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Hey, you haven't gotten a comment in 63 weeks, wow. But may I ask why you cancelled such a good story :rainbowhuh:


and who the fuck do you think you are bossing us around with our separate stories

Well dressed ninja... your stories are BOTH on haitus, 1 story has shit for chapters (less than 1k words, which if I want to get that story REMOVED from this site, I just need to show the moderators your disregard for the rules), and it hasn't been updated for OVER 4 weeks.
Secret NSA... your ONLY story is pathetic!

Im pretty sure its against the sites rules to say that also

ive been on this site longer and remember a time where anything that your wrote got posted and thats when a majority of the good shit was written now those authors are Either dead or just gave up.

Both of you, learn how to type, or just leave this site to those that can at least type something better than what a middleschooler works with..


Im never going to leave this site not willingly

and about my story i thought of it and posted it and looked around for another one posted before mine i did my fucking reserch ok duchbag? and i couldnot find anything

moral of the story

Go fuck yourself and stay away form comments made almost a year ago becuse it make you lookn like an ass and everyone else dosent care what you posted becuse it was not relevent to the time that it was posted

Have a nice fucking day sir.

P.S for bonus points find all the spelling errors


its better to write something you want to write than just try to get stories featured

and fuck off about my typing skills no one complained but you which means your an asshole about it


Not a single fuck was given today


You do realize that this post was made nearly a year ago right? :rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

Keep up, or people might think you're slightly... "slow".:trollestia:

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