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The plight of the endless CT-T war has arrived in Equestria! Observe the Equestrians as they watch the CTs and Ts duke it out and see endless humans die and come back to life, all while watching their beloved buildings and monuments be possibly destroyed every match for 10 rounds!

This story brought to you by Valve, Gaben, My Little Pony, Hasbro, the letter 'T', and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Negative six-star rating and never featured on Equestria Daily!

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Wait, I am sure CS:GO is not officially out yet.

oh no shit is going down in ponyville! also are the updates on this story gunno be weekly, daily or whenever you feel like it? cause this is hilarious

663980 Well some of us has BETA acess :twilightsmile:

heh, I just started playing cs:s after not playing for almost a year and then then gets uploaded. hilarious story.

This is beautiful.

How are you so good at these?!

Yes....Yes to the Yes of my Yes.....

I want more chapter soon...because this is really....Fracking Entertaining!!!

For some reason I can see the poines make the matches in some type of Gambling thing....like what we do with horse races.

Luna: I bet 500 bit on the terrorists winning

Announcer Guy: Counter-Terrorists Win!

Luna: Bucking Hacks!!!!!:flutterrage:

Oh geez. I got no words for this.

663998 This is going to be on a "whenever I feel like it", but I do try to update my stories consistently.

664323 You should try CS:GO if you haven't already. :trollestia:

664354 664792 :moustache:

664385 I get an idea. I sit down. I type. Magic is made.

Lyra is in this???!! Iam in :pinkiehappy:

664859 I thought it was an invite-only beta, am I wrong?

664924 No, actually, you can apply to take a Valve hardware survey and that allows you to be entered into the beta. It's also invite-based for the people who are already in the beta, but you can still get in through the survey.

Here's the link to the FAQ.

664934 Cool, thanks man. I've been playing CS over a decade now since I was 5 and my older brother used to be on a high-ranking competitive team ( not professional, they didn't get payed to play or anything.)

i lol'd like three times during this reading:rainbowlaugh:

Let the next round begin.:trollestia:

................im gonna have to sue you for brain damage....................

because you just blew my mind:rainbowhuh:

I :heart: THIS STORY!

I would have found it hilarious if everybody CT and T decided to spray Carousel Boutique, so that Rarity would freak out at all the graffiti.

I eagerly await the day when a cs_map will grace us.

683787 As far as I know, there isn't a spray function in CS:GO at the moment. :twilightoops:

683835 This isn't going to be a particularly long story, so the story order is: de, de, de, ar, cs, de, in that order.

I want a de_canterlotpalace!

:pinkiehappy: this is hilarious1:rainbowlaugh:

i wonder if cylestia will turn out to be an admin?:trollestia:

Ah, I wanted de_Canterlot. Oh well, still will be exciting. CHAOS RULES!!

And I just got a CS:GO beta invite last night.
The irony.

I love how the humans seem to be playing on a custom map instead of actually being in Equestria. They knife crates, shoot a box of muffins, fire into the air randomly after winning a match, and...teabagging. Remember kids, destroying anything that can be destroyed is an important part of any CS match!

688521 That was the whole intention, yes. I mean, come on, who would really do a serious crossover with CS? The whole thing practically has no story to it in the first place!

688545 CS Backstory: The AWP was invented, thus causing a 3 way war between Terrorists, Counter Terrorists, and inanimate objects. (Microwaves, computers, trash cans, crates, etc.) Also, a new fighting style was created, camping.

Only thing is that Trixie needs to have her Third person element
after that, this is quite good

..... I want this mod....
even if it's just for source...
I want it

next map plz
not dust, dust sux
admin! plz


Why did you not have one of them 'attack' the apples like the fruit in cs_italy? You know, the war against fruit or somethin'?

YES! I LOVE THIS! XD I can't wait for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

801478 Shucks, that did not occur to me during the time of writing. :rainbowderp: First thing when I think of when it comes to cs_italy is the Scootaloos/chickens.

801483 Thanks. :twilightsmile: It'll be along in due time, don't worry.

I can only imagine how much Twilights gonna freak out at him "speaking" to them

801489 (T sees apple carts) T: :rainbowhuh: (T proceeds to unload around 60 7.62 rounds into the apple carts) T: :scootangel:

Ahhh, the Magic of Deagle.

Gotta love the deagle.

No! Canterlot! Canterlot!

Hmm can't wait till they blow up Canterlot.

another brilliant chapter:twilightsmile:

The One Commandment- You shall fear the dreaded Deagle

I want a gambling circle based on the matches created by the ponies

ah! arms race is next! can't wait for the ar_appleloosa :twilightsheepish:

im assuming from this that the CTs/Ts can see the ponies but the only real interaction is using the radio commands (and the things the bots say if you make an offline match)

I wonder how the battle of Canterlot is going to be. Celestia is going to get a hell of a surprise.

after appleloosa it should be canterlot

:pinkiehappy: another brilliant (if slightly short) chapter :pinkiehappy:

i cant wait to see celestias eventual reaction to the players:twilightsmile:

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