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A cute shipping that was shown in the Hearthbreakers episode.

Guys stop posting they are cousin and incest comment in the forum or the comment section because it starting to get old really fast right now. They are twice remove in the show account so it is ok for them to to be ship. And beside there have been brother and sister fanfic ship on this website which mean nothing to this ship. Also think you for supporting this group.

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They're just adorable together.

This ship is amazin~

I joined this group and I haven't written a story about the ship yet?

man this ship is coming in fast

Besides which, in most of the world it's legal to marry your first cousin.


Thanks so much :D Yeah I try to go above average since a lot of picture PMVs are kinda drab & low quality, at least in my opinion. Thanks for watching :twilightsmile:

404402 I ship this immensely

404365 That was professionally made and nice to watch! Thanks for making it! :)

404396 I thought you'd never ask, cuz. :heart:

404364 will u marry me cuz:trollestia:

Look guys, I did a thing! :P

Thought I'd put this here for you Marblemac people to enjoy :eeyup:

Everyone's getting their panties in a twist over them being cousins, despite the fact that they are only fourth cousins twice removed by a fifth cousin. That's so far removed that it doesn't even matter. Heck, I'm probably your fourth cousin twice removed by a fifth cousin.

This ship... It's so cute it makes me go hhhHHHHNNNNNGGGGG

I love how this has become a shipping in an episode that reminded us of the possibility of the two families being related.

404060 I searched the tags Marble Pie,Explicit and Marble Pie, Breasts for some of the solo ones.

Weird, I haven't seen a single marblemac clop pic and I've got the filter to show everything.

404042 Actually I found 3 Marblemac clop pics yesterday on Derpibooru and some solo ones and a couple of tentacle ones if you are into that as well as a few solo ones.


I didn't realize there was this much art of them already to begin with XD

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