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I like to do occasional crossoves, and I can now draw. Just PM me if you want me to draw or wright something! I'm on Wattpad, check me out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Dark-Nightshade



Winter is coming, and everyone but Sunset Shimmer are making plans for Christmas. When Sunset Shimmer asks what it is, she gets a big answer, and an even bigger hands on experience.

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This was good!:rainbowlaugh:Short, but sweet:twilightsmile:lookin forward you hopefully doing a Valentines Fic.:trollestia:

6702054 I hadn't thought of doing a Valentines day one. A nude years eve one, but not a Valentines day one. Thanks for the idea.

6702061 A "Nude" years fic sounds Hilarious:rainbowlaugh: and your welcome for The Idea.:pinkiehappy:

Really enjoyed the story. Fun fact: I never had eggnog...
You WHAT?! :pinkiegasp:
calm down Pinkie.

Well, at least it's better than that Anon-a-Miss fiasco in the comic.

Same. I just never got the chance...

"Mistletoe? Who came up with that name?" she asked.

Best to just go with it if I were you.

"Yes, and the outfit is Santa Claus. We can't go caroling with out someone dressed as Santa Claus, and since this is your first Christmas, it might as well be you. Plus, you'll look good in it," said Rarity.

Makes sense why they want her to wear it if you ask me. :ajsmug:

"Jeez, it makes your boobs look bigger," said Pinkie. Sunset started blushing

God damn it pinkie. :ajbemused:

"Well they do," said Rainbow Dash. Sunset's blush deepened.

Not you too rainbow! :facehoof:

"You might want to check again," said Pinkie. Rainbow Dash and Applejack looked up only to find that there really was mistletoe above there heads.

turns towards pinkie It was you wasn't it. 😒

"Well, you obviously weren't going to kiss anytime soon. Also, the flash was from my camera," said Pinkie.

That is so gonna piss them off. 😬

"Ok. Still, all in all, this is a pretty interesting holiday," said Sunset.

Yep, Christmas happens to be one of my favorite holidays. :twilightsmile:

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