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On a quest to find a better breed of apple, Applejack and her family go to a distant land to meet her cousin Fuji. Only thing is...she's a mute kirin.

Her family seems to not mind the fact that they all might be part kirin, and Autumn Blaze is ecstatic, but Applejack can't help but think this is a lousy prank pulled by you know who...

Gosh I never intended this story to be an AppleDash fic, but I entered it into the contest anyway. You'll find out why once you read it.

Rated T for mild innuendo. Takes place three years after the series finale.

Image credit Derpibooru 1827580.

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I like the icon it's cute lol

“Oh my gosh Applejack, it’s so nice to see you and your family! Oh my gosh what’re you doing all the way here? Oh my gosh lemme guess. Apple Bloom gave you a letter from a distant cousin that you never heard of named Cousin Fuji, telling you about a new rare variety of apple. You didn’t really wanna go, but then everypony persuaded you to go, even Granny Smith, so you all reluctantly came up here on a train ride from Sweet Apple Acres to the address that was on the letter!?”

Oh god... Blaze has caught a terrible case of The Ponk. Call a doctor, and then call a priest.

Image credit Derpibooru 1827580. :twilightblush:


Why was Applejack so against being related to kirins? Given she's in a relationship with a pegasus that seems pretty hypocritical.

Good point, but I guess my argument would be that pegasi and earth ponies are both ponies (same species) while kirin are a different species.


They're at least half-pony, though, aren't they?

...I guess you're right, Cousin Fuji would be "half pony". But Cousin Fuji doesn't really exist so it doesn't matter one way or the other.


Possibly one-quarter pony.

Fuji, if she had actually existed, could have been Applejack's half-cousin from her late grandfather's potential first marriage to a kirin mare. Or, perhaps Fuji could have been Applejack's second cousin. Both these possibilities are hinted by the fact that Granny Smith acknowledges Fuji as Applejack's cousin, but does not acknowledge Fuji as her own granddaughter.

Haha, the ending is so funny

Little note: "hooey" is when something is untrue. It's akin to calling B.S. "Hoo-wee" is a cry of excitement. So AJ should have said "hoo-wee, I don't know what to say."

It's not the destination, it's the journey. This was gentle and amusing.

I don't really like Appledash at all (too much RL experience with those sorts of relationships) but this was still a good story.

So... Cousin Fuji isn't real...


Sequel, perhaps...? :trixieshiftright:

why is it that all the good premises have garbage ships attached to them

Gaslighting someone is kinda harsh in prank terms.

Rainbow, you troll!

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