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A MLP fangirl and a creator and fan of twibra fics and if you have some please link some to me. Also the author of The alternate series.


Celestia, Luna, And King Sombra were all talking until they discovered a portal leading to a whole new universe. Now after defeating the evil queen and turning her back into twilight sparkle, love is in bloom

Oh and ps the creators name of the cover on deviant art is WolfKlce

Chapters (2)
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Good start^^This time twilight will be the evil one rather than sombra,I love the idea❤.Good luck with it😊💙
small question: Are you gone continue the other story? :3

Yes I will I just wanna do this one first.

So this will take place after season 9🤔(but of course in another different world),Lol I don't know why I can't help but to always think that twilight will turn evil if she becomes the ruler of All Equestria

Interesting so far. And I love the cover art.

Hii!! When will you Update the story?^^

Maybe in a week. Schools about to start for me so i won’t be posting as frequently anymore.

Хей, друг. хорошо получается!
Продолжай в том же духе!

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