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Starlight Glimmer Fixes Everything

In Thirty Seconds or Less

(Or the Pizza is Free!)


Welcome to Starlight Fixes Everything. This is a massive Fimfiction collaboration project starring you! Yes you!


Starlight Glimmer has gotten her hooves on Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Journal, and she has decided that she could easily travel back in time and solve each of these problems in thirty seconds or less!

Members of this group will be randomly assigned episodes from the series, and it will be their job to write out how Starlight Glimmer fixes everything in 30 seconds or less, (or the pizza is free!)

How do you participate?

1. Join the group! Duh.
1B. And tell your friends to join too! The more the merrier!

2. Comment in the Author Thread to participate in the current season. (You can participate more than once, but new members will be given preference.)

3. Once there are enough authors for a season (26), each will be assigned a random episode number from the current season, starting with season 1, and then the rest of the series.

4. Write how Starlight Glimmer fixes everything in the assigned episode in 30 seconds or less. She doesn't care about ponies learning friendship lessons, morals, or even the law. She just wants to solve everything as quickly and efficiently as possible in thirty seconds or less! Be creative and have fun with it!

4A. You can do this with a single sentence, or a few paragraphs. But there is an absolute hard limit at 1000 words. That's not thirty seconds or less!

4B. This should take you no more than an hour or two. But everyone will have one week to accommodate their schedule. If you don't deliver in time, your chapter will be passed over to another person.

4C. The final story will be rated Teen to err on the side of caution, but please do try your best to keep the writing at an Everyone rating.

5. Each submission should act as a standalone episode. But ponies may recognize Starlight as that 'time traveling mare that solves everything' as part of the continuity.

6. Starlight's 'solutions' should not prevent future episodes.
ex: In Ticket Master, Starlight should not just tell Twilight to "just return the tickets, because the Gala sucks anyway."

Once written, post your story section as a comment in the Story Thread with the episode number and name.

Once a season is completed, it will be added to the STORY, complete with your name credited!

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Honey I'm home

I may give it a go... after all, the pay sounds good and the vacation time sounds second to none! :moustache:

*finger on nose* Not it!

I'm just here to read, not to lead!

427372 That's how I do.

For what good be there in strength, if not to use it?
What wisdom be it to possess knowledge, if not to share it?
What virtue be there to have the capacity to help...

... if not to give it?

I never commented in the author thread but got assigned an episode anyway...
So I took it as a challenge! :flutterrage:
Thanks for volun-telling me Shakes. I needed a bit of motivation to write. :twilightsmile:
My part is done. All ye who dare, gaze upon my written trash :yay:

I'll do it, and hate every second.

427365 Random, I swear. Don't worry. More interesting episodes are coming.

427358 Yes. That is the episode number.
The example I posted is ~ 300.

So just to confirm I understand the system correctly, this means I’ll be writing about how starlight fixes everything in Griffin the brush off in less than 1000 words?

Awwww shit. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. Let’s do this.

Wanderer D

Aye-aye, cap'n!

Be sure to post your submission in the Story Thread before 11:59pm EST Sunday (8/5) or else your episode will be passed to the next available author.

The order in which each submission is posted does not matter. I will sort them out later myself.

If you have any questions, PM me.


Find your name and your randomly assigned Episode Number!
(Yes there is some spill-over into Season 2.)

03. Duskhoof
04. Starlight_Glimmer
05. Super Trampoline
06. livinthelife
07. lazyreader19
08. Southpaw
09. ClockworkMage
10. Llyander
11. gaitiem
12. Lingo
13. Synesisbassist
14. sjjblue
15. abronie
16. The Elusive Badgerpony
17. Wanderer D
18. Bookish Delight
19. Temmie45
20. Greener78
21. Flashgen
22. Bysen
23. Aquaman
24. Horse Voice
25. Shandy13
26. Regidar
29. Psy Key
30. ThePonyBlues

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