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Hey everypony! My name is Kaitlyn (Katie, Kate, Kats), but obviously I go by Fleur here on the forums. I'm a transgender woman with strong backgrounds in art, music, science, computer programming and game development, but to the people on here, the only skill you want to see me flex is my ability to write.

I don't write very often and I tend not to write much fanfiction, but through the years I've acquired a lot of skill in it from my long career in world and lore build as Dungeon Master for many Dungeons and Dragon campaigns, as well as some Pathfinder here recently! So of course I'm a bit of a nerdy girl (but aren't we all?).

I've pretty open, I love talking to people and I love sharing any and all knowledge in absolutely whatever field someone might want to talk about! I'm not an expert in everything by any means, but I do know a few things, fortunately.

If you have any questions for or about me, don't be shy and ask. I promise I don't bite!

PS: Embarrassingly enough... I can't speak a lick of French, but my German is... well... let's just say... sehr schön. ;)

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Still hoping.:3

Hope you're doing all right.<3

Hey, I decided to watch you on DeviantArt. You're a good artist. :twilightsmile:

Just had to pop in and be #30 and offer a hoof in friend ship

You are now among the bullets? :3 :rainbowkiss: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

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