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Dark Nightshade

I like to do occasional crossoves, and I can now draw. Just PM me if you want me to draw or wright something! I'm on Wattpad, check me out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Dark-Nightshade


Sunset Satan Snuggles Fluttershy · 2:51pm Oct 21st, 2020

Hello, everybody! I haven't been super active recently, and I do not have an excuse for that, but if you have been reading Everybody Snuggles Sunset Satan, you've probably noticed that I've updated it recently. And you have probably had some pretty cute images in your head of Sunset Satan snuggling up to the HuMane 7.

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Graduation · 8:49pm May 23rd, 2019

Well, today I graduate. In a little more than an hour, the ceremony starts, and then my four year sentence (of high school) is over. I know that I’ve been really quite the past couple of months (and most of this year, really), but it’s all coming to a close, and I’ll be able to spend a lot more time writing, finishing old stories and doing new ones. I’m really hoping that you guys will like the ides and whatnot that I’ve come up with. Either way, this is going to be a good day.

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Wattpad · 3:14am Mar 11th, 2018

So, recently, I've started writing on Wattpad, and it's been pretty cool! I'm still going to spend time writing here, and do stories, I've just started branching off of fanfiction and onto original fiction. If you guys could do me a favor, please go check out my stories, especially Protector of Futuroso City! That one is pretty cool. Here is the link to my profile, and I hope you like what little stories I have!

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Kitty has cancer update #3 · 1:40pm Feb 13th, 2018

So, we've just gotten back the lab results from the vet, and Zelda has a pretty aggressive form of cancer. We hoped it wouldn't, but its spread. Apparently, they've never seen anything like this before, and they aren't sure of how long she'll live. Could be weeks, could be months. We're just going to try and give her a happy last opulent of months, much like our last cat, Dr. Mew. Point is, we're going to make sure she's happy. I hope the rest of you have a good day.

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Kitty has cancer update · 10:13pm Feb 1st, 2018

So, its been a few days since Zelda came home from the surgery. The first night, she was walking around very drunk-like, and wearing a cone of shame. We haven't taken the cone off yet, which Zelda doesn't like at all, and we have to feed her some medicine every 12 hours through a syringe, which Zelda really doesn't like. She's still pretty disoriented, which I only realized last night was actually because most of the whiskers on her left check were cut off. A cats whiskers help them

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Kitty has cancer · 5:22pm Jan 30th, 2018

So, several weeks ago, my mom noticed that my cats left cheek seemed to be getting larger, and we finally took her to the vet after another week or two. As it turns out, Zelda (my cat) has cancer. She's going to have the surgery today. She's already been dropped off, and she was disappointed that we had to put her in her travel cage, because she was meowing really pitifully. Hopefully she'll be ok. I'm not sure what'll happen, because it might move. Hopefully not to her brain, because that

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Albuquerque Comic-Con! · 7:59pm Jan 15th, 2018

Ok, so the Albuquerque Comic-Con was great! I wasn't able to get any pictures, unfortunately, but it was still really cool! The vendors had some neat stuff for sale, including action figures, and of course, comic books! One of the vendors was selling these Fractured Scary Stories that he made, which I got all three for $20. Deffinetly worth it, because they were funny! They feature a bunch of classic stories, but with a horror twist in them. Each issue has 6 or 7 stories in them, some of

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Albuquerque Comic-Con! · 2:39pm Jan 13th, 2018

So, today me, my brother and my cousin will be going to the Albuquerque Comic-Con! I will be cosplaying as the same character as I did in my last one, Voltron! I'm excited, because there are supposed to be some good people there, like Danny Trejo and Peter Davison! There are also a few actors from The Walking Dead, and a wrestler, Rey Mysterio! I'll get some pictures, and post them in a future blog post! I hope you all have a good day!

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Anyone a good artist? · 10:15pm Dec 7th, 2017

Hello, everypony! I write this blog post today to ask if anyone reading this is a good artist. I would like to request a drawing of Submersive Exploration, Broiling Striker, and a character that is coming up in the sequel, A Twist in Evolution 2: Quit Horsing Around, which has been released. Yes, I am an artist, but my drawing skills aren't very good. Just wondering. Comment below if you could draw them, please!

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Odin Makes · 9:15pm Nov 25th, 2017

Ok, guys, I've found an AWESOME YouTube channel called Odin Makes. and it is awesome! Odin, the host of the channel, makes a bunch of different objects from movies and T.V. shows and whatnot, and they are really cool! My nerdiness has never been more satisfied. Go check out his videos. They are so cool!

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