no use, you've already said who was speaking.

"So then, if your really a Kirin, Is it true that your all healers like ponies say?"

Here, there is no need for color either. Sure there is no line saying "said King Sombra". But we can tell from the context.

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