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Rarity d'Aubigny, master swordswoman (as well as the Princess' most trusted servant), is sent on a mission of great importance, only to be waylaid along the way! When wounded in an ambush, she's taken in by a humble peasant family ... but will she be able to recover in time before her enemies find her and finish her off?

Swashbuckling AU schenanigans here. Because that's a thing, right?

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I don't see a Twilight tag (Mono's disappointed in you. Severely disappointed.) nor a Rainbow or Sunset one, so I'm curious on just who will the romantic target be. Colour me intrigued.

Edit: did you post the first half of so in a blog last year? I could swear I've seen it before... It could be just the humongous amount of fanfiction I've read though, things do tend to mix.

Interesting beginning. Don't see a lot of swashbuckling on fimfic. I'll wait and see where this is going.

Ooh, Rarity as Julie d'Aubigny? Sign me up for this ride!

So do the Apples (or "Pommes" ) speak with a thick Occitan accent? :pinkiesmile:

Okay, some good action so far. gee, I wonder who she's gonna romance here. :p

I see we're hitting the ground running. Unlike Rarity. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Why isn't there a crossover tag?

Ah, so Sunset is still a manipulative bitch in this timeline :flutterrage:

I'm an unrepentant Bacon Horse fan, so I'd like to say "we don't know that yet", but it does seem likely.

Or maybe Tumbleweed's going to pull a fast one and surprise us all. I'd like to see that.

Isolate her targets from the truth, carve out her own little desmesne, and exploit them for all they're worth. Yup, typical Sunset. And it's a much more robust plan in an age without electronic communication shrinking the world. This should get quite interesting.

Well, looks like this is Sunset before any reformation. Just remember, Tumbleweed. Everything Sunset did in the first movie, she did willingly.

Damn the Sunset hate is reaaaaallllll, relaxxx.

You know what? I'm not even mad that this is an in universe fanfic. This was short, sweet and fun.

This was really different and awesome! I'd love to hear more of the dashing Rarity d'Aubigny and her travels!
It actually reminds me of an old Western TV show, Tales of Wells-Fargo. The hero was sent all sort of odd places to investigate various happenings, and he usually got wounded while fighting four outlaws at once... (It was my father's favorite show.)

Personally, I love the romantic 1700s setting more! I'm mentally writing fanfiction of your fanfiction.
Please don't copyright-strike my brain.

“Rarity, did you really have to make me the bad guy?”

OBVIOUSLY darling, how else would she make up for making out with you? :raritystarry:

Huh. I really thought this would be longer.

Still neat though.

“Rarity, did you really have to make me the bad guy?”

Hey, that part's fair. You should be mad she made you some lame provincial noble committing what amounts to embezzlement of tax revenue instead of an evil sorceress or at least a scheming contender for the throne!

lol, neat ending. And yes, Sunset. She did.

"But you make such a fantastic antagonist! The princess's fallen student, now sowing dissent and plotting her revenge. It just oozes drama!"
"Meanwhile, you get to look fancy and play me for a fool."
"Well, the Spring Fling might have influenced my creative decisions just a touch."
"The one you insisted you forgave me for the last three times I tried to apologize?"
"My mind has long since forgiven you, darling. My heart, well..."
"And then there's the whole 'Applejack stripping you bare and tending to your wounds' thing."
"Oh, very well. I'll change the name of the valley's lady if Applejack never hears of this. Deal?"
"You know, it's this sort of behavior that makes you such an enticing villain."
"I can live with that."

In all seriousness, outstanding work with this one. Looking forward to anything else you do in this universe.

Her sigh was audible.

“Rarity, did you really have to make me the bad guy?”

Well, that is easy to fix... Now Sunset have the right to write a story with the heroine based on herself, and the villain based on Rarity! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::raritydespair:
(Maybe one where Sunset is a detective, and Rarity a Carmen-Sandiego-like Thief?)

Well, that was fun. The final twist was a little unexpected, but, y'know, still fun. Kudos.

Awesome stuff! Will there be any chance that a sequel or continuation of some kind would happen? This was just too much fun.

Keeping me busy, aren't we? Yep, another review.

Loved it and would really love to see more

I'm really liking this so far, it's been awhile since I've seen an adventure story and this is delivering

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