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Fluttershy has never been good at talking. which is unfortunate, because she has some very complicated things to say. Things about her feelings, and her relationships with other ponies and her... gender identity. It's not exactly easy to talk about no matter who you are. But she can do it, because she has to. Maybe it'll get easier to do the more she does it, right?

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This is great! Only criticism I have is that “I apologize for that. You may continue” sounded a bit too formal from Dash. Expected something closer to "Sorry. Go on."

Looking forward to the next two chapters.

A very promising start. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

I love trans girl fluttershy stories! Really great

I enjoy the trans Fluttershy headcanon as well, though that may be because I’m trans and she is my favorite of the mane 6, so I was happy to see this pop up in my feed. :yay:
I did feel the pace of this chapter was a bit rushed but it was still very enjoyable. I’d love to read some more chapters even if there is a bit of a wait.

The only part I'm confused about is Dash not knowing bout ground critters. That seems a little uneducated, even for her.

Needs a bit more building next chapter, but I'm interested to see where this goes. I'll definitely track this. Keep up the good work!:yay:

“Hmm. yeah, I guess I could see why they'd come to that conclusion.” Rainbow contemplated aloud. Butterscotch seemed to light up a little on hearing that.


Let’s see, what rhymes with Butterfly?”

I love a good name origin story.

Grammatically there were a few spots where capitalization seemed inconsistent, but it didn’t affect the readability at all. Very cute little fic! I appreciated the use of the butterfly metaphor, which I’ve never considered before but does lend weight to trans Fluttershy. And Rainbow Dash made a great contrast with Fluttershy’s personality. I also liked how her tomboyishness also worked out for Fluttershy in the end, another contrast.

"butterscotch, butterscotch, he's afraid of his own crotch!"

I admit this is stupidly catchy.

I've had the idea for a gender fluid Shy story for a little while now, and I may just have the inspiration to do that story now (after I finish some of my other stories though)

Excellent chapter! You did a remarkable job adding detail. I can't wait to read more!:pinkiehappy:

I am so very happy to see this story finished! Although now I'm saddened to see it end so soon :applecry:

Still this was a delightful read and I hope to see more like it!

I really enjoyed this chapter! I’m glad to see that all of Fluttershy’s friends are accepting. You did a really great job giving each character their own voice and I especially liked Pinkie’s dialog! :pinkiehappy:

Spike! he called you- Fluttershy,

Don't you mean

Spike! he called you- FlutterGUY

Very adorable :)

She stopped midsentence and restarted


Doesn't bother me none if you're a transgender!" "It's not a verb!" Pinkie yelled, sinking almost as fast as she surfaced.

It's not a noun.

Oh geez, thanks for telling me. Fixed.

Beautiful chapter! Tiny protective Rainbow is the best, especially with trans Fluttershy! The butterfly metaphor with Fluttershy is so sweet! It feels so obvious in hindsight, can’t believe we never thought of it! And the butterflies recognizing her as a fully before even she knew is just… some radiantly wonderful worldbuilding!

Very nice chapter! I think your choice to have two chapters worked perfectly well, this said everything that needed to be said!

Rarity is very sweet in this one, in her usual dramatic fashion, and I love this as the origin for the spa dates!

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