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Silver Octave

There's a fine line between magic and technology. We must explore these together and then find union in knowing we all belong. Whether you are of this world or beyond. Everyone can be a friend. -Me

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A passion for SI-FI has lead me to become obsessed with technological progress. Always demanding to get to the next level, to reach not only our moon, but another star. To go further, to obtain such a thing has left my heart burning for the stars. To see planets, moons, dying suns...

Really gets me...

This obsession along with my love for music and playing the violin, made my OC "Silver Octave" His violin is made by Sisters' father after he heard Luna laugh for the firs timet, so that it would always burn as brightly as Luna did that day. Silver found it in a very old ruin while following a vision to restore his voice. Silver is the color of his coat, while Octave comes from his passion for playing. His cutie mark is a constellation, (the very cluster of stars) of a treble clef.

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