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call me alex ✯ he/him pronouns please (closeted trans kiddo) ✯ I like Rick Riordan's books ✯ sometimes I draw ✯ happily not-single ✯


On the night before Valentine's Day, Rarity nervously attempts to confess one of her deepest, most concealed secrets. A nervous phonecall goes sour as she begins to have a panic attack, and Applejack attempts to console her.

*Not much romance happens, but there is some at the very end

Warning: this fic has structure around Rarity trying to calm down from a panic attack, and self harm and suicide are mentioned, along with coming out. If you have anxiety and are easily triggered by descriptions of anxiety/panic attacks, I would advise against reading this (for your own safety.) Please don't feel like you have to read if you know that this might make you uncomfortable!

Also, owing to the fact i spent probably a total of only 5 hours on this, I would appreciate any constructive criticism. And if you dislike it or feel like some actions might be out of character, feel free to respectfully tell me. I don't mind feedback as long as it's respectful and courteous. Thank you!
(Oh, and please feel free to inform me if I've misused the tags. I am pretty sure that I chose tags correctly, but I'm not perfect)

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Comments ( 18 )

Thanks for the link on my blog post XD I really like this story, though.

6937246 oh thanks!
i might revise it some later

A lady never panics

Then what do they do when they want to panic?

a lady ain’t supposed to curse

Then what do they say when they're angry or mad.
Wait is there anything a lady CAN do to make her seem like a normal person?

6937290 there's a difference between a lady and a woman

a lady is supposed to be sophisticated, poised, dainty

a woman is any adult who identifies as female

ex: both rarity and applejack would be considered women, but rarity attempts to be a lady

6937246 do you think it looks better with or without the cover? i feel like the cover makes it seem sloppy...

Comment posted by sunbuttsparkle deleted Feb 15th, 2016

I think it looks nice, but I suggest that you should add color to it if you can.

Comment posted by anonymousjedi deleted Feb 15th, 2016

:rainbowlaugh: That last bit tho

6937321 Oooohhhh! Yeah that makes a lot more sense.

Lol, this story is funny and great, I would say more but I have to put this on my Favourites list, so yeah.:pinkiehappy:

The end made me smile. Great story. One thing, and one thing only:

The story is human, and in the second paragraph, you put pony. It confused me (cuz im a little slow) but that's the only thing.
Again, really great story. :pinkiehappy:


6948692 uh oh ill go see if I need to change it
Thanks for the feedback!

Cute. I like it.

Cheeky ass Applejack is the best lol

But you should totally write a sequel to this! I wanna know what happens between them after this. Such an emotional moment from Rarity and everything I just gaaaah really wanna know more!

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