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Wind Whistler is having a bad day, to say the very least. He was late to his afternoon meeting, he's getting mocked by his co-workers, and his boss is giving him the riskiest case of the decade. Then he turned into a 3 foot horse with wings. Now he has to team up with two other miniature equines to find somewhere to live- well, not normally, but as normally as they can.

the bases for the cover are (from left to right) ms-paint-base, amelia-bases, and bronybase.

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Fluttershy has never been good at talking. which is unfortunate, because she has some very complicated things to say. Things about her feelings, and her relationships with other ponies and her... gender identity. It's not exactly easy to talk about no matter who you are. But she can do it, because she has to. Maybe it'll get easier to do the more she does it, right?

Chapters (2)