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Harmonyverse AU! After Luna's return, she seeks answers about the rest of her and Celestia's family, before Luna became Nightmare Moon. And what has Celestia been doing all this time; has she spent it alone, or did she have company?

Features both starring mares as trans. Celestia's mtf and gay, Luna's transfeminine (she/they) and her sexuality goes unmentioned here. Warning: mentioned transphobia, mentioned homophobia, mentioned whorephobia, mentioned sexism, and one mention of genitals. Mentioned Pairing: Celestia/Queen Novo.

Any hate comments (not the same as constructive criticism) posted on this work will be immediately deleted and the perpetrator will be blocked/reported.

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Comments ( 4 )

Yeeee more trans goodness

Nobody cares to hear how our the great Starswirl the Bearded

Make sure to delete one of those.

with so little magical prower

I've done this a million times so I totally get it, but you do have to decide which word to use eventually. :derpytongue2: (Or perhaps this is a clue that Sonic the Hedgehog is involved somehow...)

God tho I love how queer this universe is. My only real complaint is that I'd really love to read the stories that are hinted at here, and I temper that with the understanding that they can be huge commitments, so I fully understand simply implying them instead. You're doing great work, here~.

Not gonna lie, I went into this think I was going to hate it. Its fuckin gold. Short, but quality, and All around decent grammar and sentence structure. Not often we get to see fics with trans or pronouns in them. We need more tbh. Ty for making my day :)

Right back at ya! <33

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