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Alex has been thrown around realities for a long time without control. This time, he jumped to Ponyville and will be staying for a lifetime. Can he build a life here? Does he want to? What about the family he left behind?

Cover art is a commission by AphexAngel

Also, a big thanks to my ediors, pre-readers, and idea givers: Marvelous Cheshire,
Tosety, DiscordsAdvocate, KMCA, warpd, Spect, Makkelulu, KitsuneNoYomeiri, earthrise, Pen Brush

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Oh, this is Totally AWESOME!!!:pinkiehappy:

I totally love this story! Read this on fanfic.net. And now that it's posted here, makes it & you

20% COOLER!!!:pinkiehappy:

Awesome Job with it and keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Awesome! My favorite fic on fanfiction.net is finally here! :pinkiehappy:

Without any doubt: tracked. :twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work, and take my 5 stars, take them! :pinkiehappy:


As you can tell, this is a rewrite of the original. I decided to do that here. I'm glad you enjoy it!

Yeah, I noticed that some things were different ... . But that's not a problem, everything you write is great in my book. :twilightsmile:

Keep on writing, keep on posting chapters and keep on making my day. :pinkiehappy:

o_o That was so sweet it should be shipped with syringes of Insulin. D:


I'm... I'm not sure how to take that. So, I will assume it's a good! :twilightsmile:


Also, let me finish that sentence for ya : -de. It's a fair trade. Ow, my (insert name of broken bone(s) here!)"

I love the picture! :rainbowdetermined2:
Sad Rainbow Dash, we need an emoticon for that. Will use :fluttercry: for now. Also, sad Rainbow Dash, why are you doing this to me? :raritycry:

Carry on! :pinkiehappy:

So much updates! :pinkiegasp:


o_o I've said it before. Maybe even about this fic. But...

That's so sweet it should be packaged with insulin shots. o_o

207927*Jabs self with inculin needle*IT DOES NOTHING!

My fave reactions:

That is by far the worst kind of guilt you can ever feel. Someone close to you is suffering, and despite what others say, you feel that it's still your fault. And you can do NOTHING to make it better.

Awesome story though.

Wow. Tell the docs to ease off the Opium.

Amazing chapter and story. I can't wait until the update.

Great story, just read from the beginning keep up the good work.


Why.. Why must you make the last few lines of the last chapter sad, just before I need to go sleep...
I wont be able to sleep tonight :trixieshiftleft:

rainbow dash is like "i wuv u"
and i'm like :rainbowhuh: say whaaaaaaaat
and then he's like dats coolz
and then i'm likez ok i'm chillz with this
and the shes like i want to learn more about you
and i'm like:moustache:
and then :derpyderp2: childhood issues what about u
and the she's like daddy issues :rainbowwild:
and then he's like "not much of a father"
and then she's like "POW":rainbowdetermined2:

Don't kill him Big Mac tears will be shed if you do. :applecry:


“Good thing I was going to court your sister.”
One trip to the hospital later...

Chapter 15

"Next thing I knew, I awoke in the Ponyville Hospital. I rolled over in the bed, and promptly vomited, my stomach in unbelievable pain...."

...+10 on the smartassery. Now...How fast can you move?


aluminum thaought to be worthless now the most valuable metal what a twist


nice fic, need moar :D

Do you write it that fast, or why can you release 4 chapters a day? o.O


The fic was already written, up to chapter 17, and this is just a rewrite. It was originally on fanfiction(dot)net. I'll be updating both going forward. :ajsmug:

So, yes, I'm a writing god! I'll be hiding in the bunker to the left.

Quick question here, what's with the reverse order of value of our metals and why did you do that?

Twilight saw paradise in that symphony.


That is a fair question. This is the reasoning I used, or something like it.

I wanted to use a resource he could plausibly have that would be mundane or kind of useless on the surface. Aluminium worked because to us it's cheap and abundant. Heck, it's the most abundant metal on Earth. I also assumed that, in addition to it being a nice to look at metal, it has some minor magical properties. Maybe is stores the energy, or focuses it. I don't know, I'm not a unicorn.

As for the rank of metals being gold, copper, silver, platinum, aluminium, I looked at the coins and they look like they're made from gold. They are big coins at that. If you assume a pony's head is a little bigger that ours, due to their snout, I guessed the coins were about the size of a Canadian Loonie ($1 coin) and had a lip about three times as thick. I guess the lip is so it's easier to grab with their mouths. I assumed Gold was more abundant than copper wich is more abundant than silver witch is more abundant than platinum. I'm assuming aluminium is not just really, really hard to make, it's also rare. I'm also assuming you can't use magic to smelt aluminium for some reason. So, it's pretty, it's useful, and it's rare.

So, there you go. There's the logic for metal valuation. Such as it is. I try not to think too hard about. :twilightoops:

nice job man,defiantly one of the best HIE fics I've ever read.take these five stars my good sir:moustache:

Well then thanks for answering my question, wish you the best of luck on the future on this story. Hmm wonder how fictional metals will work here...


Darn you for getting my brain wondering. :pinkiecrazy: Off the top of my head:

Vibrainium (Marvel) - absorbs kinetic energy and reflects magic.
Adamantium (Marvel) - very heavy, acts like lead to block magic.

Related note, the jewellery used by the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses have an aluminium core and gold shell to act like a magic capacitor, capable of slowly absorbing ambient magic or magic directed into it, and it can be tapped by any pony that knows the correct mental commands. The gem act as a lens to focus and direct the magic.

This is SCIENCE!! :twilightsmile:

Kinda feel like it's my job to get people to think, hey where's Mithril?


Ugh. :twilightangry2: Fine. :twilightsmile:

Mithril - dull white metal, behaves like a suspension. When no pressure is applied, or applied slowly, it is as malleable as tin. When struck, is stronger than adamantium.

Hey someone was bound to ask that question besides it's good thing that I am making you think.

Just got a review back from the Equestria Daily pre-readers. Oy. Well, I want this story on their site, but it needs a BIG rewrite. As much as my ego hates to hear negative feedback :flutterrage:, the rest of my mind gives it a back handed slap and happily takes the constructive criticism :twilightsheepish:.

I think this story has a good core, just an inexperienced execution. :raritydespair:

So, I'm just going to finish up the latest chapter and will be spending time doing a more serious rewrite. Let's call it a one month hiatus. If anyone is interested in being a beta reader / pre-reader, just send me a note.

To my faithful readers, I will be back! And, with my writing skills improved, I'll be able to tell an even better story! :moustache:

Moar! And half the story..well...*Stares at the half a dozen insulin shots in his arm and crosses his eyes to look at the one stuck in his forehead* so much sweetness.

Too good. Updates are appreciated.

Bah. Hang EQD. Don't get me wrong, they're a useful source of basic information, but I'll gladly admit their standard appear to be .... uneven. I don't even go there anymore, really, 'cept to catch the episodes as they come out - our sattelite provider's service here is .... dodgy...


The Story is good as it is. No need to rewrite it.

If EQD wont post it, they don't deserve it to be posted on their site.

I love the Story as it is and to read, that I have to wait for 4-6 Weeks for new Chapters, just because they don't approve this beautiful piece of fanfiction, makes me really, really, sad :pinkiesad2:

Secret admirer is almost definitely Dash.


I'm glad you enjoy the story as is. The pre-reader just pointed out some fugly stuff and it's gotten under my skin. To be honest :ajsmug: I just want to get them to approve the story just to annoy the pre-reader. :rainbowdetermined2:

However, I will be writing a few more chapters, just more slowly.

Please do not take a hiatus. I greatly enjoy this 'fic.

229811It will not be the same without the story:pinkiesad2::fluttershysad::raritydespair::ajsleepy:

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