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How do you write, I have no idea what I'm doing


It began fifteen years ago when I lost my brother to those...things. And now their back again... I didn't ask for this, I already lost one pony... So why me? Why do I have to suffer?
Why do I have to lose more?
Eventual TwiDash

For the purpose of this fic, the season 3 finale will not be canon. Therefore, Twilight is not an alicorn.
Gore tag in case for future chapters
Cover art made by me

EDIT: Might add Dark tag for future chapters.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 9 )

I really like the pacing and structure in this fimfic. Please do take your time, but I look forward to the next chapter! :raritystarry:

The next chapter is in progress. I had a terrible writers block during the summer and barely got out of it :ajsleepy: It will take time, but know that it is being worked on :twilightsmile:

4998925 so hey, quick question. is this going to be twidash eventually? i'm working on putting all my twidash stories into one folder, and i saw that i hadn't read this one yet. don't really have time now, so just kind of hoping for a quick bit of help.

6109609 This will be an eventual Twidash, I should probably note that in the description

Why would you be sorry about a history lesson? This is more informative, I actually didn't know the difference between werewolves and lycans.

Can't wait for chapter 3! This is so interesting and there's plenty of ways this can roll out. Until later on, I have no idea what's going to happen. Around halfway through though I should have a decent idea of everything that's going to happen. For now, I'm waiting on the next chapter!

6344431 I have a solid plot set for the fic. The main parts of the fic are in my head, it's just difficult to put it out in decent writing :ajsleepy:

6967544 If you want, I could do prereading for you, and try to point out weak points and give alternatives.

6967597 I'll consider it when I have more chapters written out. As of now, I only have the next chapter mostly written and would like to have at least three more outlined before going through the writing process. Thank you for the offer though :twilightsmile:

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