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There's a fine line between magic and technology. We must explore these together and then find union in knowing we all belong. Whether you are of this world or beyond. Everyone can be a friend. -Me


After her husband dies in a laboratory explosion a mare is mugged while she's pregnant. She's stabbed where her baby rests in her womb and crawls back to her house in time to live thanks to her pet phoenix. How? The phoenix gives it's immortal soul to her and her child so they can live. Now, Sunny Skies must take care of her filly while he's part unicorn and part phoenix.
[Redo of the previous version of Left With A Feather]

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Commenting before reading. Damn that sounds interesting! Need to put reading this on hold for now but you have my attention and now I'm raring to get to reading this.

What 4322436 said. Also:

filly while he's

Filly is female, colt is male, foal is gender neutral. Not a big problem, just had to say something about it.

That's my kindle doing the auto correct. It likes to type the rest of the sentence for me. Works to my advantage like.....78% of the time. I'll fix it before the next chapter goes up next week or so.
Thanks for reading!

Is this Anthro? I don´t mind, but i want to know, i like Anthro but that is not what i was searching for. And maybe is keep reading this becaus it seems well written.:raritywink:
in his
PS: I think it was maybe just an accident that you write Hand by the thief, i mean with the knive

I'm going to edit it the next time I'm on my computer. My kindle doesn't do the things I can do on a computer.

I like Button Mash but somehow i have a problem to see him with sweetebell, but maybe you could make it good for me, well with the pairing i mean.
How old are they? I think it make no sense to see it as a date if they be to young, but i know that it happen today.

I have nothing against it, probably because this are the Cutiemark Crussaiders. I think i would like to have Scootalo as his marefriend, i think it would be sweet to see her maybe a bit shy if she get to know him better because she usually so bold or pretend to be so.

I think i am going to like this story.:heart::scootangel:

Just wait till more see this story, i think you have something interessting here.
I enjoyed this chapter. I don´t know maybe i said it befor, but i think i would like if Scootaloo became his marefriend later in the story, but why not make her his best friend already?:ajsmug:

My friend(If I may call you that)friendships, let alone ANY relationship takes time to grow, but I'm glad you're reading this Fanfic.
More things are to come in the future, and it's Celestia's fault

4363029 I think you are right, i maybe think like that now because everyone else make the relationship to fast, on or two chapters and there are best friends forever already, it is not always bad but it is really to fast sometimes.

I don´t like the idea, that Twilight want to examine him that much already, but than she wan to learn and for her it have to seem like it is some kind of an emergency because he is dead and alive. Good Chapter, i think i can see that you go into the Scootalo Blaze direction and i like it.:heart:

Mmhmm...Now you say it's you that is Twilight and ran across a new type of pony that was alive, but also dead. Wouldn't that cause some MAJOR spark of interest. Plus this is Twilight we're talking about...:twilightsmile:

On the other hand, I suppose slow Twilight's side of the story for reader's sake.

I am not sure i understand it right, maybe i am just not that focused right now. I am not sure how Blaze end up in front of the death gate thing.
I don´t get exactly how the room looks like where there in. :derpyderp2:

This Chapter is very good an it is a bit sweet to see Scootalo like this. I am glad that you give them a special bond already, i don´t want to much in this direction already, maybe just cuddling and a kiss on the cheek or something like this.:heart::heart::heart: I just say it because i don´t know how old they are here and other writers would make them out with each other already.

In the Moment i can´t manage to long chapters at a time, so i woul like it if you keep the length this long.

PS: I am ok if Twilight ask him or his mother something, but maybe she just don´t have to do this to much, i mean she don´t have to overstrain with her questions.:twilightblush:

Now i would like to have Phoenix Wrigth here to show Celestia and the others the whole true:yay:

Of course that won´t happen, but i still try to understand what happend, did Filty Rich hired this Pegasus Ponys and told them to chase after Blaze?
He would be such a good Vilian, i can´t see him as anything else.

Nice Chapter, it is nice with this pairing, but i think Scootaloo would be a bit more embrassed about telling the others of him and her. Well i think what happend to Blaze was just to important at the moment and she have no time to be embrassed.

:raritycry: IM DROWNING IN A BUS BECAUSE IM ON A FEEELS TRIP! *cries terribly* :raritydespair: :fluttercry: :raritycry:

I'm sure if that means you like it, or you're crying because you think my story is bad. If you think its good then, thanks. But if this story doesn't suit your interest, then I'm sorry I didn't appease you.

Celestia is very weird in the most fanfics:rainbowlaugh:

Good Chapter, i think i can accept the fact that he is not himself, but on the other hoof i think he is a third being and not really one of the other two.

I assume you're laughing at Celestia yelling at Jupiter and calling her a fat bitch. See there was a planet joke in there. Jupiter is the largest planet after all

4435149 no no i just mean that in the most fanfics Celesia is somehow mean and i find it rather ironical that Celestia is like a rash judge here too. Well i hope this explain it better what i mean.:twilightsmile: I have nothing against it:scootangel:

ah, i am not american but my grand father was in the RCAF, he even was a guard at a queens parades twice.


That's wonderful! And thanks for taking your time to read LWAF

:coolphoto:thanks for the post , credit is good:twilightsmile:

I like the chapter, but it was a bit strenuous to understand what´s going on right now. I don´t know if the story maybe end to soon, but at least it happens enough. At first he was a bid to strog for my liking but then again it seems to make sense somehow.

Somehow this is interesting wich powerfull creatures appeared in this Fanfic, but also i don´t know if it is maybe to much. Somehow it remember me a bit of a One Piece Fanic, because of all the strong being wich appeared out of nowhere. I understand a bit of what or why it happens, but it was a bit to sudden for something like the Death himself wich is now after Blaze. Maybe the action comes to fast.

Is it the End? I think your forgot to change the status of your Story:twilightsmile:

Well i like it and i like somehow the last three chapters, but it was a bit weird with all the Powerfull Planetalicorns. I think i coul accept the Ender Enemy alone and maybe one or two unknown Alicorn, they just sound to Mighty for one Moment.

The idea of using the Elements of Harmony was good, but the Name "Bacon" for his Sword was a bit odd. Maybe you should make the fight just a bit longer, i just can´t image Ender to be defeated so fast even with the Element´s Help, because you make him that strong.

That Scootaloo not hiding their realationship anymore is ok i think all the ponys know allready i think:pinkiehappy:
Well the end come to soon. The story is very good i think only the last three or four chapters take a moment to familiarize with it.
The positiv points of the story outweigh the weaker points it think, so i keep the story in the favourites and say i am happy with it.:heart::raritystarry:

4507403 Sorry? I only tried to make a possible honest commentar, it is not like it don´t like it.
I don´t know exactly why they where a bit to strong for my linking, but in the end it turned out quite good. I am sorry if i sounded a bit mean or something like that:twilightblush:

This is a nice ending, it really like what you do with Scoots the most time:scootangel:
I don´t understand how this fanfic don´t get more thumbs up already.:rainbowhuh:
And again i only can think of Scoots and how funny it is that she act that way, but at the same time they are cute. It is just a bit unfamiliar to have a little Hero. And even if the Planetcorns are not my favourite i still like the Fanfic, probably one of my favourite favourite fanfic.:heart:

The planetcorns were sort of a last minute detail, but when I read the story to my little brother he laughed when I read Pluto's dialogue. Thanks for reading and giving your opinion. As a reader it is your duty to tell me what's right and wrong about my story so that I may improve.

Im not saying this story is bad but it very much confuses me and makes me question this story. A new character is being introduced almost every couple of paragraphs and it seems that alicorns grow on trees now days. For future reference, can you maybe tone down the new characters to only ones that are necessary for the plot line at that the beginning and also introduce your characters slowly at the beggining. I love the concept of a child being born part pheonix and I wish to see more of something along these lines. Also why is celestia not the benevolent, kind princess as depicted in the show? But again, I love the concept and keep up the good work.

Bastards are children born out of wedlock, not children who's dad died.



Blood started to flow as she held her stomach tightly, trying to stop the blood from flowing too much.

"Please help me! I think he's in danger." She held her stomach tighter, making Delphi realizing it was the foal who was in danger. She looked at the wound for a moment then her head fell slightly.

It was a wonder how he was born. Sunny didn't know it would happen at all,but she didn't care. It was her son! Alive and well, but not a normal unicorn she had predicted. Blaze Bolt was born with abnormal abilities most unicorns didn't have, but what alicorns had. Blaze was born with a horn and wings which shocked the doctors who were delivering him. His eyes weren't matching as the left one was a crystal blue color, and the other looked like fire was fazing through it. His mane and tail were a deep firey orange that was warm to the touch. His coat was a copper color.

Awwwww I would love to meet this little colt!! Me and my OC have so much alike since we both deal with fire.

It was Sunny's surprise that Blaze had adapted to the move rather quickly,

"You just told me how you met, not how to stop the bullies."

Smart kid!!

"Besides I already talked to Cheerlee, and she knows of your situation. If somepony bullies you, just go to her. If they do it again, prank'em!" She jumped ahead of him. "Just not too hard m'kay?"

"Come on Blaze, I'll show you to your new desk." Cheerilee said with a light smile.

He felt like the world was looking at him, but when Cheerilee cleared her throat they directed their attention to her.

Cheerlee lost control of the class, realizing was a bad idea to make Blaze introduce himself.

He knew it was going to be a bad day.

He took a moment to see if the tree would catch fire from his mane.

The wave of multicolored light wave made him cry, it was so beautiful.

"Twenty four mom." He answered.

About the age my OC’s species goes into puberty and starts liking mares/colts.

There was an opening at a strip club on the west side of town she saw, but she already had a colt to take care of.

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah that’s a perfect job to raise a colt around!!

"I wish I had more degrees..." Sunny let out a sigh.

*hands over thermometer* Here you go!!

His chest hummed with every beat, and soon he walked to it. Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, one, two, three, four, and each step caused him to loose track.

Um....So, what's your favorite food? Mine is hayburgers and hayfries."

"I guess we can talk about it later sometime with your mom then." Twilight said.

tree today and stayed there until you helped them with a couple of bullies."

——)”A race that my mother has told me a thousand years ago that would come into this world by a red streaked earth pony. Don't you want to know what race this is?"

She rubbed her chin with her hoof for a moment.

Someone got up on the wrong side of the sun!!

alicorn-phoenix that called him self an Equininix. Then she picked the book up with her own magic, and placed it back in it's proper home.

She didn't know why she went to school ten minutes before Cheerlee even arrived to greet waiting mothers to drop off their foals. Scootaloo didn't even like school. Blaze was the only pony aside from her friends that was on her mind, but she couldn't understand why he was. Yeah he could fly, do magic, and talk like a grown stallion but he was different.

"Ah...So, we can do a trade of secrets then?" He asked.

Spike jumped down from the latter, and picked up a sheet of paper and a quill pen. "Ready!"

"You sure us? I'm sure Sweetie can use her mag-"

Scootaloo's head dropped. "It's something I don't want to talk about." She said.

but she heard rough running waters to her right. "Do you hear that?"

"No!" He said trying to stop her from fixing her mane. "You look better like that."

He nodded lightly, and continued as the wind blew more.

She nodded with a long sigh. "I do, but sometimes...it's best to wait for her to say it."

Scootaloo sat under a tree at near the play ground at school with her eyes shut as she tried to relax. She enjoyed the moments she spent under the tree in the shade during the summer. School had started back up, and so many things has changed.

and were going to tell ponies on Harths Warming.

"So, I was wondering this Friday we could go to Sugar Cuber Corner to grab a smoothie?" Scootaloo asked. "It's nearing the fall, and they don't sell them again until late spring."

why Blaze wasn't there, and deep down it must of been for a bad reason.

"Forget about that, I need you to take me to Canterlot!" Scootaloo begged. "Please, my friend Blaze is in trouble!"

he's being charged for something he did to defend himself!?

"Come Sunny Skies, we can talk in my quarters alone. GUARDS!"

She had a black mane with a brown coat.

"If it weren't for Twilight, you think Chrysalis would of won?"

"I don't want to walk too far Twilight..." Rarity wined. "I just got my hooves done yesterday."

"You don't even know where they live!" Twilight noted. "How'll you get there?!"

OH and the whole thing with Discord, good idea sending the god of chaos to six helpless ponies, and one of them being shy as buck." She scolded. "Celestia this young stallion is innocent, if you refuse to let him go, I’ll do something you won't like one bit."

She sighed as they vanished in a teleport.

Her breathing quickened as she ran faster,

hard in fact it left a hole where the door stop was.

"I already told you Cloudy." Sunny said rubbing her temples.

He looked over at her, and saw an orange colt behind her.

Cloudy nodded. "Of course you do Blaze, and what makes it more special is that thing saved my life.

hadn't known Celestia was an older sister, but had deep suspicions about the topic. Things even got funnier when

——)Cloudy's eyes narrowed on a bush and stood in between it and his partner.

He kissed the necklace again. "You alright bud?"

I don't think you want to him to know you exist. He'll have a fit."

"No dad!”(—— Sunny shouted with a snort.

Sunny's father sat next to her in silence for the few moments after her long story,

I’m actually proud of you..."

"So, back to Blaze, what do you plan on doing to him? He is only a colt,"

"Of course!" Cloudy said. "But I wish of you to be as quiet as possible. Blaze was sick not too long ago."

It’s what keeps his form stable I suppose..." Luna sighed. "I'm guessing that’s why I am here, huh?"

She explained, looking over at Blaze and Sunny. "Blaze, I'm sorry for your fate. For what I see about this. It is best to just give up.“(——

"I am...Why did you let this hapoen!?" Another bolder flew away from them, exploding on impact. "You could of stopped this Trinity!"

She glared at her brother angerly. "Who made the rules of life Ender? I did, you didn't..."

She said, turning away towards the castle. "I shall take my leave to do my duty as giver of life." She paused for a moment. "A pony calls...What does it mean to wake up?"


brought his head closer to the window through time,

He watched even more events take place, but ignored most of them. They stopped in front of a frame that showed Blaze one day.

It happened so fast, and caused Blaze to break down. Delphi landed next to him.

Scootaloo blushed and covered her mouth trying not to laugh. "You're nine?! I'm ten...hehe."

Use the elements on Blaze.

"No, I spend years torturing the souls of the evil. Thanks to you six, I can resume my fun with king Sombra."

Fluttershy began to scream louder than she ever had before.

Ender nodded, and a blade impacted the ground in front of Blaze. "Then fight me Blaze Bolt, Prince of Forever, and Immortals."

I didn’t know he had a title.

"Ender won't be able to find us for a short while. Until then I am to protect you until either I'm dead or he's dead."

One nearly hit Blaze if it wasn't for Nightmare.

Ender, but Ender waved his hand and Nightmare disappeared,

She fell to the ground, crying as Ender stopped laughing to watch the mare cry.

Right as Ender opened a dark portal the wind began to blow violently.

Her eyes were wide, but focused on Blaze and Discord as they told their tale of the fight.

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