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https://pastelglitchesxx.carrd.co/ I can and will be transing everyone's gender, polying everyone's amory, and rainbowing everyone's sexual. icon from twic0rd on tumblr's picrew Pony Maker

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Introduction! · 7:20am Feb 7th, 2021

Hello! I decided I wanted to make an introduction post. My name's Aidan, but I wouldn't mind being called my ponysona's name, Manic Pixie Daydreamer. My primary pronouns are xe/xyr and I'm non-binary, genderfluid, bisexual, and polyamorous. I have ADHD, social anxiety and insomnia, so don't be worried if I upload something at, like, 5 am or take a while replying to a comment. I'm also dyslexic and have dyscalculia so if I misspell any words or get anything about the timeline wrong in my fics, I

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