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Sunset's had enough. All the hate aimed at her on a daily bases for a crime she never even committed finally pushed her to the breaking point. When she finally decides to end the pain, a former victim of her cruelty becomes her savior. Now the battle to gather what little remains of Sunset's heart has begun, and with her new friends at her sides, will she be victorious or will Anon-a-miss finally break what's left of her?

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A Sunset & Derpy story!? Where is chapter 2!? This has my full attention!

Angry Derpy is scary Derpy. II approve!:derpytongue2:So does she!

Prologue, not prolog

You've got my attention! I am anxious to know what's next!!!

An Anon-A-Miss story with Derpy?

I don't know who you are Annon-a-miss, but when I find you, I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to Sunset.

An interesting start. I'll definitely keep track of this one! :pinkiesmile:

Sounds like there be no happy ending for the Rainbooms.

Wow.:pinkiegasp: not even up for a day and it's already this popular? Hell, no complaints here. Hope you all like my take on the Anon-a-miss story line. :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I'll fix that when I get the chance.

Awesome looking story so far, can't wait to see what happens later into the story.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful day.

Sar Meister

This stuff got me dying of laughter :rainbowlaugh:

You're very welcome & I hope to see chapter 2 soon, but do take your time. I can wait. :twilightsmile:

Is Derpy gonna have to choke some bitches?

Anyone else getting a fluffle puff EQG story vib from this? not that it's a bad thing!

Mathematically speaking, there has to be a good Anon story.
Sadly, I haven't found it. Have a red thumb for the bland bandwagon material here.

When I find you Annon-o-miss, I swear I am going to end you!

When derpy gets mad u better run.

There's only one 'n' in "anon". And it's "a-Miss", not "o-Miss"

Have you checked out Myriad Thoughts by Tale Swapper ? Its a really good. Atleast for me it is.

It’s spelled “Anon” not “Annon.”

It's actually impressive seeing people make errors like that.
You'd assume that words consisting of less letters than a hand has fingers wouldn't be misspelled, but people here still manage to bungle such simple things.
>mfw displaced writer thinks wide receivers being tackled is a sack
>mfw self-insert "author" manages to misspell the word "this"

Maybe, but at least I'm stepping away from using the shadow bolts or the dazzlings. Seriously, those characters get used in these things so frequently that they almost make one fanfiction singularity.

When I find you Annon-o-miss, I swear I am going to end you!

Fuck 'em up, Derpy, fuck 'em up!

"Nonsense, I've got more then enough room."


When I find you Annon-o-miss, I swear I am going to end you!

Only two 'n's, not three, and only one 'o' - the second one in the quote above should be an 'a', which you got correct the other times you used the username.

That’s our Derpy! She’ll save Sunny and mess em’ up good.

I know I got the user name wrong. I do intend to fix it when I have the time but in the mean time, please be patient.

I give you points for using the often overlooked background characters as Sunset's rebound friends instead of the Dazzlings and Shadow Bolts. Especially DJ-PON3-she's awesome.

However, please don't be too mean to the Rainbooms or vilify them. In their defense the whole Anon-a-Miss comic was a horribly written story. Please make your story more then just another copy and paste "Reason You Suck" speech to the girls.

And far too many Anon-a-Miss response/"fix" fics make things worse for the characters doesn't really address or 'fix' the issues the story itself had. How does making the situation even more unpleasant for the characters suppose to make things better?

so if this was just posted,, why i s the chapter publish date in june?

Okay; I wasn't meaning to be rude, but I apologise if I came across that way.

Go on, you have my attention. Couple of spelling errors that other commenters have pointed out, fairly fluid chapter, and bonus points for Derpy. :pinkiesmile: I shall impatiently await the next chapter!

Man... why are there not one but two fics in the Feature box about Sunset attempting suicide? :fluttercry:


You know, maybe they'd feel like improving more of you didn't come across as a dick, Seabreeze.

*If, not *of. You managed to provide me another example, so thanks for proving my point.

when's the next chapter?! I LOVE IT!

Well they do deserve some anger because they did suck. The problem is when a story goes out of it's way to punish them too harshly I.E. expelling them or when they make them out of character in order to make those harsher punishments more understandable I. E. Writing them as violent and having them get revenge on Sunset with force, unlike their character would normally.



A fitting comparison, I thought.


Huh, I did misspell that, completely unintentionally. So sorry for making one minor mistake that somehow invalidates my whole point.

i left the chapter on the back burner for a while and only just recently got it officially published.

"Minor mistake" he says. You managed to misspell a word consisting of only two letters.
You know you're on a site dedicated to writing, yes?

Okay pal, WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?! I've only gotten the first chapter of this thing up and you've ripped into me for the same issue for the past couple of days it's been up. It's fine if you want to point out a few errors I've made, but dont give me this shit!:flutterrage:

Amen! You tell him, Arc!

Dude this is awesome! I love me a great Anonamiss fic, and this looks so promising. Great job!

This is good , I look forward to seeing this story’s arc ... so MOAR PLOX :D

But honestly well written

A week later and it's abandoned, is my prediction.

Is that a challenge my good sir?:rainbowhuh:

More of something that seems to keep happening.

I know context is a really complicated thing that can't be taught, but did it occur to you, just once, that my response wasn't directed at you?:pinkiegasp:

"LeaVE ArC aloNe!"

I can't help but find it amazing that even while attempting to defend your case, you still dig yourself into a hole. Allow me to show how things look from my perspective.

1. You give me grief over a small, easily mandible error that should've began and ended with it being mentioned.

2. You claim I have no dedication to writing even though I have a YouTube channel dedicated to help other fanfic writers improve themselves and by extension let's me look at my own works in a different way.

And 3. All of your comments are written in a condescending manner that makes it seem like you don't want to take responsibility for your trash talk and instead want to dump the blame onto the guy you're harassing.

If you want to point out the flaws in my work, that's fine. But do it as a means to help improve the story, not to just be a dick. :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

The hell is a "mandible error"? Are you trying to spell *manageable?
That being said, because I hurt your fee-fees, I'm making a moot point? Is that what you're saying?

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