Left With A Feather

by Silver Octave

Chapter 3: Divine Intervention

"Faster!" Yelled Celestia. "I call you my guard! How come you don't come when I summon you on time?"

The unicorn mare bowed in respects. "I'm sorry princess, but it was on such sort notice. Your summons could of been at a better time. If I could just expl-"

"Enough!" Celestia interrupted. "Your assignment on protecting your charge...um who was it?"

"Time Peace ma'am, it's Time Peace."

"Right, I just got a letter from my former student Twilight, and she told me that there's a new race here in Equestria." Celestia said walking down from her throne. A race that my mother has told me a thousand years ago that would come into this world by a red streaked earth pony. Don't you want to know what race this is?"

The mare nodded to Celestia's question.

"A pony/Phoenix hybrid!" She answered. "Twilight has so thankfully given me a whole list of questions, and answers of his diet, likes and dislikes, even his favorite color. Now, tell me, how important is one's favorite color?"

The mare shrugged. "I-I don't know princess, why?"

"Because, it isn't." Celestia said. A smile grew onto her face as she trotted up back to her throne. "You failed in protecting this earth pony called Time Peace, now..." She rubber her chin with her hoof for a moment. "Yes, you'll protect this colt, but keep your distance. He maybe a colt, but from what I read from Twilight's letter, he thinks as if he were a grown up. You'll start next week as I prepare transport..." Celestia stood up, and looked into the mate's eyes. "Don't fail me again Charm, I hate it when I need to send one of my favorites to become a simple servant."

"I won't princess!" Charm bowed, and ran out the doors.

Twilight rubbed her eyes as she woke up. She'd stayed up for a good deal of the night trying to scan Blaze. A strange force was keeping her from doing so. She knew this force from before, it was death. It was like he was dead, but he breathed, felt, saw, touched. It confused her greatly. The only other time she'd felt this force was wheel she was in the Crystal Kingdom. It was right after she disembarked the friendship train.

She looked over to see if Blaze was still sleeping, but he wasn't there. Without panicking she walked down stairs seeing the colt read a rather large book she'd owned. Twilight looked over his head, and found that he was reading a old spell booK she had as a filly. She smiled, and cleared her throat.

"Good morning Blaze," Twilight said. "How'd you sleep?"

The colt didn't answer, and after a moment she tried moving him. His body fell over sideways, revealing he was sleeping soundly. She rolled her eyes as she walked over to Spike who was cooking eggs for them.

"How'd he get down here? I thought I locked the door." Twilight asked.

"Oh, I did. He asked if we had any beginner's spell books that he could read. I showed him." Spike replied as he flipped the egg.

Twilight looked back at the Equininix then back at Spike. "How long has he been asleep there?"

Spike shrugged. "Heck if I know. It was close to three in the morning when he asked me to find him a book of spells."

Twilight walked over to Blaze trying to wake him up. "Blaze...Blaze...wake up Blaze." She said in a soft tone. The colt lifted his head up slowly, and looked around until he saw Twilight. "Hey, good morning sleepy head." Twilight gave a smile, and turned to Spike. "Spike's making eggs if you'd like some."

Blaze tried for a moment to remember who she was talking about, but nothing came up. His vision was hazy, and had trouble keeping his focus. For a moment he couldn't see at all, but things started to turn in his head and he could think once more. Spike was the dragon he'd talk to last night to find a spell book for him to read, and eggs started to sound good right now.

Blaze gave a slight nod before shutting the book up. He tried using a little bit of magic to lift the book back into the shelf, but it only went about four feet before it dropped. Twilight stood there amazed once more at the alicorn-phoenix that called him self an Equininix. The she picked the book up with her own magic, and placed it back in it's proper home.

"That was a good first try Blaze." Twilight said. "When I was your age all I could do was turn a page."

Blaze shook his head. "It's not my first time princess, but thanks for the complement. I've been at it for a few months now."

Twilight nodded. "Aside from that, you still did a good job. Just two more feet and you would've made it."

"So other than eggs, what else is to eat? I didn't get dinner last night."

"Do you like gems?!" Spike asked from the kitchen. "Rubies are my favorite!"

Blaze shook his head. "No, sorry my draconic friend." He replied.

Blaze took a moment to straighten his feathers on his wings, and walked over to the dining room. He promptly sat down and waited for his meal to arrive. Twilight sat next to him, sitting quietly.

"So," Twilight started. "What's your mom like?"

"She's cool, I guess." Blaze replied. "She has her faults like most do, but she makes it up by playing games with me. She's bad at chess, but don't ask her to play Marenopoly."

Twilight laughed a little bit. "So...so you have a good time with her?"

"Of course, but we moved a lot before we got here. Things shook up before I was born, and my mom hasn't told me much about my dad."

Twilight looked off to the side. "I wonder why..." She said in a rough voice. "My father died a couple of months ago, so I guess we're both bastards."

Blaze nodded. "The first time I heard the proper term of that word used in a sentence."

"I've read my medieval textbooks."

As they talked Spike passed out the plates each with a couple of eggs, and a hay-sausage. After that Blaze got his saddle bags, and walked to school.

Scootaloo sat back in her seat waiting for her friends to arrive in the class room. She'd wanted to talk to them about Blaze. Last night she over heard Twilight's conversation with Blaze, and had mixed feelings. They talked more after she left. Scootaloo spyed on them form more than an hour watching them talk.

She rested her head on the desk trying to get Blaze out of her mind. Blaze had wings, huge for his size, and had a horn. His fire-orange colored mane seemed to have life of it's own, and his coat was a brilliant color orange and yellow. His mismatched eyes mystified her, one eye reflecting life in the color of blue ruby, and the other gave her a clear definition of entropy as it shifted like burning embers in a blazing fire.

She didn't know why she went to school ten minutes before Cheerlee even arrived to greet waiting mothers to drop of the foals. Scootaloo didn't even like school. Blaze was the only pony aside from her friends that was on her mind, but she couldn't understand why he was. Yeah he could fly, do magic, and talk like grown stallion but he was different. His powers were special, but Scootaloo was a normal everyday pegasus. Nothing special about a pegasus but their wings.

Outside Twilight arrived with Blaze as there were about a dozen other ponies dropping off their foals. Blaze was less nervous now that he had a few friends, they were strange to him though. They talked about getting their cutie marks constantly as if they were obsessed over getting them. He too wanted to know what his cutie mark would look like, but it was something in store for the future.

Twilight looked at Blaze while he was in thought, and did another scan on him. With the same results as before, her head dropped, but shot back up when Blaze looked at her.

"You okay Twilight?" He asked with a concerned look on his face. "Tired?"

Twilight shook her head. "I'm fine, don't worry about me. Are you okay me leaving? I need to contact Princess Celestia."

Blaze shrugged with a nod. "Go ahead, I can take care of myself."

Twilight smiled. "Oh, and keep working on that spell. It'll get easier the more you use it. Start small!" Twilight yelled as she trotted off.

Blaze looked back to the school house, and noticed Scootaloo was inside. Without anypony looking he ran to the back, and flew through a nearby window. After clipping his wing he landed inside, and it wasn't long before Scootaloo saw him.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I can ask the same thing." Blaze replied trying to fix his wing. "Why are you inside before everypony else?"

"I wanted to talk to the other crusaders." Scootaloo replied.

"About?" He drew closer, and sat in the desk next to her's. "I can keep a secret."

Scootaloo shook her head. "That's the problem, it's a secret."

"Ah...So, we can to a trade of secrets then?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

Blaze thought of a way to explain his words. He stood up, and got infront of her. "I tell you a secret, and you tell me a secret. So if I tell somepony your secret, you can tell ponies my secret." Blaze gave a hopeful smile as Scootaloo thought of his offer.

"I-I guess thats okay..." She said at last. "Tell me your's first."

Blaze nodded. "I don't have a father. Well I do, but he died before I was born. Oddly I sometimes hear a voice that sounds like it could be him. Tells me who's friend or foe, right from wrong, etcetera-etcetera."

Scootaloo didn't expect this coming from him. She thought he could transform into some big-scarry monster that could swollow the world in one bite, but it sounded like it was something he held deep down. "Did you tell your mom this?"

Blaze shook his head. "I don't want her to think I'm crazy, or cry." He replied. "Now you tell me a secret."

Scootaloo thought for a moment then her head dropped. "I was going to talk to the others about allowing you to join us. I was planning a party to celebrate if they said yes."

Blaze's ear dropped. He had felt like he pushed her into saying this. "Oh, sorry then. I'll try to act suprised when or if they say yes."

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow. "You WANT to join the CMC?" She asked.

"Why not? Sounds like fun to me." He replied. After a few moments other filles and colts started to enter the room. "I'll talk to you at lunch, yeah?"

She nodded. "Yeah..."

Twilight closed the door swiftly as she ran to Spike who was dusting an empty book shelf.

"Spike! I need you to take a letter for the princess! It's about Blaze."

Spike jumped down rom the latter, and picked up a sheet of paper and a quill pen. "Ready!"

"Princess Celestia, I have to inform you with more information on Blaze. He can use magic at a small scale for now, but I sense that it is growing at a steady pace. Further more I did a full body scan on his aura, magical maxim, body type, and his heart rate: at rest. And what I found was that he is dead, but alive at the same time. I request you send in a team of unicorns to help search for the cause of his abnormally. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."

After quadruple checking for spelling errors, Spike sent the letter with his green flame. After a moment Spike looked at Twilight with a look of confusion.

"So he's a zombie?" He asked.

After giving a quick facehoof Twilight shook her head. "I dont even know..."