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On the first day of Summer, Rarity takes the day off to go help Applejack tidy up her brand new cabin. As the two ponies finish up their work and share a laugh or two, they start to really examine their friendship and how they feel about each other.

Cover art by me:

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God damn, this is cute. I always read the best stories and they're incomplete :raritydespair:
They have perfect chemistry. I can't wait to read more, plus you've made them perfectly in character. This is a wonderful story!! :ajsmug:

7289097 Thank you very much, first fic so I'm glad to hear that. ^_^ I was trying to go for as show accurate as possible, but with light romance added in.

D'awwww. This is too damn sweet!

OH what dramatics at the end there! lol I love it. Wonderful ending and such beautiful imagery in the surroundings. I especially loved Rarity sitting on the dock at night. It was magical. :raritystarry:
This is a great story. I love every part and they never seem to step out of character. Wonderful!! :ajsmug:
Also the bit about telling their friends, Rarity being so formal about their relationship (so her), and the courting party Pinkie will throw. Best. :pinkiehappy:

This is so cute!! I love how real it feels and how their personality's are still intact. Keep it up, I can't wait to read more from you :yay:

A good little story, that felt very natural. I liked that it evoled over the course of the story and that both characters had their personalities keept intact. It also helps that it features my favourite pairing, which you wrote fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Particles of dust swirled around in the front window's sunbeams, having been kicked up by all the horseplay.

:trollestia: Eyyyy!

Oh my gosh this story is amazing! I love it so much!

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