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"In the beginning, there was nothing but all encompassing darkness that claimed all of existence within the void.
Yet even in this darkness, there was light.
A single speck of light that defied the shadows and slowly grew to encompass the known universe, bringing light to a once dark and dreary realm.
The being had wrested control from the void, yet it was not content.
With its power, it created the stars and planets that dot the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe.
This, was how the universe had truly come to be."
Creation of the universe according to the Church of Primis
Long ago, before the times of the princess's, the world stood divided. The father of the universe saw the hatred between the races of the planet, and sought to rectify his mistake of abandoning his creation, choosing to live amongst them once more.
This is where our story begins.

*Tags will be added as needed, or when the story. calls for it.*

Been featured like seven times now...wow, that's awesome, didn't think I'd even get it once.

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will the main 6 be in this or is it set far back in th past?

This story is way back in the past before the unification of the pony tribes, so no main six.

This will certainly be an entertaining read. I applaud. It seems rather humbling for a god to step down and truly experience his work.

This seems like it’s gonna be good, can’t wait for more!

I had become a god, but I was most definitely not omnipotent.

Considering he created the universe yes he is omnipotent (all powerful)
I believe you meant to say he is not omniscient (all knowing)

Fixed, thanks friend.

I love this story so far, glad to see it’s not been abandoned, I hope to see the flourish

I love this story so far, please keep it up bud

I like the story so far, it's well written and it doesnt throw you off when the character is reminiscing.

“Enige nader en ek sal my eie idees trek.” I said with a chuckle, making the zebra stallion’s cheeks turned just a little bit redder and the distance between us to grow ever so slightly...little victories.

Is it weird I can smell his coat from here?

“Ja sjamaan.” He replied, bowing his head to her before returning to my wings, his nose rubbing against the leathery appendage.

I ship 'em :trollestia:

I have no idea what they are saying. :trollestia:

Anyway, curious to see what happens when he finally reveals himself.

Did you write the fanfic about pony-Jesus?

Great story, can't wait to see where it goes.

So whats with the human tag?

Look at the words mentioned in the beginning, like hands and St. Peter, both human concepts. He was human before he died, then became a sort of spirit, then pony.

I would say yes, or agreed, but I honestly don't want see a human turned god, and now bat pony (male) to fuck a male zebra (nothing again male to male, but really, in this story? And right now?)

Ooh, a new talented author with a very original story idea and decent grammar. I like, I follow.

There's a reason I used the Trollestia emote, y'know

Comment posted by Dapper_Dan deleted Jan 11th, 2020

He shouldn't give ponies, especially unicorns any privileges with the ability to control the world
Giving a retarded, racist community control over sun and moon won't fix problems
He should have blocked it, it just screams with wanting to become a problem

Also, that crystal is probably created by his daughter/s containing/trapping his power to create and manipulate creatures but transformed into a magic

He didn't, his daughter, pony alicorn, did, on topic of magic on controlling the suna and moon, probably

Still, he left it when he should have done something


I like where this story is going.

Do go on.


His hindsight truly is 20/20. :twilightsmile:

Will he change this later?
Or this will stay like this no matter what

Don't know, haven't gotten that far yet.
We'll see what happens later on.

I think even he will have enough and will see how pointless, without any benefits and ridiculous in the first place magic controlled sun and moon are and will change it

Haven't read it, but from the description it is even before the events in the first Hearthwarming episode & probably pre Discord

So in this story is Discord an interloper from another dimension, or perhaps an accidental creation? Or is he not going to be spoken about?

Discord is later...maybe.
I haven't gotten that far yet, so we'll see what happens.

Comment posted by The Slending Angel deleted Jan 31st, 2020

Yknow, afrikaans is like someone took dutch and threw it in a meat grinder. Im able to understand it but wow is it giving me a headache :derpyderp1:

Eh, not really a fan of having to pull out google translate. I know you said you didn’t want to have a universal language situation, but you could’ve done it as some other stories do. Write what is said in English, but give an indication that it was said in another language. Like, using italics, or putting “he spoke in zebrikaans”.

It just makes it easier on the reader to not have to pull out translation software and copy/paste each line. Especially for those of us on mobile devices.

The only time I personally think it’s OK to write dialogue in another language is when said dialogue is unimportant, or able to be translated by eye, like “Ja, sjaman” easily translates to “Yes, shaman”.

Google actually mistook it for Dutch. I had to manually select Afrikaans.

Tested it, you are correct, so I fixed it.
Thanks for informing me.

Huh, you work fast. That is indeed one way to do it.

This is a concept i have always found interesting, a god walking amongst his creations, and you have so far done a great job with it.


The true Creator never abandoned His creation.
His will sustains creation frame by frame, despite the nonsense of the beings he imagined and their imaginings.
His will was always to live with these beings, don't you want to whenever you imagine?

Great build and concept . Love the story so far. I cant wait to read more

I pretty much enjoy this story and the world building going on. Seems it may be befor the three tribes unite? Maybe there could be four pony tribes with alicorns including thestral eyes and fangs?

I am loving this, it's always interesting when a creator comes down to the level of their creations. Also that line, “I wish to see that clusterfuck for myself.”, made me laugh so much. I can see how many deities that would be a legitimate reason for, and it's slightly depressing how accurate that is for equestria at this time. It makes me think of From God's Perspective by Bo Burnham. (Has some cursing, may be offensive to some, and it's Bo Burnham. Be forewarned)

You know, I am a Christian, I believe in God, Heaven and Hell, and I am a bit of a thinker. One of my frequent thoughts is what comes after death. It is either Heaven or Hell, of course, but what exactly does that mean? Conceptually, it's obvious: either eternal paradise or eternal torture. Of the two, it's easier to imagine unimaginable pain and suffering than it is to imagine an eternal paradise. What would it look like? Smell like? What shape would it take? Is it a metropolis or a village? What kinds of life, if any, will exist with us?

This line of thinking opens a new set of questions. Without war, is there a meaning to peace? Without hate, would love be so beautiful? Without death, would life become meaningless? I don't pretend to know the answer to any of the questions I have posed. But I do know, when I end up in Heaven, whatever shape it takes, it will be perfect, even if that perfection is beyond my comprehension.

10031595 Study a little more.

Matters are a bit more final than you currently understand.

It never ceases to amaze me that so many Christians miss so many very clearly laid-out aspects of how the afterlife and end times will work.

To quote Kent Brockman: IT'S IN REVELATIONS, PEOPLE!!! (But also noted elsewhere.)

10031475 And, lo, Alondro didst look down upon 4chan and declare, "It is good."

Alondro, Troll God.


10029213 Earth is, essentially, a penal colony. This little ball is the ongoing trial of Satan's rebellion, and he just keeps making more rope with which to hang himself.

When all the rest of creation finally sees the ultimate outcome of the Devil's philosophy of hedonism, then the jury will deliver its verdict and the ultimate sentence carried out.

It's actually quite simple when you understand the foundational principles of the rebellion. The cosmos had never known a time outside of God's law and order, therefore they had no frame of reference to outright deny the Devil's conceits and postulates. This entire mess was an unfortunate necessity as a consequence of free will. To settle the matter for the universe, one new world inevitably had to fall, and the choice was given to all. We just happen to be the ones to screw up super-early.

C.S. Lewis also understood this, as "Out of the Silent Planet" and "Perelandra" framed in their fictional take on the doctrine. The "Screwtape Letters" also framed out very nicely the intricacies and convoluted cunning of a supernatural deceiver I wish I'd had the chance to talk with him. Alas, he died fairly young... but even if he hadn't, by the time I'd heard of him as a child, he would've been in his 80's had he lived. And at the point I'd have had the resources to travel, there's no way he'd have still been alive.

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