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After King Sombra narrowly escapes his demise yet again after his attempts to conquer Equestria. Sombra was weakened and wandered through Equestria only to end up in the Kirin village, completely exhausted. But luckily one talkative Kirin took in the dark unicorn to nurse him back to proper health. Sombra was annoyed by the talkative Kirin, but decided to wait until he returns to full power and crush all who defy him. Only if he survives the Kirin's insistent talking. Or, possibly even warms up to her and see the world in a new light.

The awesome art cover was created by anotherdeadrat

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During a little teleportation incident most of the Heroes and Villains of the Dc universe have been transported over to the Equestria. Now in the forms of ponies the Heroes of the Dc universe will try to find a way to get home while learning more about friendship and fighting the Dc Villains that are on the loose in Equestria.

Disclaimer: I'm going to use the most well known versions of the Dc characters in the story along with a little bit of the new 52 sprinkled in. In the timeline of Mlp where this event is taking place is around season 4.

Chapters (3)
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