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The Commonwealth is saved, the Institute is destroyed, and the Sole Survivor has all but guaranteed the survival of the Minutemen, and by extension, the commonwealth itself. Sadly though, he didn’t stick around to lead them into a new age of glory like most of the soldiers had hoped, he chose to go his own way, to continue the fight wherever he saw fit.

This is not about him though, his story will be told another day. Instead, we focus on one of the soldiers he left behind, a soldier willing to take a risk to try and ease the burden on his fellow soldiers, and in the process, ended up in a whole new land that was so similar, yet so different.

This soldier must combat new horrors with a form no longer his own, can he adapt and survive in a land he knows nothing about, or will the Wasteland merely make him another unfortunate casualty.

Story will take place roughly about a year before the events of Fallout Equestria

Fallout Equestria is written by Kkat, which I’m sure we all know, but I feel I need to state it anyway so you all know who created the masterpiece.

Also I know, terrible description, I’ll think of something better later.

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"In the beginning, there was nothing but all encompassing darkness that claimed all of existence within the void.
Yet even in this darkness, there was light.
A single speck of light that defied the shadows and slowly grew to encompass the known universe, bringing light to a once dark and dreary realm.
The being had wrested control from the void, yet it was not content.
With its power, it created the stars and planets that dot the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe.
This, was how the universe had truly come to be."
Creation of the universe according to the Church of Primis
Long ago, before the times of the princess's, the world stood divided. The father of the universe saw the hatred between the races of the planet, and sought to rectify his mistake of abandoning his creation, choosing to live amongst them once more.
This is where our story begins.

*Tags will be added as needed, or when the story. calls for it.*

Been featured like seven times now...wow, that's awesome, didn't think I'd even get it once.

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