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This story is a sequel to What do You do With a Drunken Unicorn?

Twilight Sparkle hosts a gathering for all the other pretty pony princesses at her magical castle. Sometimes, even royalty needs to let their hair down, right?

Hitting the liquor cabinet is a very important part of that process.

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Ooh, drunk princesses. My favorite!

This looks like it's gonna be an interesting night. The world may never sleep again.

It's too bad Cadence doesn't know the name of her own kid. Neither do the others it seems. Ya know, Flurry Heart.

This was cute, I enjoyed it. I'm still not entirely sure if Twilight did though. :twilightoops:

I just realised there's going to be more chapters... follow.

This could go wrong in so many ways! I can't wait.

Let it begin/escalate

There's not some previously unknown ancient evil that I wasn't aware of that you guys saved up for me to fight as some kind of princessly initiation ritual, is there?

:trollestia: "Well, there was, but Tirek broke out on his own."

In any case, this looks like it's going to be great fun. I look forward to whatever shenanigans unfold.

7441593 It might be a typo. But its more likely a hint at how tipsy Luna and Cadence already are.

What? A sequel to the very first MLP fanfic I read? Well, this should be interesting....

put her in the brig until she's sober
put her in the brig until she's sober
put her in the brig until she's sober, early in the morning

Drunk princesses with the power to literally control entire aspects of reality on Equestria? What could possibly go wrong?

Oh boy. Drunk princesses (sans Twilight) going out for adventure while trying to find liquor. This is gonna be good. :pinkiecrazy:

:twilightoops: This will definitely not go well. I'm sure of that.


Well this could be interesting, although you're not going to make Luna talk like that the entire time are you? I never understood how just because she talked like that for only one episode and then never talked like that again after writers keep making her backslide like that.

Although I'm not sure how long this will go for, do you have a set number of chapters in mind or just going with the flow for this? There is one thing I've always wondered about, there is an age spell apparently (given Trixie used it with the amulet) so I've wondered if that's how Luna and Celestia keep their ages or if they could use it on someone if they ever did settle down so they wouldn't outlive them.

Something tells me that poor Twilight is going to end up as the Designated Driver for three inebriated God-Princesses! :twilightoops:

Meanwhile, it's good to know that Celestia had her own Han Solo back in the day! :raritywink:


They all wake up, sweaty with undead Minotaurs and a demon sex god from hell.

7443181 And it will be the Demon Sex God waking up wondering "What the fuck happened last night?!". If only for a change of pace.

And so, four not-entirely-sober princesses set out for Ponyville.

I bet not even Discord can top this... though he will probably have popcorn. :ajsmug:

I'm sorry; I had to. No regrets. :twilightsheepish:

Heartseeker and Catsclaw are WONDERFUL names for old loves of Celestia and Luna!

7443283 Yeah I know right? I mean if they weren't born immortal then given that they both can easily move the sun and moon what if they just keep themselves young because they are just needed so badly. Makes me wonder what would happen if they weren't needed anymore, what would they do then?

7441961 Eh, I just thought it was funny. Plus, if It was a typo I figured I'd point it out so it could get fixed. :twilightsmile:

7443072 Aaaaaaand hopefully this doesn't end up like The World's End

Well, this will be fun. :pinkiehappy: Why isn't there a Discord emoji on this site?

Chug! Chug! Chug!

And that's how Equestria was unmade!
At least Ponyville should be used to it by now :pinkiecrazy:

A fun start to what promises to be a fun story - I can't wait to see where their drunken adventures eventually take the four princesses - and where they wake up in the morning ... or what will be defined as morning, seeing that all four of them are liably to pass out in drunken stupor somewhere and miss what would normally pass for a morning entirely :rainbowlaugh:

Just gonna say, I love the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser reference. It'd be funny as all get-out if they happen upon two robed 'ponies' that go by Seven Eyes and Eyeless Face, maybe in an alley behind the liquor store.


I was wondering if anybody would get the Leiber Reference. Well done. :)

Ahahahaha! Drunken ponies! That is so funny!

.. i can only hope it ends with Discord having a blast or being terrified of the sheer chaos four drunken princesses with issues can manage.

Nah. He'll take pictures.


turned her towards a marble pillar

There is no marble in the Palace of Friendship. Unless marble is actually a word that means blue crystal.

along with her,caught up

You need a space after that comma.

“Save Princess Flutter Heart.”

Name your excuse: Just woke up, or already drunk.

the only ponies left alive who even remember Hearseeker

Heartseeker, Celestia. You're already forgetting his name.

This should be a fun ride.

7444359 That's not a Drunken Sailor....

By the end of the night someone's getting laid or the towns getting burned down.

Beat me to it.
Granted, I'm late on this, but still. Kudos.

7444809 No, but I'm obligated in my blood contract with the glorious lord Yog-Sothoth to make one H.P Lovecraft reference per week.

7443072 The Glorious Quest of Shitfaced! The Eternal Fire OF LIQUOR! And to Luna I say..... Kiss me, I'm shitfaced!!!! :trollestia:

7443990 I read a lot of Discworld and play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, both of which draw no small amount of inspiration from the stories of Nehwon. I'm pretty sure that D&D has more influence from Fritz Leiber than J.R.R. Tolkien, to be quite frank. Unfortunately, I haven't read much of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, but I really should get caught up on that.

“What is it?” Twilight said, mouth going dry.

“We are out of liquor.” Celestia said. And, sure enough, the small selection of bottles Twilight had laid out were all empty.



Funny that you mention that, as I kinda just did a little thing on D&D in relation to the history of 'The Genre' fairly recently.

(I need to work on the next episode, to be honest).

7445082 If I had a choice of the 4 princesses, it would be Luna, although if I was shitfaced instead of trying to date & woo her first normally, I'm told the thing I usually do is walk stagger up to her & say"Marry me you hussy!"

Holding out for alicorns fucked up on something they pinched from Applejack's barn that sure smells alcoholic, but not necessarily drinkable; sprawled out on a bench in the middle of town, catcalling passing stallions ... and mares ... and Cranky ... and a butterfly that just went by. Not enough disreputable princesses in this fandom, for my money.

I want to see this end up in Luna drinking bleach after they have stolen all of ponyvilles alcohol.

Twilight watches in horror as Luna takes a swig from the bottle she found. To Twilight's horror the other princesses start chanting 'chug, 'chug, chug'.

"Tis' the good stuff! It ignites the fire in my heart!"

Then Luna presumably runs away from the other princesses and gone and went fucked someone.

I need a sequel! This was hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:


Sounds like someone needs to finish Snit :rainbowwild:

meh that towns had to deal with worse, what could four somewhat drunk princees-

its on fire its all on fire

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