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This story is a sequel to Queue

On her birthday, Rainbow Dash gets to watch the BEST MOVIE EVAR. It ... doesn't go as planned.

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... You just wanted an excuse to bring Gargantulon back didn't you? I happened to love what little we got from the first story.

So this should be good.

As an avid Godzilla fan I am in Rainbows corner for this one. :rainbowdetermined2:

Is this a reference to Godzilla vs Destoroyah?

Moved to tears by something silly? I have no idea what you're talking about and such a thing has never happened to me.
/blatant lies

Just imagine if she ever sees Emperor Cong by Epic Tale. Fluttershy, Dash, AND Rarity will all be bawling together.

Heh, the Space Tepeshes.

Clearly there is only one solution to this. Fix fic!


“Technically--” Twilight raised a finger into proper pontificating position. “The 'Draculas' could refer to the family of Count Dracula-- though it would be more accurate to call them 'Tepesh' in that case. Or ... maybe Tepeshes. I'm not sure how the plural goes. Maybe I need to brush up on my Romanian.”

Actually, Twi, I don't think either would work - Vlad III was known as Vlad Dracula, but that was because his father, Vlad II (real imaginative, these royals), was known as Dracul or The Dragon. Thus, Vlad II was Dracula - Son of the Dragon. Which would only apply to him, though his son might have been called Draculaa, but I somehow doubt it.

And Tepes translates to The Impaler, so unless he made impaling enemies a family tradition, that wouldn't apply either. Though, to be honest, I wouldn't put that past some noble lines.

Tried to find a family name for old Vladdy, but in my brief research, I could only find that he was of the House of Basarab and/or the House of Drăculești which... is actually pretty close to Dracula... from the same root word... and it would have been translated into Japanese first anyway...

You know what, let's just go with Draculas, shall we?

Aww, poor Gargantulon!

Fret not, Rainbow; for your next birthday, Fluttershy will get you the sequel, Vengeance of Gargantulon: the Son of Gargantulon!

“Or maybe you should remember this is just a movie, and we should really just relax.” Sunset Shimmer said.

Mystery Pony Theater 3000!

...while Twilight Sparkle pretended to read a paperback while stealing glances over Sunset's shoulder in order to spy on her social media activity.

It's not

Songs aside, I'm a bit surprised this Twilight wasn't at least a little intrigued by Gargantulon, but I suppose she understands nonmagical radiation well enough to know that it doesn't actually cause hypertrophy,to say nothing of the square-cube law. In any case, I look forward to seeing where you go with this. And what would happen if pony Twilight ever saw a Gargantulon movie.

... Wait, is someone taking human Dash to Monster Island?

Rarity, watch the original Gojira and try to tell me it's not an artistic masterpiece. Go on.

Anyway, nice little start.

She has a prepared essay on why it's not creepy, which rather misses the point of what it means if you have to write such a thing.

Nonmagical radiation...reminds me of all the theories about how radiation in Fallout is literally haunted by the ghosts of the nuclear dead. Or otherwise just straight up eldritch.

Also of a bit from EGS where Tedd, resident mad scientist, is speculating how in some variant of Attack of the 50 ft Woman the dress wound up grown, but tattered and short, and how the growth is inconsistent unless the shrink energy is... you get the idea.



So lets see, for power use Pinkie can do explosions and pyrotechnics. For powering atomic breath, I recommend honeyed jalapenos. Or maybe those Atomic Fireball things.
Twilight can animate the Gargantualon puppet.
Rarity can protect the rest of them from Pinkie's pyrotechnics.
Applejack and Rainbow have the construction bonus for the set.
Fluttershy can get animal actors and stage hands.
Sunset can help translate inarticulate artistic visions into something other people can see. And resolve drama.

And now, the really hard part: getting the script written, figuring out how to resurrect Gargantulon, and making it sufficiently awesome.


That's a lot of fish.


Rainbow Friendship Lasers vs IP Lawyers, a documentary on the failure of making a monster movie with a surprising amount of action.

This was not where i had expected this to go. I can't wait to see the mayhem.

Maybe the EQG world doesn't have a Disney equivalent so a 50 year old movie is actually public domain there.

Why must you be this way?


Look on the bright side, he ate all the fish.

Now I wanna see it be a train wreck.

I so wanna see this crash and burn.

It's okay, Fluttershy. I'm still not sure what street ballet is either.

In any case, this could go very well or very, very poorly. I'm guessing it'll manage both. Looking forward to this glorious mess.

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