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Needing editor · 4:10am Jul 9th, 2017

For some months now I have been writing a fic related to the universe fallout equestria. And from time to time some ideas emerge without even a calculated time in relation to the course of the horiginal history. Thinking about it I wrote a small one of only 3k of words, and I traded it to the English without having much knowledge in English, Using tools like google translator. So I'm in need of an experienced editor in the English language to review this fic. It is a drop of the original fic

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Thanks for adding Sands of Time to your favorites =3

What was your favorite part of the story? :3

Hey there!:twilightsmile: Thanks for adding Only The Shy Type to your favorites.

2179926 WT, hum? one tangerine? (do not tell that to applejack) I would like to, but where I live (the Brazil) does not like me pay for anything out of here = /

I have not read even one your FAFIC, so looked at the titles and added some to read later, if I like them you will see me in the comments =)

i'm a man =)




Yo! T-Box! How's it, man? Wha chu want man? What chu need? I got it all right heeeree. Don't believe fine then. What's your order? I'll name the price. Shady deals and messy spills! Don't mess with me yo! I'm hard like this-that! WHATEVER! Sho nuffles!

Thank you for the follow! I really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

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