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I like to do occasional crossoves, and I can now draw. Just PM me if you want me to draw or wright something! I'm on Wattpad, check me out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Dark-Nightshade



When Fluttershy helps Twilight out with some spells she has never tried before, they end up turning a piece of candy corn into a real, flesh and blood, breathing mare. While they try to figure out how this happened, the mare leaves an impact on everypony she meets.

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I would like to see where this is going. I find it very interesting

Cute start although this could shoot off in several directions, from light and fluffy as cotton candy to... the dark side. I'd choose the cotton candy side myself. Even better if there was a cotton candy pony (wait, can't, Flufflepuff's already copyrighted).

I'll upvote you for now. This could turn into something really interesting...

so she doesn't know what a name is but she apparently understands the risks of DNA contamination and the need for a container?
seems legit

6803922 I didn't think of making different food characters! Also, yes, this should be a relatively bright one.

6803928 Thanks!

6804299 What would a fruit cake pony look like? Or a Candy pumpkin pony?

I really like the concept but the dialog is pretty stilted and inconsistent. The pace is also just a little too fast for my tastes as well.

6804904 I'm not sure, but that would probably be interesting to see.

This mare is adorable already, I wants more

I want to like this, because the idea is cute, but your writing honestly isn't that good.

"Um, did I really say 10% and 80%? What I meant to say was 15% and 85%," Twilight said nervously.


I wonder if you could turn a videogame into a mare.

That would be BAD news if it was Mortal Combat...

6814516 That would be pretty cool. I must remember that.

6814516 Or if the mare was a weapon of some form, like a gun, or a sword, or ammunition. This could turn out like the partical exelerater from The Flash. I should write that as a sequel.

Wow, imagine if you made a pony using certain biological material like a dragon's scale or a gryphon's feather.

6823175 That would be awesome (hopefully). It would definitely look cool.

Read through what there is of this. I really like the concept, however the rushed nature is really hurting it. I'd love to see more time taken to explore the characters and situation. Candy Burn also seems a bit too accepting of everything being she was just created.

6814516 Then that mare could befriend Button Mash and Sweetie Belle.

6823368 Or Sweetie Bell is the one to cast the spell with Button Mash. :P

6823439 That could work, considering that the spell bonds the DNA of the caster and the next person who touches the object.

I thought Twilight was going to react to Candy Burn like this.

Actually, Pinkie wanted us to meet at Sugarcane Corner soon,

Sugarcube Corner? :pinkiegasp:

6828033 Dang it! I didn't notice that! Hahahaha. Thanks.

6827377 Hahahaha! I gotta remember that for the possible sequel!

6826305 Yeah hey also just let me know when you feel like starting the squeal and I could probably toss you some ideas of the problem the could arise

I like it:rainbowdetermined2:

Though, I thought this might be an "unofficial" sequal to "something sweet to bite":unsuresweetie:

Now please enjoy this mustache.:moustache:

6845319 I mustache you a question: What is "Something sweet to bite"?

6845353 a grimdark story by knackerman
Also involves candy pones
Good read:ajsmug:
But terrifying all the same

Who did the art work? She is one of the cutest pony's I have seen.

6807298 I agree. Sorry Dylan, but I think its a great I dea, just poorly exhibited. maybe you should try doing what a lot of people in groups do and give story ideas instead of writing stories yourself. I have seen many stories go wonderful places with this kind of working together. :twilightsmile:

If said transformed piece of candy corn was voiced, what would she sound like?

6904757 I always thought she sounded a bit like Fluttershy mixed with Cheerily.

Lolz That's sweet :rainbowkiss::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

you still up to do a Sequal to this story DylanZBass??

6908352 Hell yeah!I created something even I can't simply walk away from!

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