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This story is a sequel to The Prisoner of Zebra

When Flash Sentry and Carrot Top visit Appleoosa, a routine survey mission takes a turn for the worse once Flash finds himself going up against a gang of ruthless, poison-slinging outlaws. But that sort of thing is all in a day's work for a Hero of Equestria, isn't it?

Volume 8 of the Flash Sentry Papers

Chapters (3)
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Sidewinders indeed

So glad to see more of these adventures.

I should have known better.

You really should have.

Don't you mean "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!"? I certainly do!

Another Flash Sentry paper. This is gonna be good!

Showdown at high noon.


Nice idea with the Sideswinder to replace a gun! And Kid Cobra is obviously a reference to Billy the Kid.

Either Braeburn and the rest of the Appleoosans are stone cold. Celebrating Flash’s victory when one of their own’s body is still cooling in front of them. Or they know that the bite wasn’t lethal and the bartender is being overly dramatic with the cloth.

I'd love for there to be a crazy blacksmith/farrier in town whose passion is weather experiments and whose nickname is Doc.

I can be very distracting, when I put my mind to it.

Indeed. However, three rounds and 45 bits later, Flash was forced to concede that Golden was a better Parcheesi player than him.


Celebrating Flash’s victory when one of their own’s body is still cooling in front of them.

eh. It was probably Silverstar's turn on "dead body in the saloon" duty rotation. You have have to maintain the proper "Wild, Lawless Frontier" ambiance for the tourists after all. Doubly so for such a celebrated, grizzled veteran like Sentry.

So excited to see another volume of The Papers.

Thanks, Tumbleweed.

And here I was, thinking the sidewinder was a firearm. Well-played.

To be honest, I've shed blood (however unwillingly) in just about every locale or kingdom most ponies can think of off the top of their heads, and a few more besides.

And one that I'm still half-convinced was a wormwood-induced hallucination.

Though I suppose if you're still reading my rambings at this point, you probably enjoy watching (or, well, reading) me suffer too, you sadist.

No comment.

That, or Fancy Pants and the other maniacs at the Equestrian Intelligence Office would decide the best way to solve some horrible new political imbroglio would be “Throw Sentry at it.”

To be fair, the kingdom's stance on most of the magic-mad fiends is "Throw Sparkle at it," so at least he's in good company.

Sadly, it was too early for fishnet and feather-clad dancing-mares to be prancing about, but that was probably for the best.

I later learned the Bearer of Laughter had rather ruined the whole concept for the town. To be fair, the idea of her trying to seduce anypony is too terrifying to contemplate, so I fully understood.

:facehoof: Dang it, Silverstar. Well, time to clean up this town, whether Flash likes it or not. Looking forward to it.

Heartbreak in Ponyville? Oh no :fluttercry:

I turned away from the window. “The townsponies, that is. If somepony had gotten murdered like that in Ponyville, the whole town would be in a panic.”

Most likely.

“Of course.” My stomach churned as an all too familiar feeling of impending doom set in. “And now that he's dead--”

Nobody's holding them back.

“Passing through? Hah!” Boss Hiss slapped his denim-clad thigh. “I think we're on the same page there, pardner. So I'll tell you what-- you just set my brother loose, and then I'll forget any of this ever happened.”

You know, I somehow doubt that's true.

If you're not yellow, that is.”

He's more orange than yellow.

That just got the earth ponies laughing.

Never a good sign, that.

Not with your luck.

This is an Appleoosa Pie.*

Quite a weapon.

“This train's the fastest route back to Canterlot-- the only route back to Canterlot, if you're not carrying enough water. Because if you stay in town--” Carrot Top's stern, special agent voice faltered, just for a moment. “Boss Hiss will kill you.”

Par for the coure.

“I'm going to sneak into Boss Hiss' camp and kill him in his sleep.”

She's somehow gonna get caught and Sentry's gonna be involved in saving her, isn't he?

It wasn't until she was out of sight I realized she hadn't promised me a damn thing.

She's very good at that.

Eventually, I thought to compare the train schedule to the town clock-- and sure enough, the train was late.

Oh, brilliant.

Which meant I'd have to fight Boss Hiss after all.


though this in turn raises certain concerns when one factors in the accounts that the Appleoosans started providing the local Buffalo tribes with 'pies' as part of their peace treaty.

Well, there's pies and then there's pies. And then there's Pies, who are one of the reasons why there needed to be a peace treaty in the first place.

Ah, the risks of an agent falling in love. Less than professional priorities start to make themselves known.

and Discord'ed

There's a story...

Excellent grim interlude. Looking forward to the showdown.

- Cut off escape routes from the Town.
- Raze the town to the ground.
- Loot and gain notoriety.
- Move to another target.
- Profit???

Did I get it right?

This was great and well worth the wait... However, please update soon! :fluttershysad:

This is an Appleoosa Pie.

A contemporary of Sentry had this to say about the infamous Appeloosan Assault Pastries:

The baker of the pie had clearly not been instructed to beat about the bush. "Make it intimidating," she'd been told. "Make it totally clear that this pie has a right end and a wrong end. Make it totally clear to anyone standing at the wrong end that things are going Badly (with a capital 'B') for them. If that means sticking all sort of spikes and prongs and blackened bits all over the pastry then so be it. This is not a pie for nibbling on for elevenses or slicing up for dessert with friends, it is a pie for going out and making people miserable with.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going - Sentry is (and Carrot Top) are awesome as usual.

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