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This story is a sequel to Multifaceted

Falling in love with someone is a package deal. Yes, you get your significant other, but for good and for ill, you also get their family. Normally, that's all upside for Applejack. For all her aunts, uncles, and cousins, she still doesn't have as much family as she wishes.

But Rarity is extraordinary in so many ways, and so are her relatives. Especially her father. And now AJ has to worry about setting off a truly extraordinary family feud.

After all, "It's just a game" doesn't work on a man with an Ultra Bowl ring.

Part of the Oversaturated World, with little to no familiarity required for this story. Rated T for stronger language and substances than the pastel humanoids could get away with on camera.

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Given how fast player turnover is in major league sports, someone with a teenage daughter probably doesn't have any overlap between "people who were on my team when I was" and "people who are still on a team".

a.) fucking about time, i was hoping for more from you in this.


and though back as apologetically as she could.

this seems wrong but i might be wrong though

Hondo Flanks rushes in with the tackle and he SACKS the TV Blitz-style!

You are just all kinds of awesome when it comes to putting two ideas together and making them fit perfectly :heart: This made me laugh, swoon, and contemplate the possibility that I might watch the game this year (I doubt it, but you made me think it, so points!) :pinkiehappy: Good work!

the HOA made Crystal Prep look like a “peace, love, and understanding” commune.

WOW. Given what we know about Crystal Prep... WOW.
Yay Applejack's worries soothed!
Awww, lol accidental predictive young Rarity! ... Lol how Sweetie Belle's a Seer or whatever now. ... What about their mother?

Let your big sister have her fantasies of your continued innocence, dear.

Yay, Hondo trying to improve safety~!
That poor item...

gratuitous violets

You should be either very proud or very ashamed of yourself, but I'm not sure which.

I see that while Rarity might use "darling" for her friends and acquaintances, "dearest" is for those she holds especially close.

I am always down for rarijack schenanigans, and this story certainly delivers. The various expies of various NFL teams was just an added bonus-- and apparently Hondo Flanks is one of the most ethical coaches in the League, to boot!

I can only complain about Applejack being a Cowboys (sorry, Wranglers) fan, mostly because I am contractually obligated to hate on Dallas. Or, uh, Pony-Dallas. Whatever.

Rarity turned an acidic glare on her. “Don’t you start. I said a lot of things when I was eight. I was going to be a fairy princess fashionista with a unicorn best friend and yes, saying that out loud, I realize how close it came to reality. You can put the eyebrow away , Applejack.”

This was hilarious!

As a Vikings fan, this hits hard. I love this.

I forgot I was involved in contributing that idea, but glad it could help with what was almost certainly the most enjoyable football-related experience I'll have this weekend.

Given I heard something about a downright criminal misplay this year, I can hardly blame him.


I'd honestly forgotten about the Oversaturated World, so it's great to see new content.

“It’s a metaphorical punch!”

Uh huh... :ajbemused:

"It could be Mother. If you were dating someone else, it could be any of their parents." Rarity wrapped Applejack in a hug. A bit of moisture soaked into the flannel. "You're afraid a parent will leave forever. Again."

I'm guessing that's a reference to what happened with AJ's family after her dad married her mom? :unsuresweetie:

And as the screen displayed the final score, one of the greatest defensive linemen of his generation launched himself out of his chair and into the screen, propelled as much by sheer rage as blue magic.

Woah! :pinkiegasp:

This is both entirely true and irrelevant. Magnum's rooting for the Berserkers predates his playing for them at least as much as it postdates it.

I appreciate you both enjoying the story and catching a typo. I appreciate the sense of entitlement inherent in Point A rather less. :applejackunsure: Inspiration strikes when and how it strikes, and not all ideas I want to pursue work in this setting.

11820210 11820562
Good to know the story worked even for people with negative interest in the gridiron. :heart:

Consistent phraseology is an important part of working with Rarity's vernacular, yes.
Also, I choose to be proud of that particular pun.

I suspect the majority of the story's downvotes originate from Cowboys Nation. I'm not sure how they made it past customs. :raritywink:

I thought adding "Based on a True Story" might be a little harsh. :fluttershyouch:

Yeah, I could stand do more with the setting. :twilightsheepish: As I noted in the previous reply, my muse is a fickle thing.


I'm guessing that's a reference to what happened with AJ's family after her dad married her mom? :unsuresweetie:

More the fact that both parents are currently deceased.

Now I kinda want a story about Fluttershy and the Puppy and/or Kitten Bowls. And maybe Rarity should show Magnum that next year...the recycling center called, they're stopping the recycling of broken TVs.

This was a great story, though. Thank you for not describing football in overly-complicated terms that'd give Google (and my laptop) a real workout.

watch grown men mangle each other for a leather egg

Yep, that about sums it up for me.

"Watch grown men mangle each other for a leather egg ."

Thank you for that awesome new way to describe American football.


Thank you for that awesome new way to describe American football.

That's exactly what I was gonna say! :rainbowlaugh:

Yay, sports. 🏉 :yay:

Heheheh. Having grown up with a father who gets very dramatic watching sports I understand. Thankfully I never had to experience the nervousness of i introducing myself as the significant other. This was fun.

I was wondering why Rarity's dad coached for the emps. Politics really are the same no matter the earth, even a magical pony one. Good on him.

As a berserkers... observer (by which I mean I cannot leave home without running into true berserkers fans), I think I speak for all when I say the team has mastered the art of disappointment.

By that I do not mean failure, as that would imply they are objectively a bad team, but definitely disappointing. No matter how much my folks and friends swear on their life that this season will be the season, they always need their consolation snacks by the end of those pivotal games.

That said I can't help but get swept up in it anyway once the berserkers build momentum. I root for them despite not knowing a single player or detail. The day the finally do it will be marked on the record as the day every single sports-documentarian simultaneously gets their pupils replaced with dollar signs, and the denizens of Tartarus will need to put on winter jackets.

“What? Heck no! Them cheeseheads’ve been over-relyin’ on their quarterbacks for longer’n we’ve been alive! I root for Amareica’s Team.”
Rainbow snorted. “Yeah, how ‘bout them Wranglers?" she said flatly. "They just might go .500 on the year this time.”
That got her a glare that could peel paint. “Shut it, you.

I take it that's a bad thing? Also, aren't these all teams from the same country?
Half my football knowledge comes from my pastor. I understand the rules well enough, but I don't follow teams or players.

“Don’t mind me,” she said with a shameless smile. “It reduces the ripple effects.”
That got laughs out of the others, though Applejack had to hold hers back from outright hysteria.

There there Applejack. I think she likes you, so you should be fine as long as she seems at ease.

I leave the question of whether calling Applejack a Cowboys fan is libel as an exercise for the reader.

...:derpytongue2: I have know idea why she would be opposed to the Cowboys in particular. I know they're from Dallas, and they have a star symbol. I think their quarterback was important, but I don't know whether he was good or bad.

Yeah, I suspect that I'd appreciate some of the jokes more if I knew the teams, but it was still nice.

The Cowboys are known as "America's Team," mostly by Cowboys fans. In Applejack's defense, our version of them had a better season this year than hers did. (The .500 refers to the ratio of wins to total games played.)

I leave the question of whether calling Applejack a Cowboys fan is libel as an exercise for the reader.

Sports exist for me in much the same way as black holes do. I know they exist and have no actual desire to get involved with them. This story, on the other hand, was quite fun.

I am a sucker for 'actually there was no danger at all' twists like these, particularly in social situations where angry parents are found to be far cooler than expected, with the added benefit of "He probably knew Rarity was gay since she was seven" with Rarity not exactly an expert at hiding her emotions.

You can put the eyebrow away, Applejack.”

Love this line in particular. :rainbowlaugh:

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