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"Hello, this is 911. What's your emergency?"

"My best friend's trying to kill me! Please, help me!"

"What's your address?"

"1124 Southeast Featherfree avenue, Ponyville! Please, come as fast as you ca- Rainbow, please! Just put the knife dow- AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Rainbow "Danger-Pofessionalism" Dash, to say the least, is insane. Rainbow was administered as a patient at the Canterlot Asy- Psychiatric Hospital after trying to murder Fluttershy. Now, the friendships of the Mane 6 are put on thin ice, and more lives may be on the line if this doesn't come to an end. Will the Mane 6 live to love another day, or will the colors of insanity blot out the grey? Only time will tell.

*hit the top charts on the 17th of February, 2014

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Did I ever tell you the definition of Insanity?


If it's like, Rainbow Dash is actually crazy, like schizophrenia crazy, then fuck yes I love this. But if it's some contrived bullshit, like multiple personalities, then fuck this.


I was going for more schizophrenic. Was it convincing, or just stupid? Writing crazy is hard...

Great story, get the next chapter up soon please. I love it. Poor Flutters though :fluttercry:

Is it me or is it th pony that that snaps and tries killing everypony with a knife most times out of ten Rainbow Dash?

I would consider the worst problem that this story has is it's pacing, It's way to fast.

It has other corners too, but you should work on that first.

But I do see potential here. Just keep writing and everything well get better evetually. :P

Great story, I can't wait for the next chapter!

this is SLAGGIN AWESOME Cant wait for more

that was AWESOME! good job with the reachions

I just can't wait for the next chapter of this awesome story :pinkiecrazy:


This week may be a bit of a stretch, but maybe next Thursday :pinkiesmile:

What I hate about this is that there isn't enough!!! Please write more! :pinkiehappy: I want to see how this goes!


I've been sick and had an hours worth of homework all week, so I haven't really had the time to work on it all that much. It will come soon though, I pinkie promise :pinkiesmile:

Wait, Rarity is an attorney?

So Rarity is a lawyer now....

I.... :rainbowhuh:



That was my reaction. And given thats she's the prosecuting attorney, she's probably the DA for Ponyville(given size and population). Maybe Fluttershy found some magic mushrooms in the Everfree?

It would explain why Applejack and Twilight seem to be blaming Fluttershy and have problems dealing with Dash being a knife wielding crazy. Seriously, the Guard finding Rainbow with a bloody knife and trying to break down a locked room containing a very stabbed Fluttershy, likely while screaming about killing her, is pretty solid evidence that Dash did, in fact, go knife crazy on Fluttershy.

What more evidence do those two want?

Love it, keep up the good work. I cant wait for more :D


I must be confusing the hell out of you with that :rainbowlaugh: It makes sense to me that an intelligent, high-class pony like Rarity would have a good understanding of politics, and seeing that no one else in Ponyville besides Twilight and Mayor Mare has much political knowledge, that landed Rarity as Ponyville's new DA :trollestia:


Given that Ponyville is Equestria's largest open air asylum, I can buy that. It also explains how Rarity maintains a profitable business as a fashionista in a nudist colony.

awsome chapter!! i hope the next come sooner than this one!

This NEEDS continuation! It just... demands it! :rainbowkiss:

plus fluttershy needs to grow the hell up! dash tried to kill her! and she still said "oh shes my friend! What?!

Comment posted by Brony God deleted Mar 11th, 2014

4061893 Have you seen the newest episode of MLP FIM? Applejack was just plain nuts with her obvious display of obsessive compulsive disorder and sever paranoia kind of like Twilight Sparkle and she even acted random like Pinkie Pie in one scene where she was in one place far away from Applebloom and somehow a couple of seconds later she appeared right behind Applebloom. And also I think sometimes that this song should be the theme song for MLP FIM



Though I will admit that the Mane 6 are at their most interesting when they're also at their most neurotic. Or psychotic.

4064713 Yes and that one of the main reasons why I became a fan of MLP FIM :pinkiecrazy:

This has... potential. :trixieshiftright: It might not be yet another Cupcakes sequel sequel. We'll have to see how the trial goes.

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