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I write stories about pony superheroes and cruel and unusual tragedies and pony superheroes who suffer cruel and unusual tragedies. I'm currently looking both fine and OK.


Not many people know that Harpflank and Sweets has a surprisingly large non-Equestrian fanbase, being particularly popular in Fance. As with any animated feature, things changed in the translation. However, some dedicated fans have taken the time to retranslate the Fancy scripts and give us an inkling of what our cousins across the sea experienced. So, exclusively here, the retranslated script of Harpflank and Sweets: Episode 27 - Escalation.

Birthday present to myself.

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Wanderer D

First? :pinkiegasp: (also damn the fact that I have to check other stuff...)

499577 All hail the submission queue!

And I would hope that you were first when it hasn't been approved yet because otherwise your submission system is seriously flawed =p

The frack did I just read?

So did you use Google Translate to make this? P.S. Happy Birthday!


I think something was lost in translation...

And yet, somehow, the damn thing makes sense!

Also, lots of Boners.

I don't know if I should be annoyed or grateful that you didn't have me look this over. Imma go...place.:derpyderp1:


I honestly don't get it. :applejackconfused:


English => Afrikaans => Esperanto => Urdu => Korean => English


In vandag se episode van Harpflank en Sweets ("Eskalasie") sal ons twee gunstelling superheld merries baie robots veg en weer red Metropony Stad van Luna en Trixie se verradelik hoewe af! Moenie dit mis nie! (I'm so rusty)

You have many, many good sense of humor.

501023 I got really really bored. I mean, REALLY bored.

501027 Yes, yes I did. Which makes it a little bit depressing that it actually got posted =p The list at the bottom is the procession of languages it went through.

501131 I know, right?! It's oddly poetic in places. I was honestly gripped from beginning to end.

501462 I just got bored and ran my first story through Google Translate a bunch of times to see how it came out, and it made me laugh so much I decided to take a shot at posting it up.

501761 "In today's episode of Harpflank and Sweets ("Escalation") will be our two favorite super hero mares many robots and fight again to save Metropony City of Luna and Trixie's verradelik holding off! Do not miss it!"

A better synopsis I could not have written. Also, if you speak Afrikaans, you're blowing my mind here.

502418 I know! Or that Vinyl is beautiful music and gives you the technology to the heart where do you think you're going to fly!

Heh, google translate. I did that with my story and it changed Trixie's name to Patrick.


Ek het net 'n "C" vir die vak by die skool gekry.

I've only read up to where Bon Bon first turns up and my brain is already starting to hurt.

or as it would be if written in the fic

"Where was I before the advent of Bonn Bonn, I recently read, my brain started to hurt."

503236 I think I got off lightly. Bon-Bon ended up "Bon and Bon" a few times, and Luna has been renamed Moon, but everyone else seems to have escaped relatively unscathed.

504269 Ezn, I would appreciate it if you would stop being so AWESOME. Like, you're killin' me here.

504641 Flim Flam Films(tm) is not liable for any damage, mental or physical, caused by your perusal of any Harpflank and Sweets(tm) product. Please direct any and all complaints to our complaints department, which may be found in Sections 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13 of our Canterlot Customer Welfare Centre.

I can only see this as poorly subtitled anime. You are amazing. Also if it was your birthday than why did you not post that on your many blogs. It was only coincidence that I found this story in the first place. Your main page didn't change at all.

506205 Because I only use this blog for pony stuff! Saying "It's my birthday" would be attention-whoring of the HIGHEST DEGREE =p Conveniently ignoring the fact that I posted a story that was just a Google Translate of a previous one ¬_¬

And I just realised I took the Latest Stories widget off my page. OOPS. Featured Stories is nicer, but I forgot to update it.

Afrikaans incomiiing!

Ek wonder hoe 'n suiwer Afrikaanse vertaaling van hierdie stoorie sou lyk. Ek kan dink dit sou Afrikaanse ponie-liefhebbers ('bronies'? Even I can't translate that!) baie gelukkig maak om te sien iemand probeer vir hulle ook voorsienning maak!

Daar is ongelukkig baie min 'bronies' (again with that word!) in Suid Afrika, maar dis regtig die GTranslate werd, dit verg min moeite van jou.

Tl;dr: translate to Afrikaans! =P

558036 Two people is way more people who actually know any amount of Afrikaans than I was expecting.

Also (and bear with me here)... Ek is seker dat hulle wou hê! ek wonder hoeveel van 'n mark vir vertaling daar is? Ek is seker daar is 'n paar mal persoon wat werk hul pad deur Fallout: Equestria of iets ewe mal! ...Hoe het Google Translate doen?

But, yeah, language barriers really suck. As a big anime fan, it's one of the major things I run into. There are so many hilarious 4koma and doujin out there that it'll never all translated. I guess my only recourse is to learn EVERY LANGUAGE.


Well, I'm proficcient in English, so I do okay on the Internet. Japanese remains a closed door to me, though. Imagine Gurren Lagann in its original language! Instead I have to use subs =*(

" and a cute bubble can have its own collection"
I have finally found pure brilliance.
Thank you

send Derpy his eyes

To quote JonTron:
I don't like where this is going.

Author Interviewer

fuck yes, I love this shit so much XD

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